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Project IOTA - Oliver Funabashi

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Okinawa Facility,
Kyushu region, Japan, produced in 1987
Power: Strength
An armor which increases physical capabilities of the user, with immediate rate of resistance and push. Can lift up to some ten times its own weight, frequent use may even double that rate. Self-powered, it begins as a more decisive manner to re-enact GAMMA's powers in a controllable way, through a different method. It's gun emmits a powerful electrifying blast, to keep enemies paralyzed. Its rocket engines in the back are the only thing to lift it up, jumping on high distances and capable of levitating mid-air.

    Yet another armor done in an US-Japan collaboration mediated by ABEL Inc.
Like BETA, it was stolen by third parties. However, as new investigations arose, it was known to pass from a Yakuza syndicate to another - through bloody war, competitions, traps and persecutions, undoubtedly with money, taxes and bounty hunters on trail. Oliver is just the latest one, the armor went missing since 1994. The Japanese government blocked any intent from either ABEL Inc. or the AXIS it sponsor from "rescuing" it, as it judged to be no better than getting involved in such a competition, leaving that to which as of now was a domiciliar problem of it's military. But one should be too cautious, as the military and some Yakuza syndicates may not always be in bad terms... To investigate it's supposed resurfacing, Agents THETA, OMICRON and KAPPA were sent to retrieve it in July 2009...
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