Deviation Actions

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Part of the APKALLU Mythos: Year THREE, in events which are subsequentially refered to as Rapture, dating to MMXI.
The world is mobilized as Europe's (so-called) Democratic Unions cede the pressure to controversial policies (ranging from Malthusian economic devices to monopolizing the violence towards ethnic, racial or religious minorities as process of a jingoism) makes it into the government under collaboration with authorities of religious and military natures. The justification is biased through a mass media campaign against a referred "secret movement", of "terrorist nature". If such disputed faction does exist or not, it is obvious the blur serves as a facade for the ongoing spontaneous movements to either take it or leave it, so this "fictional faction" often works as a smokescreen scenario and the individuals which once gathered in an event or riot of such quality will more than likely pursue the overarching end of such plot - bringing State down with it.

Two "factions" protagonize the ongoing conflict:

  • The informal "Necoc Yaotl", which literally means "Enemy of both Sides", sides which in a transliteration could refer both to "Left and Right" ghosts of political spectre or else false dicotomies and the tendency of "Public or Private" management. It stands against the status quo and supposes search of self-sufficiency, but rather as the epitome or the climax of a revolutionary chapter - the unlocking of the current strains, which are more apparent than ever. No real "movement" exist, but media works like this. The name was borrowed from a strictly planned action by an affinity group a year before the current events. Anarchist movements and organizations already existed, but a militarized (through theft and appropriation) one, organized right about from a subsequent release of kidnapped communities through a traffic event planned by corporations and governments in a move unknown to the public, took this guise whilst on a retaliation attack in urban centres of the West (more specifically, a highly tourism-oriented economy city in USA's favorite satellite state in South America). When the "gang war" or "terrorist" narrative doesn't fit, neither it belongs to ethnical, racial or other kind of dispute, when they employ high technological suits with powers and even giant machines of heavy artillery and tactical features, the overall public retaliation went by the easy way. Such "phenomena" wasn't exactly understood by either MI-6 or CIA, but key figures were drawn here and there. After the Southern American incident, the third way or middle policies were requited to radicalize, to either face the times they were into - accepting the crisis affected other countries, displaced homes, families, destroyed ecosystems, or they'd die to protect foolish lifestyles and the maintenance of an overarching conscripted system where rich gets richer and the poor, poorer. Hard as reality, the multiple Necoc Yaotl are non-official, who will either form or disband it's "cells" to adress both local matters or to "lash out" (assassination of key figures, to luddism, property damage, sabotage, theft, as long as the cells planed and agreed to - leaving it's only hierarchy being the warning of the situation) at the globalized capitalism. Those involved in the riots and attacks will more than often disband it in order to pursue cooperation with a certain community which was "benefitted" from it (likely those who had no rights, or nothing but rights - on paper). But if he or she participated on that with a member of yet another of these "cells", a network of intelligence may come to be. Hackers, spies, and such do exist, but if they're unreachable, they pursue as well means to jam official security, as well as eliminate certain tendencies which pend to traditional crime lords - dependant on the system. That highly un-popular motives shadowed other forms of organization, but as well as served as inspiration to the unheard. Some would argue it was bringing back what the potentials thrusted at its "outskirts". Made the powerful remember that "people used to live there", where they saw only resources.
  • The formal "Holy Roman Empire", which itself counts with support from independent nucleii inside important countries' official military, such as the special unit of the Teutonic Knights (at time, highly armored soldiers which are a part of German army but will also respond to a newly christened Austrian sovereign - despite his preposterous claim be ongoing debate), as well as sideline militias ellusively supported through finances of think-tanks of either neo-con nature or those promoting liberal economy. Those investors are kept in adamant secrecy but it's deeds are kind of obvious - favoring a secret round table of warmongering figures within European nations, the same which in the 90s were on Eastern Europe and the last decade, on Middle East. The Empire is more or less an enterprise, and is highly supported by a central church, The Western Roman Catholic, although it have other churches at "gun-point" due the vastness of its network. Ecumenical roles ties in to the moment of political unstability, so either unrecognized, albeit publicly supported, or even recognized, albeit strictly regluarized in national frontiers, the Inquisitionary Offices are the crude reality which make the Empire less a initiative and more a suppressive system. An increase in military ranks with higher support of volunteers, it's role is suppression of insubordinate elements which fit one or more of all it's incredible roster of absurd narratives. To turn it in categorical acceptance, many power-plays and publicity investors will defend a part or two of such conscripted plot to the acceptance of the newest Vicar, Leo XIV - in his revenge-seeking plot against the murder of the last helding it's title. It also stems from an eugenic plot conscripted as a "demon hunting" sequence. Whilst programs such as AXIS were secret and turned obsolete, by the rates that not only "demons" were known, they were freed, the fact that their range acted around so-called "Third World" in key positions machinated by facades of church charities, was apparent. The proof, however, was gone - the slave pits have been replaced by another kind of netwrok across the globe. By the year of MMXI, the church under Leo had a new visage - bring Heaven upon the Hell that earth has become. That suited most people's fears - they were all tirelessly afraid of Triton or Paynal for example, and competent authorities have failed to capture them for over two years, letting them even organize with humans. Ironically, such effort of the Church counted with help of Dragons, Vampires, Angels (Djinni) and mostly trans-humanist science.

