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Part of the APKALLU Mythos: Year THREE, in events which are subsequentially refered to as Rapture, dating to MMXI.
The world is mobilized as Europe's (so-called) Democratic Unions cede the pressure to controversial policies (ranging from Malthusian economic devices to monopolizing the violence towards ethnic, racial or religious minorities as process of a jingoism) makes it into the government under collaboration with authorities of religious and military natures. The justification is biased through a mass media campaign against a referred "secret movement", of "terrorist nature". If such disputed faction does exist or not, it is obvious the blur serves as a facade for the ongoing spontaneous movements to either take it or leave it, so this "fictional faction" often works as a smokescreen scenario and the individuals which once gathered in an event or riot of such quality will more than likely pursue the overarching end of such plot - bringing State down with it.

Two "factions" protagonize the ongoing conflict:

  • The formal "Holy Roman Empire", which itself counts with support from independent nucleii inside important countries' official military, such as the special unit of the Teutonic Knights (at time, highly armored soldiers which are a part of German army but will also respond to a newly christened Austrian sovereign - despite his preposterous claim be ongoing debate), as well as sideline militias ellusively supported through finances of think-tanks of either neo-con nature or those promoting liberal economy. Those investors are kept in adamant secrecy but it's deeds are kind of obvious - favoring a secret round table of warmongering figures within European nations, the same which in the 90s were on Eastern Europe and the last decade, on Middle East. The Empire is more or less an enterprise, and is highly supported by a central church, The Western Roman Catholic, although it have other churches at "gun-point" due the vastness of its network. Ecumenical roles ties in to the moment of political unstability, so either unrecognized, albeit publicly supported, or even recognized, albeit strictly regluarized in national frontiers, the Inquisitionary Offices are the crude reality which make the Empire less a initiative and more a suppressive system. An increase in military ranks with higher support of volunteers, it's role is suppression of insubordinate elements which fit one or more of all it's incredible roster of absurd narratives. To turn it in categorical acceptance, many power-plays and publicity investors will defend a part or two of such conscripted plot to the acceptance of the newest Vicar, Leo XIV - in his revenge-seeking plot against the murder of the last helding it's title. It also stems from an eugenic plot conscripted as a "demon hunting" sequence. Whilst programs such as AXIS were secret and turned obsolete, by the rates that not only "demons" were known, they were freed, the fact that their range acted around so-called "Third World" in key positions machinated by facades of church charities, was apparent. The proof, however, was gone - the slave pits have been replaced by another kind of netwrok across the globe. By the year of MMXI, the church under Leo had a new visage - bring Heaven upon the Hell that earth has become. That suited most people's fears - they were all tirelessly afraid of Triton or Paynal for example, and competent authorities have failed to capture them for over two years, letting them even organize with humans. Ironically, such effort of the Church counted with help of Dragons, Vampires, Angels (Djinni) and mostly trans-humanist science.
  • The informal "Necoc Yaotl", which literally means "Enemy of both Sides", sides which in a transliteration could refer both to "Left and Right" ghosts of political spectre or else false dicotomies and the tendency of "Public or Private" management. It stands against the status quo and supposes search of self-sufficiency, but rather as the epitome or the climax of a revolutionary chapter - the unlocking of the current strains, which are more apparent than ever. No real "movement" exist, but media works like this. The name was borrowed from a strictly planned action by an affinity group a year before the current events. Anarchist movements and organizations already existed, but a militarized (through theft and appropriation) one, organized right about from a subsequent release of kidnapped communities through a traffic event planned by corporations and governments in a move unknown to the public, took this guise whilst on a retaliation attack in urban centres of the West (more specifically, a highly tourism-oriented economy city in USA's favorite satellite state in South America). When the "gang war" or "terrorist" narrative doesn't fit, neither it belongs to ethnical, racial or other kind of dispute, when they employ high technological suits with powers and even giant machines of heavy artillery and tactical features, the overall public retaliation went by the easy way. Such "phenomena" wasn't exactly understood by either MI-6 or CIA, but key figures were drawn here and there. After the Southern American incident, the third way or middle policies were requited to radicalize, to either face the times they were into - accepting the crisis affected other countries, displaced homes, families, destroyed ecosystems, or they'd die to protect foolish lifestyles and the maintenance of an overarching conscripted system where rich gets richer and the poor, poorer. Hard as reality, the multiple Necoc Yaotl are non-official, who will either form or disband it's "cells" to adress both local matters or to "lash out" (assassination of key figures, to luddism, property damage, sabotage, theft, as long as the cells planed and agreed to - leaving it's only hierarchy being the warning of the situation) at the globalized capitalism. Those involved in the riots and attacks will more than often disband it in order to pursue cooperation with a certain community which was "benefitted" from it (likely those who had no rights, or nothing but rights - on paper). But if he or she participated on that with a member of yet another of these "cells", a network of intelligence may come to be. Hackers, spies, and such do exist, but if they're unreachable, they pursue as well means to jam official security, as well as eliminate certain tendencies which pend to traditional crime lords - dependant on the system. That highly un-popular motives shadowed other forms of organization, but as well as served as inspiration to the unheard. Some would argue it was bringing back what the potentials thrusted at its "outskirts". Made the powerful remember that "people used to live there", where they saw only resources.

