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School Rivals

13-year-old Aplo Aquanautilus Condrichthyes screams at Anna Kalí Ydata, who just makes fun out of it.

They're both students of an international Academy which has a premise to hold at least one student from each culture around the world.

Anna (Ann Good Waters is her artistic name, she's "Annie" for intimates and fans) is the most popular girl on the academy, arguably considered the coolest one, has not joined the cheerleaders only because she's too young and finds no liking for it at all. She represents the Aquaten people (from the mediterranean sea, like the ancient greek). She's a great enthusiast of their Juventist Culture, often considered the pillar of the global culture the modern world seems to draw from. They were considered proeficient poets, architects, artists and politized people who just came by into war when no other mean was possible to find peace. Their virtues and morality are often regarded as the bedrock for the modern society which praises their inclination for peace-keeping and freedom of the individuals, having developed a coherent philosphy used still up to date as a moral compass.
But that's the ideal of it. Actually, she inherits an entire Island from her father, who's not an Aquaten (their family seems to be anything but half aquaten and half garbonian). The Island is heavily protected by the powerful private military organization called "Unleaden". That fact alone has let her family do whatever they please in such an Island, where it lies an utopian society based on free-market and individual freedoms, having a take at an hellenized culture and ideals of globalization, spirituality from some new age movement and a huge cultural production (even though what is broadcast isn't really different from the rest of the western world).
So, in one side her teachers praises her "cultural" inclination and her senses of aesthetics, while the colleagues praises her strong attitude, her taste of fashion and her beauty and care. She acts like a mannered girl almost all times, but when she has opportunity she shows her arrogant side, mocking others or despising others who dare to challenge her or her friends' claims or positions. Her weak side is shared only by close friends such as her best friend Nina, who is from the most modern of the Nibelang countries (a medieval-culture torn in two irreconcilable groups, moderates and tradition radicalists) but like Anna has a fetish for fine arts (in Anna's case, for lyric and acting, in Nina's, for poetry and writing, both share a classical taste for paintings) and inspires from another clasic culture (the Kakists, often regarded as "Aquatens from Sulocentro" [in our world would sound like greeks from america]). Her weakness would be that her desire to grow up and play like a mature woman at once makes she feel anxious and unsafe, and she fears this lack of control will avoid her from getting an acting career. The way she found to fight it was fighting crime in her own island as the super-heroine "Shell" 

Aplo is one of the guys from the "Gubags" (whatever it means) gang which pesters Ann, Nina and other gals. They're just a bunch of guys who goes by alumni of the outer professors Jacob and Morgan. On overall classes, they have some visibility due the outer studies helping them, but usually they don't go well with the professors or directors, despite knowing all the content of history and philosophy classes by self-learning. Despite his punk appearance, he's actually son of a marauder who's been navigating on high seas for long enough. He's been told he's a descendant of the long, forgotten and disappeared people of the Tinteno-Criticazoikans, an Aquaten offshoot who used to be warring between them until being joined through some arcane warrior. They are known as myth or legend, from some complex, dark and confusing treaties on philosophy written by people pretending to be other authors known through Juventist golden age. But he believes this all to be wrong, he believes strongly that the same Juventist Apollo created the Criticazoikan people, his rival uncle Ohmpio created the Tintenoikan ones, and after both let the bloody war happening and left the people, these peoples were joined finally by intervention of their gods (Tintaeus and Critikas) who sent a messenger-warrior.

That unlikely story is probably the reason behind the argument between Ann and Aplo. She can't believe her adored figure from the past, the poet-king-warrior Apollo has anything to do with such peoples, whose fame of being crafty and practicioners of dark sorcery just come second to the general belief that they're the most adored legend of the paranormal crazes (which she thinks Aplo is). Or that or Aplo is suggesting he has connections to Apollo, this really gets on the nerves of Ann, since he claims his name is a primeval original form of her idol's name (which is an archeo-linguistical fact, to her dismay) while she thinks it is just a mispelled and broken version of such classic sound.

But still, his clothing, his hair and his likes overall offends her sense of beauty, and he actually get better grades on classes regarded as primarily important to Aquatens, such as philosophy and politics. That pisses her off, but she actually has a lot more of support from both the academy (which is actually directed by a branch of the radicalist Nibelangs - actually created by the very Ohmpio, founder of Tintenoikans and uncle to Apollo) and its students than Aplo, who other than the Gubags gang has no true friend, being himself kind of a loner. A loner who deep down knows not in anyway he'd develop feelings for someone as antagonistical as Ann. He still would have time to prove the Tinteno-Criticazoikans existed, through archeology (and finding evidence as the legendary dracmas of power he uses to fight). And through other more visible means, such as still-living-to-this-day underwater men, as the revealing of the head behind Unleaden being an Aquaten God who sank the Tinteno-Criticazoikan archipelago in his rage (and after a battle, having he admitting it), leaving but one island of the entire archipelago. You guessed it. The Island Ann inherited from her father (who has a background story, as well...) was actually Tinteno-Critcazoikan territory.

These all are somewhat recent adaptions and renditions to the original stories a 9-year-old created over twelve years ago. Most characters are even older than that, just coming up together in stories such as this. Aplo was the protagonist but Ann received as much as a spotlight and depth.
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