"That's the rebel radio sound: The radio plays the sound in your ear. A calling to all, the message is clear
... Fuck 'em and their law. Crack down at sundown"

"Somewhere between happy, and total fucking wreck
Feet sometimes on solid ground, sometimes at the edge
To spend your waking moments, simply counting time
Is to give up on your hopes and dreams, give up on your life?
Life for you, has been less than kind so take a number, stand in line
We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt
But how we survive, is what makes us who we are"

    This is Kai Lee Taylor, a estranged man and a digital nomad working on the behalf of the promotion and inclusion of free-software, freedom of speech, and against the incisive surveillance programs, which to the mathematics behind it, point out schemes favouring only to the increase of criminalizing the slightiest acts from economically 'unsuccesful' civilians, harboring a side economy of taxation and supplying a penitentiary management system which become nothing different than a slave trade in so-called "democratic" countries, replicating the accumulation of wealth of security programs, which by nature are corruptible, being based in remnants of totalitarian policies finding room in civilian life. He engages in promoting libertarian education, getting a role in the Arima Division most notably because of it's cryptic cover being able to make his pursuit for targeting the right people which would have him (at least he thinks to) to facing directly the causes (or actors) of such schemes, rather than affecting a large population affected by it. Easy-going in his civillian life, he's actually tired of the very height upon his shoulders. His acts on the AXIS Military and the implications it was suggested to bring on whilst the fraudulent event of Mission Atlantis, made him enter in a deep mentality about the insignificance of individual acts on a repressive scheme, requiring to employ powers he was confided with, powers those which almost costed his life. His "therapy" has been so far the management of the last joint he's been before: with the end of the institute, he resorted back to managing a local venture in an alternative cafe shop in Melbourne with longtime friend and colleague Melissa. But even there, the place served mostly as a catalyst of not many different social strata as foretold, and effectively, became a mere niche, which stroke a nerve on his own concepts of how much he stood for his beliefs, an made he see a larger picture as he was never supposed to get too much farther from where he was already 'contained'.
    The Triton approached him concerning both his participation in AXIS and the knowledge of the institute as he served on it. Kai actually managed to save what was left of the intelligence of the institute, and has been deciphering it on a daily basis. His powers of liquifying himself gave him an advantage in infiltrating headquarters and places of the enemy, people identified in the slightly reports and helping to gather missing links. His service became an informal one, making he able to unlock knowledge regarding location of secret facilities and transitions of many people and goods between key figures. With such a pivotal role, the Triton connected him to equally important members of different Neco-Yaotl related groups in order to employ that knowledge for their direct actions of sabotage and appropriation. Given his life was in risk once again, the Triton made sure this time, he would act on accord with his own mind ownwards in their program. Each news he breached, the more he saw himself farther from returning to a common life - his initiative became no different than his new 'service'. The more the Triton returned with requests and reports, he saw different relations between new identified enemies in the minimum details. The Triton was against the communicational role of requesting as an enterprise with hierarchical systems (employment as a currency on it's own). Against patronate, every individual should direct it's own intent and find no barrier for it other than the crucial and warning need. On practical means, they were together for they shared a common barrier - a system of exploitation and surveillance requesting their obedience (i.e. get employed to contrarious intents) in exchange for their lives. His view was seen as a creed, while Kai was stained to think he had been just "employed for him", a simplistic yet down-to-earth view. With time, even looking through the people he helped meant nothing at all, making he grow somewhat nihilistic to every intent. Regardless of that, working with the NY has made he professional at hacking and programming, something he quite lacked the incentive after a while, and for that he'd be somewhat thankful, reprising Triton's predicaments on the future of working.  

