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Stribog is the god and spirit of the winds, sky and air. He was imagined as an old man who had a warrior’s horn. With this horn he woke up the winds, his grandsons. Stribog was especially worshipped in Kievian Russia, with the eastern Slavs. Stribog was also a protector of Vesna, together with Jarilo. Stribog, as a god of wind and air, brought Vesna every spring on the wings of an easy spring gale. Together they defeated Morana every spring and brought spring and better life conditions to the earthly world (Yav).
Eagle was an animal consecrated both to Stribog and Perun. Plants consecrated to Stribog were hawthorn and oak. When pledges were made, Stribog was often warrantor. Festivities in Stribog’s honor were organized in the summer as well as in the winter. They were probably organized in the summer in order to evoke winds and rain, while in the winter they were organized in order to appease him. He was also kind of an archetyp to the military-oriented Slavs.
This illustration was made to be featured in a Slavic-Cosmology based Playing Cards Game, where he's the Jack-knave to the Gromoviti znaci (thunder symbol) suit, which comprehends deities associated with weather and all elements which have direct interference to the world of Yav.

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Wow this is beautifully done. I'm getting very interested in this mythology. It is fantastic. Thank you for submitting to :iconancient-touch: !!