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Spiricto No Faia

Original Story and concept, arguably a character drawn back from my childhood-related stories, most specifically done during a summer season between MMIV a.D. and MMV a.D. A fevered fire elemental, and not without featuring mentions to other stuff I consumed as a child, traits I absorbed in my creations, engineered with craft I reimagined into dystopic scenarios, using brave men as it would with wires and plates, basaltic tiles from untold civilizations, as dust in ruins of the beauty on the product of suffering, an hedonistic twist in the civilization tale, in choir with the smoking flames and crepuscular fume, all befitting to an antagonist so powerful, a god so ancient, which stems from the most powerful and troublesome source: the unknown.

Excerpt from original description:

Illustration of a somewhat personal character. References draw back to tokusatsu, manga, anime, games and other forms of entertainment. Using the common attribution of "fusions" so present in animated material or manga narratives, the character features beings other than it's own in the constitution of it's own body, as if a "final form" ready to face any daring hero. The "No Fayan Spirit" is an entity which embodies the concepts of fate, chaos and chance. As a being of fire, it's both the element which humans attribute as a sacred start to it's progress on the Civilization, as well as a source of unescapable torment and a painful death. A foul twist in the building of an oppressive society, hidden too well behind promises of utopian lifestyles.
In this form it co-opts the bodies of distinct characters, who happens to be the fathers of the protagonist and deuteragonist from stories I developed around 2004 (until then a 10-year old). Diamond patterns, the baked terracotta from the structures of a ziggurat, compose it's main armor, twisting within the fires of the forgery as it's arms.
Other than the men on it's feet, the face in it's pubis refers to yet another antagonistical being which was perceived as the spirit's "living image", as if an incarnation which brought it to earth whenever it was needed (which would be... whenever it felt like, or when there was a promising empire in the verge of glory, from a pharaoh to a khan). On my original story, the spirit played a role in crafting the human race and deeming it uncapable of breathing underwater, as we were originally intended to. It's "appriser", or a messiah, served as the main antagonist until the reveal of the entity, at most times the personality couldn't be told differently between one another. The original villain passed a timely redemption, once. The spirit of fire, though, never refrained from it's "chaos".
On it's shoulders, there are effigies of the aforementioned tormented fathers, despite in versions which attest to their future versions as in a cybernetic apocalypse, dystopian setting, pointing to the paradoxical fact that despite the entity created human race and had a role in making the world on it's own (as a primordial element), it was originated from a dystopian future, whose way was paved by our intents, no matter if for good or for evil. Was it ever created from our minds, or how did it come into being, questions as those are unanswered... It's like it will be reinvented no matter the cost, and will feed from our morose still, as we torture ourselves to find an unescapable way in recreating an end for the sentient life.
I've never finished such a story (and perhaps never will).

On the larger scope: "Spiricto No Faia", other than a very innocent translation to Supiritto obu faia (Spirit of Fire), is the antagonist from my stories as a kid.
Dive deep as I re-tell that of which was barely forgotten in a fevered mind drunken on self-absorbed nostalgia.

        2003: The Tomb is opened        
    In the setting of Apôlôrak, there were distinct cultures and civilizations. The exploits we follow, those of protagonist Aplo, leads to a mixture of adventure and fantasy to archaeological findings which reveal his own 'ancestry', further deepening his beliefs as if descending from some Atlantean-like civilization. Sure to avenge whatever caused the great flood which swiped it, he finds out alternatively, it was a volcano eruption which triggered all - earthquakes, storm and diseases but followed. If he descended from anyone, it was from the survivors of that shock, that despite the archipelago had it's tribesmen and distinct sects, it was in a symbiotic relation not without trickery and occultism which made this unparallelled civilization to survive, and such skill was now an inheritance to these survivors. Some of these settlers were also haunted by the same "angry god" of the storm, this time as a roman general of sorts. Time after time, this "angry god" hunt down survivors. Aplo was but one of them. The story goes on - for despite he not being able to revert the past, he'd make his people remembered, however, this time, the god was incarnated in a businessmen and security office to an utopian city, the last remaining island where his ancestors lived. That was oversaw by enterpreneur and philanthropist family "Good Waters" (not at all related to Goldwater), of which Aplo's colleague, rival and love interest Anna was daughter to. Revealing all that brought forth ruckus, riots, and even war. It was an event which foremost disrupted any connection between the two (other than going to the same school), yet it revealed much more. Ann's father was proved "innocent", all charges of population control and disappropriation fell onto the incarnation of the god, Zon, and Aplo, having the blessing of the dracmas of power, was able to contact another pack of survivors - those who evolved underwater. They pointed out Zon was emmerging back to vengeance because he was programmed to. He was a cyborg once, and overrun by his own programming, he was as good as a virus. It's creator was an artificial intelligence, Onyx, which further enhaced human technology, and would continuously do so until we were all enslaved by it, which does happen in the future. That was all in accordance to what Zon's true boss and rival Lapolo was planning. This Lapolo was a strange kid with techno-sorcery know-how who, like Aplo, did his scavenging as well, only that reclaiming stuff that was already in the museum. In the end it was proven he was but an emissary to even greater evil.