  • aliases: Kai Lee Taylor, Liquid Dude, Kai, Hacker
  • Powers: To the outside world, he's a common shop attendant and regular manager of a cafe. In truth he holds many million-worth knowledge gathered by the wrong people in schemes which lasted for decades, split in different databases and trusted to few personnel across the world. As it was rather a hobby of his (all that programming and de-crypting stuff), he had been in non-stop daily activities for decrypting and translating the chunks of it, and has assembled different manners and contacts to keep his intent mild, covered, and give an advantageous key position for the Necoc Yaotl to reach personnel which could be effective to be sure of the transactions of the enemy, which could prove a previous script for them to act, before any sudden movement of the enemy and their allies. Focusing on people which control the economy, which controlled private security, and had ties to ellusive governments, soon enough he became involved inba tangled web, requiring to recur to bounty hunters to keep his tracks clean. He himself is portraying himself a bounty hunter, as he was merely following a role for the Necoc Yaotl to demobilize black market schemes regardless of any supposed ideological inclination.
  • Tools: the Rho suit. It makes him become able to liquify and as so, reduces his expansion and molecular level to infiltrate most surfaces, traversing almost unnoticed, only to become solid once again given time, necessity and room. Using the armor for over five years, he's the most capable of managing it through symbiotical linking process, and has almost never taken it away ever since the institute which owned it privately closed (let's say he makes his own hygiene). With legal achievement of the armor, it means his civillian identity is also held by the CIA. It didn't prevent him from acting and invading spots such as theirs and MI-6's related to gather information. He's become able to personify others in levels of resemblance and replicating even clothing in his solidification process, albeit it requires too many levels of information to process. It permitted him gathering at places he was never supposed to be, hearing what no one would write down in any treaty, recording what no one was supposed to talk, getting sights of papers before they were incinerated. His many properties across Australia and the Pacific have been invesigated throughout the last year, but only locals would know where he actually was - unfortunately his aloofness made no neighbors be quite fond of him. As this invasion would be proved inconstitutional, by the rate of these events, police officers more than commonly already believes themselves to be inevitably superior than any privacy, and all courts would hold to that reality. To this, he's been travelling on a non-stop escape from certain authorities, or rather from secret agents. That only made him from aloof to somewhat paranoid. Secretly, his gathered intelligence is kept undercover in secret rooms under the balcony of his shop and other places. It soon became a meeting spot for different Necoc Yaotl, Anarchist, Anonymous and sympathizers with the role he plays - as a champion of freedom of speech, information software and such, and when he feels like, a reliable friend.

   "The mission ended, his life would go back to track" - hard to believe, even for himself.
As a 'soldier' (despite the differential treatment for an institute which more than often let them spending real-time practice, offered high educational levels on academical stuff and rendered them employed in missions across the world to stay in facilities overseas which sometimes looked like more resorts), of course he lost some friendships and missed their company afterwards in the long term. He was already disassociated, aloof, before entering service, not compelled to anyone in particular. He was competitive, nonetheless. His bond was more or less based on this trait. Ever since the disappearance of long time friend Lance Walker, he was just buying it into the many 'conspiracies' his former teammate had devised for successive disappearance of staff personnel such as worldwide acclaimed Morgan Eckstein, and then which followed to people like Lan's roommate, Kenneth Fisch. Albeit skeptical of his talks as referring to a supposed plot of corruption, or of the trait of the institute be constantly testing or pitting the soldiers against one another, the part of  getting rid of them was played internally - leaving some to believe Lance was just buying it into trouble. To those allegations he lacked any lead, differently of Lance's own sister, Melissa, who got behind all the sudden change event faster, only hindered by all the useless comotion under a death which couldn't be proved. Concerning Lan's disappearance, their only lead was the Triton, regarded as so to be one of the present at the event. An act of no guilty actors, it did prove something else - spoken words of a military involved in the very foundation of the institute they served. Kai was slow to know it had it's days counted. Elements like Triton and Paynal were there to stay. More than the common, missions regarding human targets were issued in such distinct demon hunting program, as days passed by in the last two years as he remembers. Easy to place independence programs and uprisings under some smokescreen of terrorist organizations, which had supposedly Paynal or Triton heading it. While it wasn't contrary to the assumptions of most of AXIS' soldiers, those in intelligence had advantageous points to see what was coming - and such narratives couldn't be farther from truth. Equally, from pivotal front-line assault with demon populations (Nahui-Atl's Cuetzpalin in Atlantis, Sahel's Akh hordes in Scirocco), industrial sabotage of it's sponsors and a turn in the policies concerning demon contingency for the United Nations (requesting to employ Haijianese scarcely populated deserts and Siberia for these species - invariably dragging many displaced human populations in their presences), AXIS was rendered inefficient and obsolete, the most important elements (the Alpha-Omega) were handled to disposable young adults of lesser political roles (exceptions would be dealt with differently) and the bulk of activities across the facilities could easily transition to either common education or to supply private security lines. To that, two missions were enacted with the intent to make the transition feasible. Which costed life of hundred people who got to be reminded being the best and most ready in the world, but in the end were replaceable nuisances. His best friend at time was long gone and he couldn't stand it. Full of remorse and seeking on revenge, he'd find out the truth about the unwarned end of activities. If by one side he was shaken, by the other he was relieved. Until...

