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Project BETA - Kenshiro Shimada

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Okinawa Facility,
Kyushu Region, Japan, produced in 1974
Power: Corrosion
ABEL Inc. began collaborating with the American base in Okinawa, and in order to continue the Alpha Omega Project, they'd not only rely on the success of Alpha, rather on its weak spots. If Alpha's shielding had shielded the army and the property the best it could, its force-field impenetrable, they'd better be the first ones to discover what it couldn't be defended from. Thus it was born Project BETA. Its corrosive fluid, expelled by its weapon, which will only respond to the very armor's fingertip, as well as the wrist generated sting, pass through it all. Different combnations may simply rust, oxidate, to even completely corrode or even heat up or freeze partially a surface, creating big deal of damage even to enemy armor - and provoking high degrees of burn in any organic material. Putting the nuclear energy fuzz aside, the biological war was at hand. Made to serve the Japanese Military as a "gift", pretty much an alliance, the wasp, bee, drone theme may have been their design choice, who knows. Even though they don't specify it, this may be a later recolor after it was stolen. The wings are self powered, made of synthetic fibers which can be easily guarded.

Is the identity of the original thief, who stole it in 1981. Famed adventurer and robber, entered in a long hiatus. Presumed dead.
    Years later, the project resurfaced, in an unlikely position. Unmistakably the very armor of the Tahuantinsuyu Official general of the district of Chinchaysuyu, dubbed "Ichneumon", it became an uneasy matter. The project was originally secret, and having it employed by a State out of ABEL Inc's reach is a fact of the most sore, if the current owners of Alpha Omega ever had hopes of employing it.
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