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Keeping up with the on-going works on instagram just ahead of the schedule in facebook, here's a different case for the ALPHA-OMEGA Series and my personal favorite design.
I've designed 13 armors from a part of the "Alpha-Omega series" in collaboration with Guiler-717. His 14 armors plus mine make all the alphabet (and if you guessed it right, the additional letters from numeral system). The whole project is already at my behance so check it for the full team and get a look at the last remaining armor.

Background Story and Specs:

Created by Ulhaden Corp. in 2008
Power: Adaptation, Synthetical molecular-rebuilding. Healer of physical trauma, it absorbs genetical material and process it according to user's level of symbiosis. Depending on the powers obtained, enhaces physical capabilities up to 400% of improvement (as tested indoor and outdoor), and has its own auto-sufficient energy generator (via clean energy of the Orichalcum core). User discretion is advised.
Includes two "needle" pistols used to assimilate the powers of the oponents. Poles in the elbows have metereological detectors, aptly changing the armors' capabilities to better suit the environment. Independent "cores" (the "dots") distribute and story the achieved information and are pocket versions of the "poles". The poles' streams are fluxes of energy connecting the stored data to the main orichalcum core. Nanotechnology contained in the main coat transfer this knowledge to the user, who can choose what powers to use.
Process of symbiosis is mediated by synthetized enzymes based on the functions of the swart-elves.
The side cores (pink colored) actually serve as lockers of the armor, preventing it from developing a will on its own. More information about the project other than this is classified information. [it has parts of Spartoi Triton individuals, which facilitate the organic aspects of the Orichalcum and synthetizes its natural growth]
Intended user: Lance Walker (NZ), but it never came to be. He was used as a primary test subject, but on preliminary stage it was allegedly stolen.
Formerly owned by the private institution known as AXIS Military Academy, which mission is protect Tredius from demon-related threats (actually, an initiative by Ulhaden Corp & ABEL Inc, two major weapon industries that have created the Alpha-Omega series armors. The AXIS is more likely an academy for young bounty hunters who're unknowingly testing a likely inhuman technology, and doing the dirty job for the UN to "cleanse" everything dangerous that escapes its hidden slave pits).

After the state of emergency issued by the betrayal of an Axis member, it was transferred from the posession of Ulhaden Corp to the United Nations, which in turn trusted it to ABEL Inc (staining the relation between the corporations, which co-founded the AXIS institute), which would retain it in a secret US Army base located in Arizona.
From there, a joint of two independent guerrilla groups stormed the base and retrieved it alongside the Gamma armor. Omega would suffer transformations, and would be used by an autonomous region of South Mexico, under supposedly collective usage. In fact, the armor was seized by a single member who would come up with vigilante attitude, gear, and would become a ghost living across the world in pursuit of maintaining the autonomous region and its population safe from the international pressure, by striking back where it matters - understandably, through direct action.

About the current user:
this one is a really long story, but introductions are needed for the setting, unusual in comparison with other people using these armors:
Lanzo Zalacosta (b. 14 December 1984) is a resident of the autonomous zone occupied by ELMN in southern Mexico. A poor agriculture based place, the lives of the people there were often marked by resistance in front of government's exploitation and eventual loose admnistration, marked by both irresponsibility and intended isloation. Workers themselves were chiefs in the mobilizations which led them to resume their independence, in 1994. At this time, Lanzo was 9 year old. He was old enough to see that more peaceful times would come should they've attained international support. While national left wing parties would hunt people from there as any other party would, the continous takes on anarchism left them with a bad reputation. He broke through his teenage years with groups of direct action, in the efervescent political scenario of the turn of the millennium. Inspired more or less in the historical Tupaq (or at least in his years as operating in guerrilas across American continent), after his enprisonment (and supposedly death) the movement would take their own steps and come with their own mythos to younger generations.
Turning more towards environmental issues and radical manners to deal with them (road-blocks, seizing property and collectivizing fields, as well as raiding labs of the industries of infection and genetic patents), Lanzo's cells actively had second thoughts when it came to international support, as often NGOs would come to co-opt the work of the people and the poor. Such scenario would only change when Paynal and Triton would break into the political scenario. The crisis striking wildly and targeting the poor and jobless, would have breakthroughs of social unrest, and actual anarchy coming in the streets. Instead in building a society with the few they had in an apparent siege (with visitors from distant lands just coming and going each season), Lanzo's cells would be the ones "coming and going", attacking where it mattered most.