    Melissa Walker would return from Operation Scirocco just some month after. Lana's report that she was alive and well, but concerningly on a volatile intent of recognizing uncharted, not registered territory made him most mournful. By the end of the institute and it's closure, she wasn't even present, and he thought twice before considering the worst... For his relief, she did come back to her place, but had undistinguishably considered to continue pursuit for that which the others left behind. She didn't inform hi, on other hand it was him who would more likely "stalk" her back to her working position in the coffe shop facade. Finding the actual source of the slavers and the ones managing the dynamicity of such structure was her next self given mission. His powers would come to hand in aiding the intent, and her willingly participation in it played a role in making him employ his Rho armor as well, since he couldn't afford to have her risking her life and leve him with hands empty. A slightly more pressing concern was the presence of a young man, Gus, who used to be a sporadic customer at their place (a not quite eccentric nor remarkable foreigner young man) when it was still running a year ago or so (before the entire coastline suffered property damage from a duststorm and it hasn't been opened since late 2009 - now in mid-2010 it had a vital rebuilding). He came with some sardonic grin... After all, it was highly likely he was the Triton - and he made no distinction of friend or enemy, giving this precious secret identity away for Kai as sort of a bond - his colleague Melissa already knew it in first hand. To make it amends with the times they fought over and focus on the way ahead, this was a trust he couldn't let to fade. With that he meant to find a way which was precisely, to find right people to kill. From coffe shop attendant back to the frontlines. Again.
    Gus or the Triton distinguishes it the ways Kai and Melissa regard for defining "enemy". Whilst they'd consider most basic, empoverished or not, urban or rural populations mostly as probable collateral damage of any possible conflict they'd have with security forces and surveillance agents which would follow in the riots and clashes of their rules to protect their assigned 'boss' (as bounty hunters they've became, they often targeted individual victims - those which security would mostly defend), the Triton had powers concerning forces of nature, and more than often didn't make such distinctions (he was also in almost no position to). As soldiers they are, they are ready to face death, and their enemies in similar condition are just hiding cowardly in their privileges of owning technology and techniques of self-defense - none of which could effectively protect them from Triton's wrath (Melissa and Kai being on his side knew most f it was publicity and it worked). Common passerby people or employees in workspots to be targeted, however, were not an easy way to bring upon these forces and repression in exercise, as they were "needed elsewhere" (protecting th bourgeoise - take that "social contract" - times those like always when security is no different than a hired hunter). Triton didn't believe it to exist something as "society" - the forces which bound masses were conceptions of property and unending concessions of potential individuals (they were born and each moment came closer to fade to such concessions), which materialized in taxes and currency, but were mostly that - concepts - with a materiality based on a debt installed by ancestral cultivation of fear. Continuously for that 'exchange', the materiality of their primal needs were neglected, and autonomously, those who would reach for it were individuals to be persecuted, or to raise in the timely uprisings here and there around the world, regardless of geography alone. Most times they'd be made of frontline in some popularist policy in some governmental structure. Not if it depended on him. The vicious cycle of repeating this social slavery became more accelerated by the rate of aggregated complexity in their sophisticated "needs" (or vices as he'd say). Property damage killed many enemies in a single blow - while investments, did so by showing it's carelessness for people; the result was proving that their needs were much simpler than what they wanted it to be.
    However, more than that, Triton was sure how easily corruptive schemes re-built shopping malls, financing centers, within the span of few days, yet neglected basical help for the grassroots for lifetimes, even profitting with prison - of the homeless and poor, distinction whch more or less afflicted an empoverished 'middle class' in some countries. To leaving that stain open required fighting with anonymous armies, all the while he deplenished the ranks and left the ranks focused on who were their enemies, those which detained means of production and in turn, their lives. They shold be able to dismantle as quickly as they came to be. Aware that it was just "phase one" of something bigger, his power over the weather was unchallenged and more aptly seen as retribution than his own act in the most scientifical means - thus the "nature's wrath" fame of his deeds. In other worlds: Kai and Melissa, as bounty hunters, would be fine if they got rid of influential people in the way. Triton, on the other hand, had a 'creed' (easy to say this way - when you get to handle much more than your own, this is a reminder - a constant reminder of the players who've been chosen, distinguishing no long or short terms and never ceding to the enemy), and knew figures were replaceable, he rather wanted to extinguish that political-economical play and set them to scratch for a new beginning for the remaining billion of people (he was prone to drop the count). What they had in common: disbelief to the current justice - a pyramidal, vertical and corruptible structure. To such judicial structure lose it's influence, the whole population should disown it, and get hold of the means of production as the means of fighting, both locally and globally aware, for despite the social strata, the urges and potential were all sown for it was the very culture of resistance which could bring solidarity and make something else out of it. Nonetheless, severe risk was set in motion for the trio. Melissa and Kai were back again Kappa and Rho: out of their choice, they wouldn't just sit down and see their former colleagues repeating past mistakes. It was time they would get some payback time.
    An occasion where that would happen, marking Kai's both uneasiness and the urge to act was just near their homes (yet so far given the gentrification scheme of urban planning). Associations of aboriginals and supporters (for one proving that could be quite difficult - support means responsibility) in uprisings, NGOs in secrecy recruiting populaces to be "taken care of", in eternal dispute with separatists trying to claim them for the hardships of working in frontiers and fronts across the Island Continent, were to be mediated by disruptions in the national security, versus the intrusion of private ones, often financed by technocrats (from corporate media, food industry [often opposed by the Triton in front lines and production plants] and pharmaceutical ones), which tried to forge alliances and surround the 'separatists'. Whilst 'separatists' would have alternative medias to operate, misinformation would coronate all the commonwealth. The so-called separatists had a larger commitment other than an "ethnical disassociation" as it's enemies would have them told. They sought no separation but a major reconquest of what was theirs - a land for their people, instead of for a private mining facility, for example.
    A declared "tribe kingship", or a communality of tribes, would have them planting nomadic batallions to gather and boycott, sabotage and destroy facilities of the enemies, in different degrees, some in obvious retaliation for lost generations and other plots done systemically after a bloody past and settled in a not less bloody present, albeit one painted in clearer picture. More than often, the attacks were recurring into private stations which had few to none concern with it's own country - more working for export - which was prety much helping the economy of a country as much as it requested workforce of the population for raising funds to it's private owner. It was a hint on the larger plan nation-states had on economical capitalism. As if there wasn't much fighting between Tumatauenga's Army versus the official cell of the Commonwealth, the Triton had set Kai's plan of pivotal role in infiltrating it's basis. Melissa on her own detected many on-going slave trades in the Indian Ocean as a joint which acted in connivance to the recent militarization of demons orchestrated by cryptic British warlords and off-world investors - a claim still in dispute, covered under a moniker of "Hades". Attacking the commonwealth meant the first hard mission they had together back again. Kai didn't expect Triton, Dazbog, Lanzo among others to take the streets and lead uprisings across the Thames out of the cold. Aware that the Parliament was but a dusty ruin - power rested in the slightiest of transactions - they engaged in a bloodbath which left many buildings deserted, created ressentment and divided the remaining populace in clearly distinctive political engagements, reaching for the true seat of power - the roads, the ferries. Radicalization of anarchists would leave "peaceful ones" or dissenters to flee for asylum in either Austria or Norrland, where think-tanks would be prone to co-opt their 'ideas' - if not bribing them, settling in unuseful discussions over astronomical idealism, letting them drunken on the excesses of their own science. Dazbog and Triton pursued each centre for recoinassance of the movements and how much they had in plans setting in motion a revolutionary plot instead of a reformist one (reform only holds to the unevitable and set back years of regression). Lanzo ordinarily organized troops in the somewhat more strictly "mob" scenario in the urban population following that time. Gang wars in the streets of London would be common each night. It's official army would be somewhere else, pursuing the Triton which declared war on the Commonwealth. That spreaded different powerheads to direct fleets overseas. Kai was an scapegoat in the scheme, as merely a perpetrator of something which was planned already - uprisings planned in an Informal International held at the Basque Country - events he was just parallel to.