"Scream in despair for your own soul - You're crucified
Crucified for your condemnations
You were in vain, your actions cold
Crucified for your accusations
You were in vain, you shamed your lord"

    Polish priest Sebastian Bartosz, who has carried out the fake identity of Ephraim Frére for years, living in Avignon, at an estate he acquired with part of the fortune he inherited from his demonic bounty hunter father. Sebastian Bartosz was a close ally to the polish catholic bishop Wieceslaw who rose to become Leo XIV, who had put him in charge of AXIS since its foundation in 2000, and who named him, after its dissolution in June 2010, as the Grand Inquisitor of Gallia (France). Pope Leo XIV, has risen, and with him, the wrath of a conservative wing of the church, as he openly launched resources of an international Inquisition Office spread through several countries, in some cases with direct support from the local bourgeois government apparel, in order "to fight terror". His return was still a mystery, but could be related to his usage of the secret Sampi armor project - he was supposed to have died in Avignon on june 2010, in events following to Mission Atlantis. As a Grand Inquisitor of a formerly important secular state such as Gallia, he's a somber reminder of the darkest institutions never giving up on assaulting democratic institutions which at the rate only offer layers of complexity over an old-known repression aparell, which is mediated by bets of global enterpreneurs and private corporations. His "sponsor" was arguably Philip IV, which had seen in him a potent ally to contour the situation which Leo XIV imposed in the population.
  • aliases: Ringmaster, Principal, Ephraim Frére, Brother Frére, Inquisitor Bartosz
  • Powers: Vampire powers, which slightly change his appearance to include somewhat demonic features - lager canines, pointy ears, bloodish eyes.
    He's been using a famed treasure as a bribe potential to give him immunity. His background is of most unknown, and has left un-documented, but points out to at least the first world war. Associated to a secret Bounty Hunter-Mercenary-Privateer company and to a former throne dispute in Moravia, his early appearance testament as a civillian surface only five years after the end of the WWII, in a distinguishably difficult time for the Polish church he was frequently associated. During the Soviet Occupation, he was led to manage other intents across Burgundy and Gallia - if one thing was true about the testaments concerning his ancestors, is that he owned some acres there. His vampire powers would be used to eliminate anyone who got too close to his background, leaving him a shadow even if in a world so affected by surveillance of the slightiest acts. Rendered free to act, though, he wouldn't stand a chance alone in the buccaneer clubs, neither in Crimea nor in Norwega Isla, Northernmost island country of the Norrland confederation. To that, he preferred isolation and solo activities, finding obscure support in Eastern Church, but was invariably brought back whenever Wieceslaw needed, for he knew how to find him.
  • Tools: The Sampi project developed by ABEL Inc; american belical industry with Republican affinity, of great role in the Contra initiatives, Gulf War and pivotal in assuring 'peace' (assuring security in every bribing intent with neighbor countries and assuring monopoly in oil fields- hidden element mines management) with the UAE and UN-recognized states in the peninsula (played mostly by Israel and Lebanon, for example). The armor was developed whilst AXIS faced a majoritarial monopolization of it's sponsor Ülhaden in creating new armors for the Alpha Omega series throughout a decade. Unsatisfied with it, ABEL Inc.s' Joseph Bridges led the secret project in a Denver Facility and used the principal of the institute (which had his concerns for the outgrown power of Ülhaden related staff - Marco and Morgan, albeit both wouldn't necessarily hand anything of valor for Ülhaden's CEO Jorgen) as a voluntary, only that one which would claim the project for his own when the institute was issued with lack of transparency, tax deviation and included human testing and engaged orphans of war in military activity through it's facilities. With lawyers, sponsors and others out of favor by the UN, ABEL would confiscate every technological know-how and lead the transition of AXIS' academicals to colleges of renown, and it's military counterpart to private security (read that as mercenaries), leaving the old principal in the hands of a neglective church which would rather have him exiled in a coventry. As he had the Sampi in hands, he engaged it and it's magnetic powers, which concerned controlling more or less the adaptable techno-organic suit of every Alpha-Omega. As the ringmaster, he meant to maintain the whole corpus of AXIS and the useless crusade against demons on-going on his intent. A figure as a dean, he meant less than it sounded in it's decade long events. The Sampi was seemingly destroyed within the labs in the Avignon Facility, but it wasn't the end...

