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Oraklyte Project

Fire, Electrical and Nuclear powers, coming from Xnobius Element.
Developed throughout a decade by the Ulhaden Corporation, such a project isn't a far cry from cold war, Manhattan project or other war economy oriented motives.

Historically, the AXIS Military Academy has had two main sponsors, two actual suppliers of its tech and providers of technical know-how.
The American corporation ABEL Inc and the Teutonian Ulhaden Co. Throughout the last century, they crafted among other more 'civic' facades, tech to implement the ALPHA OMEGA series which as of now all belong to the AXIS.
It's an initiative of international effort for demon hunting.

Its generalist mystical and inaccurate definition, demon, and its scientific term, yet jargonic and somewhat based on an anthropocentric bias, hybrid, refer to a series of individuals and species targeted to be responsibles for the maintenance of side powers in the globe under the facades of drug cartels to slave labor. Even though these jobs often have humans trading, selling, enslaving its own species, historically it's been an inter-species initiative. The AXIS is just the latest secret crusade against so-called "demons".
Its secrecy and bureaucracy is reflected on the sameness of the background of its agents. Despite being an international effort, attendance is possible only through individual secret invitations. Ends up most of it is composed of high-class individuals, with a background family of either at least two generations of military service or of scientific know-how. Despite all, some cases of orphans or high talented discovered 'geniuses' are invited despite its background. Ethnically, though, it's arguably more diverse than the ordinary high-class school.

Historically such "invisible" inhuman enemy has been always there satiating with wars and exploitation. It's on all myths, from the "fallen" to the "Apkallu". Humanity could 'evolve' through its knowledge and mastery, through a cultural exchange. AXIS demands to be the one taking charge on the 'exchange' of that not so amicable relation. After years of political unrest, with somewhat declared "cease arms" between countries of the UNA (United Nations) and UTSST (United Topakara Socialist States of Tahuantinsuyu), the original owners of the ALPHA OMEGA were withheld. Cooperation between them was needed so the program (which operated through a facade of developing autonomous super soldier units but was actually something much more dangerous) could resume, serving under the interests of Interpol and UNA through its chief at time.
That didn't avoid, however, for each enterprise's personnel, despite serving under a private "school" (but arguably worthy easily of any bachelor or doctorate degree) facade, to develop their own side projects to serve their previous political agendas.

Who served in the Gulf knew it wasn't simply about "petrol" but rather about the discovery of other elements. One of those was Xnobius. A "race" for it started throughout so-called Cold War and were in the political agendsas even since the WWII. SIGMA was the first product. The element is known to be an "energy saver", creating cyclical autonomous energetic systems which possibilitate nuclear power to be sustainable. But it's hard to control and in few quantities it become both costy and dangerous, making it unefficient and not worthy (legislations are less than impressed with such "double-edged sword" capable to either sustain entire cities or explode them). But it was discovered that the economical "wild card" the Country of Haijian ("mixed economy", ruled by a sole party) managed to control and adopt it efficiently on civic and military purposes.
What arguably lacked was the manner to keep it cyclical and not losing he autonomy of the system to some "Ushabti effect". Micro-organisms, virus or ghosts depending of the literature, the "Ushabti" forms colonies and sustain on heat. Xnobius is called "Oraklyte" because of its oracle ability to summon or to create that effect. "Creatures" such as those are dangerous because they formed some symbiosis with "demons" such as the Akh species, often re-discovered in cryptozoology related to recently made independent African satellite states. However, while Akhs get the upper hand on the Ushabti, the system to which humans lose autonomy to is their neural one. Their free will. So making Sigma refined, controlled, could cost the user's mind.

The project CHI counted with 100 to 300 human test subjects of ilegal acquired 'slaves'. The disguise was that they were workers of Ulhaden's 'free-market' tendencies spreading through the Pacific. People from Yugoslavia, Dacia, Kosovia, to Indonesia, Brunei, Australian Aboriginals, Khmer, Yao and Yue Haijianese were kidnapped to serve on this. They had, scientists argued, a specific "genome" which could relate better with the Ushabti. Whilst Sigma's flare was 'unstable', and 'powerful, but ephemeral', Chi's sparks were condensed and didn't need recharge. But its users were rendered in a zombie-like state after usage. Only one mysterious man could bear it, and overcome the Ushabti. Taking advantage of the ALPHA OMEGA project's symbiosis, the scientists developed a serum based on this man that could override the Ushabti effect and still contain characteristic benefits from Xnobius. But the project was far from over. Projects on AXIS and its missions accomplished, it became clear Haijian learned all that through a long time history in cooperation with so-called demons. Ulhaden was losing market for these demons, and soon enough the political tensions in EU would erupt through them. The heads of the secret committes of Ulhaden couldn't cooperate with AXIS if they wanted to get hold of that scenario.

The secret series' project QOPPA was made with the intent of replacing the Ushabti effect with something only Ulhaden and the armor's user could control, making of it not a "sponge of power" for the Akhs as Sigma would've proven to be (thus failing miserably on its demon-hunting intent whilst facing Akhs). That would become possible once technologies such as Ypsilon's and Phi's were adapted altogether with Omega's. Nanotech duplicates of autonomous cells based on the user and the armor itself would replicate the Ushabti effect to atomic levels, making the user be able to contain much more energy, to expel it like Sigma or canalize like Chi in an "all gain" relation. It was a conscious atomic bomb. The only "problem" would be safty assurance, for even though the radiation wouldn't affect the user, its use of the armor could turn it more than dependant, but arguably fused to it. Occasion wouldn't be on the terms of the corporation, desperate for its crisis and the revelation of the crimes it committed. Its own CEO, former user of the Delta armor in the 70s, and thus used to the symbiotic coat, would "crown" himself as such a "weapon of mass destruction". It took more thant two alpha omega armor agents plus a group of "demons" to take it out for good, whilst it was revealed in a secret base in South Sudanese hunting grounds.

Ulhaden always had its own intent on playing with European Union's desestabilization. It never concerned demon hunting as much as setting Europe into wars against "immigrants", "minorities", only on the intents of splitting the Islamic world with its allies. It wanted a monopoly in the belical industry worldwide. But it lost such a place to Haijianese's arguably more developed tech, to which United Nations finally adopted. More developed because it worked directly with the suppliers of such a knowledge, the demons. But this "Oraklyte Project" wasn't a complete fiasco. Knowing that due its symbiotic synaptic synthesis the ALPHA OMEGA armors develop powers rather than "come with" them ad nihilo, the directories which led to Sigma's Fire, Chi's Electricity and Qoppa's Nuclear Power could led even the most skeptical man of science to be unable to fathom such a coincidence. Those elements were often favoured in the progressist views of history. They were what "differed man from animals" in such incomplete biased doctrine.
Qoppa was like an android based on the powers of a powerful being in the universe, which was behind nothing but Haijianese country international tendencies. One could never be too sure, for even though Qoppa was thrown to Earth's mantle, no one could prove it was dead.

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