    He did follow the Triton for his missions, escape and resistance in Norrland. A place in onoing gentrification and of greater role in the economy of the Northern Sea, it was historically home to environmental and political resistance - albeit most of it deteriorating to peaceful disarming, and bribing with authorized drug traffic and with resources (undistinguishably, the resource was likely profit from the third world). But even that had suburbs, indigenous communities, and it didn't matter one-sided campaigns were issued - taking hold of the on-going one seemed the more tactical. Through the Necoc Yaotl phenomena spreading connections in movements from the Americas to the "Arab Spring" plus in Australia and other Southeastern Asian countries, an event concerning religious movements mixed with ecological concern bridged to a similar relation with special occupied zones in Eastern Europe, which by the way just received more and more ranks, offering a supportive resistance which overall populace couldn't organize in mobs. This turn of tides left the Triton ally with Paynal and Fafnir Hreidmarson, which more than the demonic dragon outlook, had powerful secrets which made their quest just closer to find a focused reach. The Necoc Yaotl became from a mass-media hit to a secret movement - resistance was only possible with technological power of their own stolen and appropriated mechas and alpha-omega suits, oher than of course maximizing it's potential with military tactics.
    They didn't find any "chief slaver" or any direct investor than already known powerful heads of diverse industries in the Norrland reality. To Gus it only further proved his point - everyone was to blame - each and every single newborn would account for the profit of these cryptocrats which would only further the difference between rich and poor, ruling and servient - rendering 99% working, killing, dying and exploitating one another for the chosen few 1%. All terms which tried to separate that fact were deemed as apologetic. And that could only hinder the progress of the NY - doing so would only render them in a gangly state. He didn't mean to, and frequently reminded Kai of that...