    Being an Inquisitor with a full office at your power gives a mixture of military advantage and high level of quality networking to operate it with competent intelligence. Only that it gives roles concerning domestic policies. Sebastian makes use of that as the Gallian Inquisitor, and enhaces the focus of colloborating with right wing parties and other similar contesters, all to which pursuing National Unity and more or less rescue the feeling in post-war Gaullism. But as an old-timer and stranger to Gallian experiece of power, he makes it sound like it's under the Capetian Dynasty. It's true his political power isn't that great and he still have more ceremonial roles, as if a papacy in Avignon on it's own. A secondary power to the official military, he easened their problems as most army ranks are out there in overseas colonies for neo-colonial roles. That said, the army which he employs stem more or less from the Teutonic Knights which within the year become more widely accepted as national forces in each European particular domains due the 'radicalization of terrorism'. His victims are mostly personal - civil rights for minorities were of less effect and weren't exercised at all in any court. Persecuting elements of political, sexual or religious dissent, he embodied traditional western church values and made an inquisition to rival spanish's own. His major resentment, however, concerned former students of his own. Passing over a decade gathering the fruits of different magnates, academicals, military, noble people and notable citizens, in their last generations, he was less than amused in managing such gene pools. He was more certain one was more fitting to inherit something worthy of the future, with her "royal blood" which could preemptively determine the future of humans, demons, and those in between. That distinctions seemed to affect him on personal level, and his commitment as head of a demon hunting institute only brought it deeper. As Inquisitor, it didn't matter he'd use public facilities for personal quests. He made sure his investors it would be worth it.
    Nina Roux was a French girl with a story of her own, and went to AXIS, managing to earn an Alpha-Omega Armor and being assigned Team leader in record time. Her armor (Ypsilon's) power concerned regeneration and healing. It didn't take long to find out she had this power before using the armor, at least in higher levels than the human common. In fact, it may be that mysterious power what got the attention of an AXIS officer who may have indicated her to Frére, who would readily arrange her invitation and admission into AXIS, where she passed the exams for the authorization of usage of the Ypsilon armor with no problem at the time. Apparently, there was much more about Nina's past she didn't know, and Bartosz wasn't as mad as he sounded like (whether or not Nina's regenerative abilities were because of her blood remained to be seen. All she knew was that her armor somehow symbiotically adapted the mysterious Teyoliatl substance into several of its functions, and it's possible that the regeneration process is only functioning because of Teyoliatl's own properties). Upon the truth concerning Bartosz, FBI Agent Lana (former AXIS' Agent NI) decided to leave the Ypsilon & Delta cases, following the Sampi - the armor, which legally belonged to Lana's father's ABEL Inc, was still functioning and reportedly possessed by the Inquisitor. According to him, she was observed by AXIS' staff to possess genuine regenerative abilities, because she was previously mentioned by a bounty hunter once hired to capture Bartosz to be this bounty hunter's daughter and heir. Nina was confused, for her father Lucien was a pharmacist, and while after some years her mother suspected he was involved with drug production and dealing, she didn't want to think he was a bounty hunter, as Bartosz claimed Bartosz has always been a vampire, even though he always kept a human shell, and this fact was known by Wieceslaw (Pope Leo XIV) from the beginning, as it was allowed (to remain a priest while also being a vampire). It was when the Soviet Union annexed some regions east from Poland that all changed, they parted ways and while Wieceslaw would seek to increase an anti-communism offensive in Poland, as well as his rank within the church, Bartosz left for his missing father's estate into Romania, where he lost control of himself for years, and became a trouble for locals. Years later, Wieceslaw realized the sightings of a vampire on the place were Frére, so he hired a bounty hunter to capture him and bring him to Wieceslaw - Bartosz was still useful to him, as broken as he was, because he was still crucial to the plan of creating AXIS as something directly linked to the church, but never publicly explict, and still make its campus in a privately owned area, so that the church wouldn't face accusations or more taxes. This link between the Church and AXIS also exposed the church's old role in managing the populations of slaves and demons in the slave-pits known as "hells" (Inferno, underneath Lake Victoria, Africa; Jahanam underneath the Black Sea and Hel under a series of caves in the Northern Arctic Sea), breeding grounds for inhuman laborers overseen by representatives of their own that prevented their populations from breaking into the "civilized world" as long as the church kept capturing and sending them some people (often minorities. And you can see why, through history, they've become minorities). All the "demons" the AXIS faced came from such a contract, most of the missions were arranged, and all, even Nina's titles was only a fraud. But still, Bartosz continued to explain he was captured because the bounty hunter hired by Wieceslaw was a demon himself, not a human. He was dragon-like and regenerated from any wound (just like Omepaynal, which means his Tonalcoatl symbiote and ancient Cuetzpalin, Axayacatl), making it impossible for Bartosz to win. Years after, when Bartosz was reintroduced to public life as Ephraim Frére, as a priest from Avignon, he would search for how Wieceslaw knew such a creature, and would come to learn that Wieceslaw, as a member of secret societies within the church's highest ranks, knew of the existence of demons and where to find them - he reminded Bartosz about the demons of darkness who attacked them in Poland, before the soviets arrived. During his years as AXIS' principal, Frére believed the dragon-like hunter who captured him, whose existence was known by the church under the name of "Iguantus", held the secrets to immortality, and in his mind he came to believe that this dragon-man has the blood of christ in his veins, as he used his influence in AXIS to lead agents into unofficial missions searching for this "Iguantus demon". Actually, when the first sightings of a Cuetzpalin (Paynal) have surfaced, in September/October 2008 on Brazil, he believed this one was Iguantus, and hurried to schedule an operation, what had agents Sigma, Digamma and Delta sent to attack him in an indigenous community on the Brazilian state of Pará. The agents were defeated, and while Paynal was really a Cuetzpalin, he wasn't the one Frére was looking for - he didn't tell Nina, but he sent three other agents, on the same time, to another place, in Europe, and that's where they met "Iguantus" (as Lucien) once again, just days before he was about to get rid of his current ixiptla (host) for he had been assigned a fortune for a mission which included taking over someone involved with the struggle for land reform in Brazil from a secret client. Iguantus surprisingly spared the lives of two agents, as long as they kept watch and care for his heir, his daughter and a future host he would take, promising them payment in their bank accounts after certain amounts of time, when he got to supervise her himself. It took him a lot longer to get hold of his last ixiptla's consciousness, he only did it around April 2011. Nina, however, was left misinformed on how AXIS approached her, or what connection Iguantus had to her or her family, as Frére seemingly died among the collapsing fortress. One could never know if it was the end for the dying vampire.

