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Perun is the thunder god, chief of the Slavic Pantheon. Often represented as an eagle atop the world tree (sometimes an oak). He's armed with his unseparable axe, to which wherever he throws, will obediently return to his hand, as the thunder itself. This is my depiction of him for the Slavic Cosmology inspired Playing Cards I have developed, where he's to be king of a suit featuring weather-based deities (having him representing thunder; Mat Zemlya representing earth and moisture, and Stribog the wind and storms), represented by the traditional Slavic Icon of the Gromoviti Znaci, thunder-marks engraved on roofs to prevent his fiery-wrath from falling from the sky as darts of thunderbolt on the houses of those who seek protection of his might.

In Rodnover faith and belief-system, he's somewhat the one who presides over Yav, that is understood as something like "reality" or the "world of the living" in a common understanding, yet is much more deep in meaning. I depicted him as somewhat covered in thunder, in pure energy, to make mention of his spirit and will.
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