If the name Apôlôrak did provoke anything, Apôlôrak "X" should do it further. No better differential to name a history where all humyns became synthetical.

   2004: Journey into the Future        
    Aplo have had his share of genius professors, as well as by contacting seafolk to minotaurs, he was really aware of events past and future. Only one ingredient was still lacking in the time machine. A greater source of energy to power it up, the zero particle. Aplo was kidnapped to the future and there, he "linked" himself with his future self, Apolorak X. This future had it all, Zon was undefeated and this time, he was endorsed by Ann's father still (no sign of Ann however), who gone by "Juventist Cyborg", and Aplo was employed by some TC (stands for tinteno-criticazoican) Tech to fight him. The long way back brought forth this "particle", but in truth, altered the timeline and provoked the same kind of "link" to all, as if their existences in such parallel dimensions were measured by their "souls", computed as data for Onyx. The clash only uplifted Onyx's hold on both dimensions, but it didn't avoid the dystopic future from happenning. In an effort to restore his domains and replace the banished Zon, the "Juventist Cyborg" appealed to the "Forbidden Universe", a zone where all dimensions twist and swirl too, off-bounds. There, he woke up the first cyborg (uncharted from ancient egypt), and replaced Onyx's dominance to this, creating new upgrades based on this mummified titan which was actually Lapolo, as an emissary of this greater evil. This evil, attentious reader, is the spirit of fire you now see. And the particle which powered up the time machine, and let all the events slip beyond space and time.

You may think the child invented all this stuff, or as if it was revealed as some kind of talent or utter stupidity. No, dear reader.
It came as it got from daily shenanigans, to all mixture of sci-fi, adventure, and interest on ancient civilizations.
Now, to some roles of the "brave men" yet foolish ones entangled on it's chains of torment:
    This dweller of nightmares have been using the not-so-innocent "Archibald" Good Waters to bring about his desire into reality. He's the fire that uplifted human existance. The forgery of civilization, and also it's deadly weapons, feared in the ultimate form of the nuclear. However, it's energy has been pivotal to power up the cleanest utopias, and all the safe havens for the chosen few accounts for the suffering and death of thousands. So too it happenned in both past and future, with "Juventists" one side and TCTech the other. "Archie" desired to uphold all that and tame the dark flames of the unknown, should he control it, no problem would stem from it and he'd discern how to create for a utopia. He had some historical linearity concept and believed that things were getting brightly better, just in a point which would culminate in choosing either the nuclear doomsday or a clean way out. No matter, he'd leave some people out of the chosen few, but that's all about the sense of pertaining to a social identity, isn't it?
Among those left behind, there was this old marauder Vasterlan Chondrichthiyes, and yes, this is Aplo's father. He was descending from survivors of the aforementioned long lost atlantean-like civilization, and watched it when the Good Waters "Juventist" (understand it as a somewhat secular hellenistic cultural appropriation mixed with liberal economy backed by shunned mild conservatives in the media industry) intent came on the then autoctonous island. He fought his way, but the marauder he was, he got his hands full travelling the ocean and leaving behind his family, returning sporadically to steer the Aplo yəngling for some business overseas (dammit, he was a punk kid forced to child labor). This busy sad man had no resources to stand against the Good Waters, but he had courage, strength and magic to find out who was behind. If Archibald forced the spirit of chaos to serve him lighting up his cigarrettes, Vasterlan knew the fiend didn't go on one-sided deals: Archie has been up to something, and clearly the events in that dystopian future hid something...

