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Project SAMPI - Ephraim Frere

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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: SAMPI - secret series
Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Denver Facility,
Colorado, USA, produced in 2007
Power: Magnetism
Confidential series, made in secret from AXIS' own Intelligence personnel.
Controls every metallic particle, throughout a series of electromagnetic chains it generates. Through electromagnetism, is able to shield itself and projet itself aross the air, as if flying. As long as it focuses, it is capable of controlling even other suits, should its user knows of the innards of the Alpha Omega techno-organic synthetical materials. Has a powerful staff with deadly laser blades. Its scope reads infrared and heat vision.

User: Father Ephraim Frére, AXIS' "Principal", often referred to as Grand Master
Birthdate: 15/Apr/1951, Suraz, Poland
  The manipulative, sadistic and pretentious head master of the entirety of AXIS Academy. Crucial, as owner of the Main Facility of Avignon, to the formation of AXIS and the entirety of its demon-hunting program. Where he houses both a highly respected academical facade, to the training grounds employing most military tech - whose excess of trainning will be something he'd have rather the instructors to keep with certain freedom - it's a bastion of many secrets kept undercover. This ellusive priest has many facades, but the one who would fit is that of a respectable abbot, with all of its wisdom and old age, as well as strictness and a code to follow. However, even his name may be a fabrication. Shrouded in darkness, he's supported by some of the most secretive joints inside the Roman Catholic fraternities. With a lacking academical roster of titles, his place in AXIS is mostly ceremonial, rather a deal between the powerheads. He knows this very well, as so in any danger of exposing the institute, he had planned previously the craft of an Alpha-Omega which he kept to himself. ABEL Inc.'s SAMPI may not have been originally intended for him.
    The old man has some valuable knowledge about demons, but it's hard to distill that from his beliefs. An exorcist, he is constantly drifting from dark to light, and is more like a sinister man playing in the charades of faith. He's known to the demons, he's a vampire himself but surely he's known on how to play the politician. Amongst the power heads which decreed the institution of AXIS, and subsequent cooperation between ABEL and Ülhaden, the two sides he toyed with to make him a favor,  there was a demon king in human disguise. Father Frére knew it, and not surprisingly had copied its abilities to the SAMPI Project. It was self assured to ABEL Inc as a last resort, should Ülhaden breach its contract first.

    Students aren't too fond of him. Ben (ZETA) rather disposes respect for he being in the top of hierarchy, but he can't stand the old man's sarcasm. Students like Drake (EPSILON) will constantly question his background as if he wasn't fit to his position. Jack (CHI) who seem to know much more about him, will take it even farther as to mock the father's coming old age. It's a trait which indicate Jack may have even rejuvenated, while Ephraim didn't. It indicate some past between them. But no one gets that. Nina (YPSILON) is regarded as AXIS' top student, much to her strangeness, since she was just a newcomer whilst many agents are veterans, Alpha-Omega agents having around three to five years of service already. But Ephraim has his reasons for so, as what really matters in Nina is her blood and the implications of Ypsilon's regenerating abilities.
    He may be the last one to not only believe but profess AXIS' supposed glorious past of demon hunting, side by side in the world war, in the conquest and in the crusades themselves. People like Drake, who do have background of demon and human relation, is skeptical of it, while Dalal (TAU) would rather not pick it for true, rather disgusted by the narrative of crusaders' heroism, a trait which will have Vitorio (SIGMA) happily following the babble of the old man.
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