    Another vampire and AXIS Staff had complications with ABEL Inc too. Marco Friedenreich was one Sebastian knew to be affected by the same elements and condition. It was brought together when AXIS dismantled, despite Sebastian (then Ephraim) rather 'siding' (appropriating) with ABEL Inc.'s tech and Marco with Ülhaden's, they left such facades of the past behind. Their inclusion in Wieceslaw's schemes superseded the roles they played whilst in the General Wagner Kantz's era, one which forced them to hide their true vampire nature and formally lead humans to hunt their kind - an act done without guilt - they've been more individualistic competing creatures than they seemed, failing to implement inclusive policies and genetic inhibitors such as those the Haijianese government (rival to Wagner's alliance in Yakuza and Japanese's Right-Wing) used to blur the differences between the Akh hordes populace leaking to the surface and the ever-growing human population mass in it's endless production lines (the basis for world capitalism). As Wagner lost their role, Marco and Sebastian secured to their slightiest hope - radicalization of Europe and Wieceslaw's election as Leo XIV, the new Pope.
    That was mediated for over a decade through Adrien Louis Henri of Bourbon, a politician and enterpreneur which supported most parties, albeit familiarizing only with the right-wing ones, and managed overseas domains, in a mixture of evading taxation in tax havens, and employing southeastern asian cheap workforce to challenging joint ventures under nationalized industries in Australia, Indonesia and other places. He was unsure of Wieceslaw but had respect for a figure with pivotal role in "liberating" countries from the Eastern Block under the wing of John Paul. On the other side, he regarded Jorgen Zimm and Marco as competitors. Marco was a double-sided figure, and resorted to participate in Adrien's joints with Austrian Economic schools (such think-tanks served as a collegiate for the public perception of economically liberal measures, but were actually a greater joint of corrupt magnates seeking to mine independence projects and hinder state aparells' functions to resort to on their subservience) and supporting genetical engineering facilities under the guise of chemical industries. It bridged relations to the Norrland's institutes of genomes and to certain spots in Southern American countries which mostly served as satellites to US and their military. Among those, Marco hoped to recuperate his father's diaries (he was a supporter of the old regimen) and further increase his own studies. They mined and covered distinct demonic genes, and allied with certain trans-humanist schools to which they would rather study, let develop and choose when time was right, would maintain vivd the intent of creating two fronts - laborers tireless whilst in production lines, viciated when in their common life - dependant on drugs they'd monopolize. The plot was halted with the focus on Jorgen's belical plot covering most of European effort, which was more or less a long shot from the Yugoslav Wars. Without further hindrances by the time a new decade hit, however, it wasn't Adrien, but rather his son, Philip, which inherited his deeds. As an enterpreneur he did supplied AXIS with significant charity, and even played covert roles there - modernizing it's infrastructure, applying alternative food and making it at least bearable to student soldiers in their tireless intent. He mediated Marco and Sebastian (whom he knew by name) in this intent, and kept close look into the students, the Alpha Omega, and the changes they had from the armor usage. Nina was but one he accompanied her roles in the eventful year of 2009 (two years from this event), and taking big deal of interest in her progression, he took Sebastian's concerns seriously, favoring him when time came for electing an Inquisitor from an electoral machine which requested Philip as an unitary figure to keep Gallia stable - mediating liberal and radical, left and right, state and private. The Capetian dynasty was re-installed. Bartosz, in the end, was satisfied in playing the role of the Church of Avignon, enacting persecutions against Nina which wasn't a test subject, but actually the detainer of true royal blood. The dellusions of an old man...

