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Project QOPPA - Jorgen Zimm

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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: QOPPA - secret series
Manufacturer: Ülhaden Corp.
Merowe Facility,
Northern Region, Sudan, produced in 2010
Power: Nuclear
Confidential series, made in secret from AXIS' own Intelligence personnel.
The final product of the concurrent Oraklyte Project and Ülhaden's secret super-weapon.
It contains all the powers of heat resistance and flame maintenance of Sigma, uses Chi's power of electricity and innards of circuitry to become self-powered and recycle its own expelled energy - theoretically becoming unable to turn off - as well as having adapted Delta's multiplication ability in order to both pass radioactivity to sacrificed duplicates, as well as create a permanent army through control directed by the matrix itself, replying the Xnobius element characteristic "possession". Has superhuman speed and strength, as well as using Omega's adaption through synthetical synaptic cells, in order to resist, contain and re-use expelled energy, making a scientifical and synthetical approach to the functioning of the Xnobius element and its relation to the Ushabti. One can believe even the least usage of it, once the cores are turned on, provoke more than symbiosis: a fusion may occur.

User: Jørgen Zimmermann, Ülhaden Corporation's CEO and Owner
Birthdate: 21/Nov/1955, Kiel, Germany - at some point moved to Hamburg, where created a facility for Ülhaden
  The succesful, highly acclaimed CEO of Ülhaden Corp. What began as a civil construction and heavy machinery industry throughout West Germany in the 70s, it grew exponentially by making the right trends, shaking the right hands, and risking everything in order to settle in 'potential markets'. As soon as it got throughout the Iron Curtain, Jørgen was handled with an ellusive technology, from which he'd craft in Project Delta, Ülhaden's response to the also secret Project Alpha of ABEL Inc. Both manufacturers had the same mysterious characters' contacts, the "Supplier", and also potentially tied to the same "Supporter". The latter, was no news to Jørgen. The pretentious General Wagner Kantz was, at time, more like an international bounty hunter, in the hunt for guerrillas. He was tied somehow to older officials of the old regimen, which just crumbled before Kantz was born. Jørgen has wits of the most greedy and cruel. His family's past is kept in secret. It may have taken different names, but the background is known - supporters of the regimen, they were also neglective of it when it felt. Their industries were left without a stain in post-war, as long as they kept the war cyclical. As agent Delta, he was employed to practice industrial saboteur. It's marvellous what you can do when you control an army of yourself. Chernobyl. Targeting the reputation of the state's sovereignity, bringing in private corporations as the sole response, he was really in accordance with the economical schools which he has grown into. At the 80s, everyone should've known Ülhaden was a belical corporation already.
    But it gave him less time to focus on the production of Alpha Omega. Giving up the mantle of Delta and sending the soldier to serve ABEL Inc's side in war, he was above the development of many other armors, the unstable MI, the "sinister trio" (NI, XI, OMICRON) and its final product PI. By the end of the decade, too much effort was lost and the Supporter had turned his attention to the country which just had turned into a "mixed economy" but deep down remained an Empire of a Secret Enemy residing on it. It had exclusive technology on a material that was long sought, Xnobius. Jørgen had his plans, first erase this competitor (an industry named Dominati Fabrica) and then erase it those who were like vultures around the Fabrica (the former agent Pi).     Claim the parenting of Dominati's heir, make he accept the terms and have it absorbed to Ülhaden, was a cerimonial role. That way, SIGMA was born. But it was far from over. Genius scientist Morgan (PHI) have paved the way to the completion of the requested project, by implementing new roster of armors (YPSILON, CHI, PSI), but he had OMEGA given as a wildcard. Even the scientist would attempt at ending the life of the crazed magnate to stop his intent. Facilities across the Pacific, in Africa and Eastern Europe had but a bunch of slave labor, human experimentation. Exposing that would make Ülhaden unable to stand. In a moment General Kantz went out of favor by the International Court, he no longer could support Jørgen. It was all or nothing. AXIS seemed to be itself in a loss, and ABEL Inc. would sooner or later intercede. Paranoid, Jørgen risked it all by assembling a vacant, rescued team of Alpha Omega Agents to witness the birth of QOPPA. The violation of trust came to be.

    Vitorio (SIGMA) is his adoptive son. Both cherish totalitarian regimens, and one could never be naive to think it is just for their motifs, style, or discipline. They also share interest for (not-so)new economical ideas of "minimal state". However that ends here. Jørgen is deeply involved in the abode of the international war-mongers, it means not only his life may be at constant risk, his efforts have to be protected at all costs in order to assure the global economy. He can't and won't play a parent. That role is left to others he can afford to pay, and this is where AXIS entered. Vitorio was obsessed with Sigma, his biological father's creation. He bought it from the Institute. Not the most wise thing to do in your first day of school. Before he came to age fit in for AXIS, he passed some 5 years, arguably his teenage years, under constant pressure by his parent, who deemed him weak. Despite that, his trustworthy right hand and counsellor, Marco (PI), saw some other use for Vitorio, and he prepared his coming in AXIS institute. There's more to that, though, since Dominati's actions are at hold, not necessarily absorbed by Ülhaden. Should something happen to Ülhaden, there's legal possibility of Dominati covering it up. But Jørgen is blind to that, as time grows short for Ülhaden, for the Supporter (whom his parents knew as Molokh) and for himself - playing Agent Delta left him scars - and some radioactivity, to be sure.
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