    But the quest didn't end for good or for bad, and Kai wasn't at all absent from leaving trails to any would-be pursuers, despite his carefulness and recently improving shape-shifting powers. Of course struggles with invisible, far-reaching former-professor-turned-nemesis PI would follow him once or twice. But even beyond that, the discoveries he made uncovered relations dating back to millennia of cooperation of human populaces, most notably chief figures, to the formation of pyramidal slave poles in marginal zones of the Black Sea, Lake Victoria, and Finnish Gulf. The Commonwealth and other countries domaining portions of the Indo-Pacific had, as well, plans to create a new pole somehwere in the Pacific, which could further introduce war-prisoners relating to the on-going crisis in Australia into slavery, as an easy exit for the war of the Commonwealth. He then took a step further to leak it, but several charges suddenly ran against him, under the apprehension of several of his properties and other goods being confiscated (with him handling his workplace in Australia for other friends to run, erasing any signature of his activity from there). Fake identities, passports, lifestyles, rendered him untouchable for a while. It stranded him in the European continent as he sought both a way back to his place, as to find his actual pursuer. In his moments of fleeing from security, he engaged once again against SIGMA, who was ongoing in viral misinformation on the happennings (but was too dumb to be responsible for the operations becoming able in 'find him'), and had to embrace full participation in Arima Division. Making an oath to Gus, specifically not to the Triton, he made it clear once this "Hades" was found, he'd go out, for "nothing really concerned him anymore". He only meant both he and Triton could prove a cover for Melissa to escape unharmed from her pursuits in the perilous Indo-Pacific route (her Kappa suit gives her speed to cross the ocean on foot for the exhaustive length of a week, alterning between one or two coastlines, or by jumping in ships). He had no way out - as the Inquisitionary offices just hit. It was a miscalculation on the role the think-tanks had in it. They were stronger to hit the facades of the government and enterprises - the Commonwealth, the NATO and EU agencies, but not necessarily the many NGOs and funds which co-opted escapees and traitors of Necoc Yaotl and similar anarchist groups.