    A deadly adversary, Sebastian is obsessed with personal adversaries, and in a public, visible office, lashes out his cruelty as an inquisitor. Carrying out persecutions which deeply affect public privacy and security, he sees himself supported by para-military, gangly figures and the always corruptible security officers. That stains the relation to the one who brought him to exercise such office - Philip Leonard, who soons enough perceives his role at that merely as a satellite figure to mediate Leo XIV's influence. Marco plays it conversely as blackmailing Sebastian in fulfilling Philip's requests for the Inquisition. That said, he start with roles not of his own: his enemy concerns public dissent, but soon enough grows to armed forms of resistance - the mere existance of political opposition only renders an electoral fallacy more distinguishably democratical. Now when the status quo is menaced, it show it's true intent. In order to keep his office at the same level as the special office unity serving the English Church, under military John III and contester's of Philip's sovereignity in Australasian domains, he was sent to "train" with Leo XIV's own tranning grounds, the covert joints of mafia, political unstability, traffic and black markets in the former Inferno facility of slave pits, between Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Under collaboration with Reformed Church institutionalized charities, he led sheer persecution on displaced populations. Amidst Franciscan doctrine, he gathered armed clergymen, military chaplains, to plan an intrusion in Mexican EMLN, Occupied Territories related to the underground famous SubComandante Zalacosta, a pivotal member in the deploy and organization of many Necoc Yaotl Facilities, as well as supplying them in the anonymous cover as they transition back and forth from undistinguishable citizen populace, and convert sporadically in mobs, underground cells and other armed forms of resistance to enact riots and bring severe change, hindering economical mafias from spreading it's influence. To use that cover, Ephraim chose the Franciscan and Dominican branches due popular overall ignorance of their place in the charity food-chain of supplying endless work-force based on vulnerable war-orphan children. His intent isn't a far cry as in supplying memes and genes for a next generation akin to the old regimen, to which the Holy Roman Empire serves only as a transition.

    He mantains distaste for any form of youth and teenage insubordinance. But he's driven by his own morale, so he's left uncredited in courts and other more scientifical approach. His service to intelligence resides in the fact of his easiness to merge with shadows and resurface back again, in his memory and the decurrence of long lasting years in a community from others, living of deadly activities in covert of conventries and monasteries across different continents. He is more closer to Philip than his father Adrien, though. Philip gave him insight on Nina's routine, and helped to give him where to look after her for that. He has no bad blood with vampire warmonger Marco, and the old man will try to ties them in similar scenarios, trying to forge an alliance: but whilst he appeals to their common western religion, Marco is undistinguishably more affected by nationalism, and whilst he saw in polish commonwealth means for an end, the whole Inquisition thing sounds more like an off-shoot of his utopian, idyllic old regimen illusion. It's never too late to get past ideal barriers and adopt a pragmatic approach. Wieceslaw Josef Dziedzic is an old known figure, which keeps an weary eye on the secrecy of Sebastian's fortune. Truth is he's too much requesting for the old vampire, who in turn demands only relative freedom to search his own pursuits. As Leo XIV is prone to reveal Sebastian misdeeds whilst sworn in priestly cellibacy as a bribe to assure his loyalty, the vampire priest is often reminded of who's in charge.

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