Sometimes it's all within your very heart and soul, reaching the universe known and unknown
Penetrating mysteries well hidden to the world, delivering secrecies of sacred ecstacy
If you believe in your dreams it gives you the power to transcend realities which are not of your own
Recalling what you were projecting, what you'll be, looking at the picture of your next step in life
Feel alive, feel so real! Feel like I'm born again! Ruling over my dreams
Exulting, entering the world of miracles: Doors are open, bright days are calling
The better of the best has to be different, each angle of your view presents a new horizon
Staring at where you go, not looking where you are, a symptom of vertigo says you're gonna go far
Pleasure and delight extended in souvenirs, searching and hunting lights of upcoming voyages
Osmosis and rapture emphasized in actions, settling foundations of an ever-changing life
A simple expression of the force in control; self-realization by melting differences
Encrypted messages that one reads in others that all things at all times aspire to be justified

    The nature of his deal with the No Faia Spirit wasn't exactly well-known. He seemed to re-incarnate and live distinct lives only to repeat a difficult choice, have a family (one woman, one daughter, no more no less) and return to that moment in whatever dimension, being fully conscious of all those probabilities. The Spirit tried to prove a point that doing good didn't change a bit of things, the end result of his bad would weight for something like world destruction by the greater magnitude he achieved. He on the other hand tried to prove a point he'd do some effective change in at least one of these dimensions, and would follow such steps to create his own "utopia" and get rid of the other dimensions before they were destroyed.
                                                                                                                        Vasterlan, however, was fully aware No Faia was the "big bad" behind Zon, Onyx, even Lapolo himself, and he knew he was just waiting to destroy a civilization like he did with his ancestors. He wanted to prevent that and has been hunting anyone who dared to be his emissary. While he thought that behind Archibald's philanthopic facade laid a dangerous personal agenda, he failed to see Lapolo was actually someone else. No Faia, as a spirit of luck and chance, knew what was to come, and since the damned bet Archibald and he had, he knew the feelings to string which would further set the families of his adversaries spiralling down to oblivion. 

It's in the blood; I've met my love before I was born
It's a burden for a parent to take care of the child.
People invest too much on these pests, but "Archie" was sure his daughter was special enough to stand as a wild card between the deal with him and the chaotic daemon. While he believed he could tame the chaos and chance of the cosmos by calculations and preview a positive outcome which would culminate into his perfect uncorruptible utopia (and thus having all the wars on world history as a justification for the pavement of such dramatic dream), the spirit wanted to corrupt such utopia, before it could swipe out all the timeline and dimensions outside it's grasp. To prove it was impossible of corrupting, Archibald selected a last cyborg - his own daughter - to uphold no control from either Onyx or Lapolo, fulfilling a 'role' which was guarded for Aplo as a Tinteno-Criticazoican. But to let the plan slip, Archibald went as far as becoming "No Faia Cyborg", a replacement for when Lapolo, No Faia's natural emissary, was off-bounds in time space. For when the links between future and past were shaken, he, absent in a time he didn't belong, "created" a schizoid being (wanna know the name take a wild guess... put an "X" to differ one another) to fill his role in that time, until he returned to be what it was (a part of Lapolo). As the No Faia Cyborg became the new emissary, he too did part into a triarchy which used the power of the zero particle. It'd take Ann in a cyborg form (dubbed "Shell") to defeat Lapolo, but she found an enemy in Aplo before she had a chance to be on the fight for her life. Vasterlan subsisted into this timeline as a spiritual guidance to Aplo, and he saw through the lies of the Good Waters, believing that yet Lapolo was unforgiving, this Archibald has became equally dangerous. Too bad for him, his son couldn't lend a hand against "Shell", for despite she was really different in personality to her past self (believing then her mind was wiped or programmed into something else to fit as a "just ruler" for Archie's "Golden Utopia"), he was too much linked to his own past self and the childish rivalry they shared was too fresh. This ruckus avoided either Aplo or Ann to stopping Lapolo and it'd take few time until he'd return to Archie and request his "patron" back. How the Spirit managed to play each player with feelings of the most obtuse into this wasn't foretold, but he too was experienced in dealing as a father toward sheer teenage angst mmanagement...

