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Project GAMMA - Jacob Mills

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Las Cruces Facility,
New Mexico, USA, produced in 1977
Power: Indestructible
    In 1971 ABEL Inc. created Alpha's shielding. Only thing they knew that could pass through it, and was still made by men was Beta's corrosive powers. Then, they needed to create something that could resist it. Employing yet another piece of Alpha-Omega symbiotic techno-organic suits, the craft they had in hands was out of the ordinary. Not only it resisted corrosion on every level. It would swim in lava, resist the vacuum of space, or even crushing gravity. Nothing could destroy it. The unharmed soldier, however, in awe of its power, would take few time to become rebellious, and soon it would become an unstoppable force. It generates "tendrils" which can grapple into anything and has a powerful rocket engine on its back, easy to steer by the control of the user. It's a marvelous technology, but couldn't be used by lack of anything to stop it. It was kept in isolation after a gruesome accident when the original user got himself against an entire military facility. It wouldn't be the last time, the personnel who kept it were tempted to steal and try it. It happenned once again. Even though the armor was unstoppable, in all these years some progress was made. ABEL Inc's researcher (and later an AXIS' instructor) Dr. Yao created what he called "Gamma Suppressors", which could slow the processes of the armor and its synch rate with the user, making a niche of time to strike it down before it recovered. Rescue missions did succeed to capture from such rogues, and even though all the available armors were transferred to AXIS in 2000, ABEL Inc. still kept this one in the facility, for they couldn't afford to share it and employ it in young adults.

But it all couldn't have prevented yet another theft, in late January 2009. Regrettably, the same spot was where the OMEGA Suit was stored after an incident which involved a breach of trust in the Institute. To the immediate response, agents Pi, Alpha and Eta were activated. They didn't succeed. Jacob Mills was known to be located around Santa Clara County, in California. Used to be a respected academical, but has a dangerous tone, and is believed to be in league with terrorists. Eventual missions discover that Project Omega is now in the hands of the faction EMLN, which opposed among other things, american imperialism. One could never be too sure, but it is likely it's in hands of SubComandante Lanzo. Maybe those are allied somehow.
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