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These are Weapons made of Serapel, one of the Five Hidden Elements.
The hidden elements are complex and have many different relations with one another and with common elements, being sometimes attributed to potentials and temperaments. They are as well ever-present, yet left unchanged on their own (they have no ordinary unit such as atoms, or previsible states like liquid or solid). So, making them manifest is something quite hard, and having these weapons crafted is an extraordinary achievement.

The possibility that the 
Telchine and Ahuitzotl species (related between them) had on creating weapons out of the hidden elements (and which self-generate them, as well) were understood in two manners: Xiuhcoatl (literally fire snake in nahuatl) and Sekhem (which means something like power in ancient egyptian mythology). Both needs to imbue a living organism, a pocket neural system full of memory and creative potential, be it dormant or not. The difference between the two resides primarily on the specifications of these serpentine composites. The Xiuhcoatl weapons make usage of the Cuetzpalin species' Tonalcoatl; the Sekhem makes usage of the Kratozoa, present in few Tritons and Drakainas. 

From many points in history, the selected weapons received more than one Kratozoa to be imbued, and amplified the power and possibilities of use of the weapons. While originally the sekhem were able to be used by few select species or individuals, the complex sekhem (Caduceus) could be used effecively broadly, and could be hidden from ordinary perception with certain ease. There was just a recorded case of a Sekhem with three Kratozoa, which, to become a Trident on its own, needed the intervention of fusing two previous sekhem weapons into one.
Here are the Sekhem, Caduceus and Trident (if ever formed) plus the original weapon shape (un-related to the hidden elements) of each weapon of this given element:

Wind Achillean Pike
(Tredian – inherited from Abaris by the inhabitants of Bucephala and the followers of Rudra after the fall of Alexander's empire)
Original Shape: Molochian design, by Hephaestus (He who came to be Metal)
Component Kratozoa: Tritons Ajax & Achilles
Some known users: Achilles, Odysseus, Alexander the Great, several Rudra warlords
Approximate Measurements: 38,5 cm height; 21 cm width (original shape)
                                            45,5 cm height; 28 cm width  (Sekhem)
                                            56 cm height; 28 cm width (Caduceus)

Earth Asklepian
(Helladean - in possession of Asclepius, brought to Tredius sometime around 24th century a.X))
Original Shape: Tyresian Cane (strictly unknown)
Component Kratozoa: Harmonia (until split), later Ekhidna
Some known users: Tyresias, Asclepius, Pythagoras of Samos, Gustávos the Triton, Chiron
Approximate Measurements: 49 cm height; 31,5 cm width (Sekhem)

 is known as the Splitter. Has properties of gravity and repulsion. One specific usage is to distill Teyoliatl, a form of vital energy similar to Mnemosyne but that is present to the light and generates light on its own, being of better usage to ordinary life forms, which depends on light (like plants), perpetrating autotrophy by photosynthesis. And as well the same usage was incorporated in Tepoztli blades (Tepoztli is a term which means a generic 'workable metal', but some materials which have been defined as such by the Aztec Confederation were no generic metal at all, but actually hidden or revealed Serapel) capable of hurting a shadow or converting Duskoplasm back to its natural state, thus able to kill Centzonmimixcoa (living shadows) by attacking them inside and disspating their essence.

These weapons were crafted in different times and places, yet the main events when they were imbued with the living and dormant potentials of the Kratozoa involved direct participation of the aforementioned Telchine and/or Ahuitzotl Dark Sorcerers. At a point in the colonization of Tredius, the Telchines used them to control an almost indestructible army of automated fossils, by using weapons of all the hidden elements and through them, controlling and changing nature. That disrupted the ecosystem and would've caused a mass extinction, if there wasn't intervention from the gods. Victors, however, it wasn't the gods who would claim the weapons, but a fellow hermit and former Apkallu, Abaris the Hyperborean. He believed the great power of these weapons could be the key for the people of Tredius into acquiring autonomy and knowledge over the intricate relations of nature and that could lead to a colonization of the world without collateral damage. Then he split the weapons he possessed during different times to different native cultures in various spots of the planet. Some never made it to the planet, or did so sporadically. The weapons were able to virtually "root" on the planet, acting like spots of hidden elements and reciprocally influencing the nature it surrounds

The weapons, however, act like the Pelasgean Relics on which they were inspired, and have a certain magnetism. But only bearers and masters of these weapons may feel the other weapons and their effects on nature. And from a long time, few were able to even reach these relics. As industrial civilization progresses, the perception of the weapons and of the authors of the unbalance of environment has been shrouded. They also were disguised with titles based on the ordinary 10 elements-potentials.

The Akhillean Pike originally wasn't meant to cultures of the Orient. Instead, Abaris and Asclepius planned the Asklepian to be rooted on the Himalaya (where a tree of ambrosia-fruit of immortality grows). However, the Pike was crafted and inherited to local Achean tyrants. The last of the lineage, Alexander, was defeated and the weapon made it to the Orient. However, it would take centuries until it was properly handled to forces which understood its properties. The spine of Achilles, the original owner, was used to make the weapon a caduceus. Yet the minds of Ajax and Achilles disappeared, their wrath remains in the weapon. It now serves as a mean to Hydros influence directly on the Indic Ocean and in the Monsoons inherent of the ecosystem.
Asclepius, aware of the weapon and its influence, has neglected the usage of the Asklepian to root on the Orient or in any place of Tredius - he'd wait until the people of the planet would eventually be able to 'handle' it. The time would come when a young Triton would become a Chthonian Triton...

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