I am the last born of the blood of Pharaohs
Born from something untold, Lapolo was made in No Faia's image. Or so they say...
    Lapolo X earned it's freedom, it went astray from what his "other half" planned for him, and was sponsored by yet another data-evaluator artificial intelligence, "Moloch", which like Onyx, wanted to use some aberrant data to cause changes in the material world. Lapolo X's change would be not to fuse back to the No Faia's emissary, which would leave him and his triarchy incomplete. This time, Archibald as the No Faia Cyborg scored, with a truce, to the chaotic spirit's favor, contradicting the belief that Lapolo and No Faia were the same, "father and son". Choosing Archibald over Lapolo, he let the Golden Utopia be made (albeit using it to corrupt it further), yet gave way to his domains in the Forbidden Universe. Lapolo was trapped in the present, a time he never lived, and history seemed to repeat towards a catastrophe. He was still the major threat to Aplo, who was blinded by the affection he had to Ann. Lapolo, as if an non-conformist, tried to eliminate Archibald and retake the spirit which made he whole, but when he understood it was a prime choice of his "progenitor", he found different ways and disposed angst, fear of failure, and replaced ire and aloofness with some trainning to achieve serenity. It wouldn't last forever, though, as few by few, the "Golden Utopia" became merely isolationist as was fated to fall into oblivion. The then No Faia Cyborg stepped down and left the Shell deal with it all. She opened fire and declared war over unconquered dimensions. As if a self-fulfilled prophecy, Archie's "golden creation" was no better than a killing machine. No Faia proved his point, but they were even, so what? Archie got his family by his side, and used the power of creativity still, contradicting the moribund artificial intelligences viciated in synthetizing processes, agreeing in disagreeing with the spirit.

Behold my works, O' Mighty Ones...
The experience of the dealer comes rather from the players at the table
Before Lapolo could return to his 'image' (plan which No Faia supported after Archibald "tricked" it), which gave him the name "Living image of the No Faia Spirit", he was also an existance which was born yet waiting to be born again (messiah), so in his pre-life, he had been alongside the No Faia Spirit of Chaos whilst it was well hidden and covered under an elemental facade. The Spirit of Fire, together with Onyx's cyborg creation Zon, a contester for a "spirit of water" office, struggled with dark-born Tintaios and Kritikas, the first, a flashing fume, twisting flame entity, and a trickster of sly and violent ways; the other a shark-like born with the wisdom of the abyss, known to the darkness and to the strength of the waves, both being the foremost gods of the Tinteno-Criticazoican peoples, incarnating fire and water on their own. They competed for the creation of human kind and civilization long ago. Lapolo was created out of the chaos which sprung from all the data and possibilities the chaotic spirit gathered from all times, he was made with a role. And then, he created the first humans in Africa, having played a role later in Egyptian Civilization (where he lived quite a human life, including family, friends and moments to cry). Another plot which contradicted what was the lot to someone else, a being really different than that we conceive as human, who had other plans for the race "to populate all the world". Could've no family, friends, moments to cry, underwater.

The Shielded Bearer of Lances
Of Messiahs and Chosen Ones: A Future Past
"Aplôrak" was the bearer of the dracmas of power long ago, and he came to protect Aplo when the souls of the vanquished were side-by-side by those yet to come. He followed him because of his deeds, but given time lacked a spatial cognition, he was both setting future and past events, in ripples across the ocean of cosmic fabric. For it was through him, as well, that the zero particle leaked. It gave the universe some motion. In other words, it created the world, but we were better off without it. For it, in fact, was a paradox - if it came from the future, how come it'd have created everything before it? That was the goal of the No Faia Spirit. Not only Archibald made the deal and was set to revive his past mistakes in strikingly different ways, nor Vasterlan would fail to kill the No Faia Spirit over and over, but an entire population, the whole cosmos, in all it's livelihood, would be entirely a mistaken paradox and a playground for a terrible entity whose life goals are opposed to reduce suffering, the same which benefitted them with the infernal civilization they were comprised to in the moment of their birth. Aplôrak, who rather sided with Tintaios and Kritikas, had another plans, amphibian ones, for the sentient life. Plans which never came to be, as the Chondrichtiyes himself, in his quest to defeat the No Faia Spirit, too, was "corrupted".

Treading on Inexistent Family Issues
Vasterlan's absence in young Aplo's life was also because he dealt with what the No Faia Spirit kept at him, trait which the errant Lapolo would use to return to be one with the No Faia, thus fulfilling that of which Lapolo X was created with the purpose of. That "trait", the "No Faia Eye" [located just below it's torso] was some kind of core which pointed the power of the emissary, messiah, living image or whatever name of those individuals which bring about the chaos into place. Vasterlan had it locked, but had to set it free before Lapolo could return to it, as a "safe-measure", sacrificing himself in the process.

So, one way or another, No Faia tricked Archibald into giving him the only time that mattered, set Vasterlan to reclaim his original body and played with Lapolo's feelings of pertaining and fulfillment to create great sore in the world (Lapolo's an assassin who violently lashed out when he was angry). Now all of them build up to this new titanic form of the monster. At the verge of time, no matter what (or which) Ann & Aplo stand for, they are taunted by the devil who possess their fathers as trophies. At the end of the road... despair.

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