    A professional, he does not concern enemy and allies for free or merely by ideal. However, he does have an ethical background. His role is of promoting leaks, hacks, and such on concern of freedom of speech, free software usage and democratical distribution of information free from restrains of media, making it for transparency of the slightiest of acts and transactions- obviously earning enmity for copyright enthusiasts. On the other hand the only policy would be population's own regulations on their moral concerns. It brings him closer to the smuggling scenario of part of his family, and software development of his estranged uncle, living between the margin of the considered 'good' or incorruptible, as it defined a nucleii of social experience - a family and an economy.     He'd rather fight the good fight to investigate fraud, corruption, and his role on that have him like a "righteous bounty hunter" working for gathering evidence in support of popular lawyers and for their clients to clear accusations under democratic apparels, or rather deepening the need of better apparels (which puts him in a dispute with Triton and Lanzo, who rather believe the complexity of public apparels only to serve for those higher and afar from power, as a mere "representative facade" which adopts identitary plots for a common roof, not less involved in making only more bureaucratic the use of itself and ont he other hand, facilitate persecution and breach of integrity). He's no mercenary, but given the time, the slightiest of social uprising ends up by being put in the same league as with the autocephalous Necoc Yaotl - claim which can't be ever proved. The only way, is to work for a Necoc Yaotl cell himself and let it go for the body-count. He missed the slicing action and no survivor guilt could prevent him from going back to it.
    But work is not what it sounds in Arima Division. The Triton is no boss, and he takes that as a pressing concern (someone has said it to be a creed, but Triton is uneasy with religious connotations - everyone there is brought by a common mentality, or rather by a common practice led by the exercise of such mentality made necessary by two fronts - the person's will and the on-going political scenario) to carry out distinct missions. Whilst Arima division followed the episode you've just read about - the on-going war against slavery, the hipocritical Commonwealth and the global capitalism as a whole, on a tactic concerning eliminating enemies rather than taking them to any prison (all of the members by now should already be against any form of jailing someone, human and non-human - except while extracting information from investigations, of course- making of their prisoners no more but information sponges), Kai has a more individual approach and is less politically acute, despite being crucially the best in what he does. This brings him all the roster of possible "enemies" back at him:
    People he never actually trusted: Marco Friedrich, former Agent Pi whom he discovered to be heir to a cruel eugenist of the old regimen, to Ephraim Frére (actually Sebastian Bartosz), whom he discovered to be a vampire with some un-registered wealth and bribing capabilities, to people he just mildly despised, such as Vitorio Manfredi deTomaso, former agent Sigma, which remarked offensive and regressive values just for a jingoist attitude (or lack of personality, thereof) but now has mild prestige (to his followers), ties to distinct think-tanks, and put in exercise his actions on a military factory. This plus all the ongoing persecution of the few people he got to care about which are still alive, such as Melissa Walker, who's he saw growing up with him by some time. While he's certain they're going head on to face enemies such as the Holy Roman Empire under Leo XIV, he knows this turn of events was merely a result of the radicalization of the governmental structure given the uncapability of meeting requests concerning the capture of the Triton, Paynal, and of other demons which escaped from the long way of persecution (which he corroborated to as Agent Rho), and of reaching alternative means of doing so as by managing them such as countries like Haijian and Tahuantinsuyu. There's so much he was exposed to, he can't turn back, but he wants to know the truth about the demon-kind and of it's role (he's passed a lot escaping from them and developed some kind of survivor guilt), as well of the powers of the very Alpha-Omega which in his teenage foolishness never questioned at all (or was pleased with dim explanations of that). All he ever wanted was an answer. Even among demons, it was close but way too far. 


    hack the planet
    Former Agent Rho, Kai Taylor who still go by Rho (it can't be helped, it's inscripted on his attire), was in the mission Atlantis which "gave birth" to Necoc Yaotl. There he found out he was no better than a bounty hunter, and would end up disposed by it's contractors. Worse than that, he'd do dirty jobs to cover up stronger truths about the mess the corporates and cryptocrats were doing, going as far as to involve demons just to clean their own consciousness of their intent. He was assigned to check and engage in front against the enemy's very own misinformation news spreaders. He was known of Triton's secret too. Never fond of the figure, he knew he was of easy beating to the inhuman (Triton manipulates water, so you do the math), so he'd play it cool and stick here and there in such given conscript mission - the more he learned, the more he yearned to find out. As he came closer to find secrets about other agencies, governments, enterprises, he had a longer need to run from it, concerning his own liquid integrity. The Triton, however, most usually confronted or blocked his escape, forcing him to dig even more so deeper in a system which was very materialized in the slightiest of our information. He was unknown to the fact that the Alpha Omega inherently changed it's users. Who brought him to that was Jacob Mills, who fought him in an incredible match during aforementioned mission. As allies however, he was brought to a clearer perception on the world of political persecution. He was more or less related to his estranged uncle, Jeremiah Lee, and bridged his reality to the estranged nephew. He managed to keep track of the armor's symbiotic progression when the AXIS closed, and provided other related gadgets for them, making Rho capable of "hacking" even into enemy hard-suits and mechas.
    not so collaborative
    Kai holds a grudge against Triton's tactics and even his commitment. He believes he's a figure fated to fail, for his "lack of prospect and leadership", whilst self-absorbed in a massive, open hunt to which normal populace couldn't follow - he himself, included. He thinks the Triton was more prone to do change while he was within undistigushable from the mafiosi, hunting people indistinctively and from within the shadows. Playing like he care for some (the anarchists, godless youth, pagans, whatever) was more like a black-mailing, according to him. This is brought mildly by him when in contact to Gus, by delivering concerns such as: whilst people did deny collaborating with corporate media and it's spread, they still should retain it's means for their own - print press and smartphones served the same purposes still, for example, and using such narratives were the most important other than the reach and employment rates. This was a severe concession and Gus meant no one should be told of what to do (and that's exactly the normative aspect of anything related to masses intended - spread was maximized by profit)- conscience should be able to reach people regardless of where - international corporate media means only alienated people of pressing concerns, which could and should be given to them from an early age - now maintaining it and what was valuable to it would severely hinder news networks, it's profits, and favor databases - those, as long as they had imbued with educational means regarding the sentience life on earth and it's interests, should be clearly used. By the current rate, the kind of info Triton regarded was deeply enclosured in academical institutions of so-called public ownership, but precisely in cryptocrat management. A cultural revolution should be required in course for that to implement on the Necoc Yaotl. No wonder they were informal at the rate...
    international terror
    Not fond of people like Gus or Dazbog, he sees in Dazbog an old enemy (by a single occasion) of his former friend Drake. Both are Baltic people, despite Dracus being more a foreigner, descendant of the Burgundy people, and Bartolomej a displaced one, which found his way further into gang reality in Yugoslavia, neither fully being of given nationality, yet nationalistic on their own concepts to some utopian nation. He saw Dazbog practically put Drake's gangly intents on practice and largely lacked a royalty demeanor, but had alternative means to compensate it - surprisingly, an underground creed turned into necessity for generations of violence still instilled in given population.
It sounds like fate has brought all these different people together, and when Kai come to think of it, he's just more lost to the conspiracy. From rural Russia (before the Baltic state was declared independent), rural Mexico (as the illegal owner of the Omega Project, Lanzo Zalacosta was an organizer in the frontlines of an autonomous occupation zone since his early years, fighting off against cartels, traffic, and implementing the fight and resistance through joints with other indigenous) and coastal urban Minoica (Gus is from Attica), his own multi-cultural raising in different shores of the Pacific didn't sound off-place (he was raised in Honolulu, moved consecutively to Okinawa, Jakarta, Darwin, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Sydney). He was according to himself a citizen of the world, only that now he was, like the anarchist NY, no citizen at all.

    old acquaintance
He's grown with Melissa and Lance as supportive friends in their late childhood to early teenage years, only to meet again in AXIS despite growing apart. Ever since the institute closed and private use of the armors was made under terms as long in the law, he expected that to be a shared secret, however Melissa didn't intend to stop using it or to use it for foolish quests or aiding security. She wasn't fond of the end of her pursuits, and he followed her out of concern for her integrity. While that didn't bring them any closer, Melissa is more prone to speak her mind. She believes them both to play a larger role in the Arima division, planning ways to make the Triton (whom they know as Gustavos Mauros Sgouros, Minoican high-schooler whom they met sporadically as a customer in their shop while he attended exchange programs in the last three or two years - the 'keen mind' behind some cruel acts attributed to his Triton persona) more busy and focused on their paramilitary intent, and less on his frequently anonymous mass killings (which mostly recurs from fighting off fishers, seapeople, or farmers and cattleherders - all the ones he refers as th worst enemy, more than associates, but playing pivotal roles in the animal exploitation which he seeks to abolish). While Kai sees that as a proper way to minimize the 'damage' he cause, Melissa has deeper implications, even if slightly restoring or giving him (both the young man and his Triton form) an option of another life, using the Necoc Yaotl to support only that of which he carried as a weight of his own - as controlling the seafare transitions by his own left his social life stagnated as a complete outsider, whenever he goes. A man in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, and yet, in no place in the ground. Absent. A status quo exile.

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