But the Omega Armor theft (described more on less on PHI's profile), in collaboration with another movement on its entirety, proved to them they were ready to take on higher enemies. Their strategies often changed, and with it, taking the spotlight, the persecutions would resume. From this moment forth, Lanzo had to keep the political mobs at bay whilst exchanging time supporting other autonomous zones around the globe, dismantling few by few the international dominating political machine and its veil. Coming to be known as "The Final Fire", he's behind most direct actions which culminated in radicalizations and schisms of the so-called left politics (such as generic movements of occupation in the veil of Occupy), becoming a major force which identified and fought Western African Piracy, the Trans-Saharan Slave trades and settled the original actions in the so-called "Arab Spring", before it became a scenario of returning conservative power of sheik mobs. He'd often come to the conclusion that the only good thing of globalization - the flux of people and their cultures - would be also the downfall of the system. At this, Triton for example disagreed, claiming that substantial culture was milked away, being easily co-opted by a consumerist position billions of humans were created at. They agree on the problem of this consumerist posture, but he re-assured the need of social experience for one to realize the actual ways the world woks, out of the "globalized fantasy" of the production system.
However, Lanzo's views on collectiveness and sociability were always more positive than Triton's, but he never refused to pull the trigger when it's necessary. He know that in the system, some lives matter more than others. Instead of exercising campaigns to raise awareness, as if being recognized by a force, and only by it, was what made people's lives legitimate to be lived, he'd be turning the game, executing the monopolies and cartels, which more or less corroborated with the sustenance of slavery across the world. The breakdown of economy was a price to pay, however the "gates" were open, for people to finally realize the need of the pursuit of autonomy. He acted with Gamma and Paynal multiple times to support for overal native nations to destroy this outer intervention from their lives. Autonomy was living like them, and on that, Paynal and Triton saw a tight way to their own environmental concerns.

This side-project* consist of a series of armors and high tech gear developed by two distinct fictional enterprises and some "un-invited guests", all products of a previous project for an ultimate soldier. Different directions and results led to new analysis on the powers, which culminated in armors containing from elemental-based to physical enhacement and even space-time warping powers.
To house such classified average-tested armors at the disposal of something other than the belicous enterprises, a joint was formed, in no better facade as a school on its own: The AXIS Military Academy is like a school grounds for combatants, tacticians and fellows from other areas of human knowledge of greatest need in the likes of an upcoming catastrophe (such as healing, surviving, leading and fixing - to illustrate it better, it was officially formed around the turn of the millennium, and they're constantly warned about the changes in the world, politically and geographically).

The Omega armor, however, was made during a late time (late 2008), where the political struggle was already concentrated in hands of few elites, from corporates of war to de facto politicians. It ending up in the hands of autonomous groups was far from expected, but did happen becaues of previous strategy and the direct actions of Paynal. The identity of the Final Fire is debatable, since military training and weapons in the autonomous zone tends to be organized in secrecy and often in group practices. Since the "diplomats" of the tribes (understood as leaders by outsiders, but actually non-hierarchical individuals who ring forth horizontal relations with the whole of the working society of their fields and occupations) were already in means of seclusion and pacification (as per invitation of international civillians in order to "spread the word" and adopt their "lifestyle" and knowledge in order to spread chains of relations independent of the system) policy as their way of activism, Lanzo came from a generation which was young when participating in the original campaigns of independence. A generation which had tasted violence and war briefly, but were marked by it in their early history, and carried a resolve.
He and he alone became the user of it, since the armor symbiosis has a dependance effect. That was of course decided in a conference with the present workers.
Of course the occupations weren't perfect: people escaping, infiltrating or defecting to organized Left (whose goal is live off of the elections and seats, a morbid sucker of resources) which tuns blind eye to its own incumbent need to hunt the people who they considered as them at once.
But now after those events, there were more occupations across Mexican borders and more throughout the continent, even in the world.
It was only through that "network" that Lanzo could rally forces to identify pirates, slave routes, and bring those down. The shake of the underground illicit activities resounded in a boost of civil demonstrations, but these never reached its full potential, for they were often dated activities and easily co-opted by representative political agendas. With the Omega armor, a symbol of the individual against the whole, he'd live the revolution. A new era of assassins of kings and presidents, re-sounding in corporates and ministers, would begin, and this network or intelligence would take hold of the structures left behind by the mobs, piracy and slavery operations, only that now that intel served for insurrectionary purposes.

This action brought forth intervention from AXIS Military Institute:
At a time, agents Ypsilon, Lambda and Xi would infiltrate in the main facilities of the occupation and get close to their livings. They intended to rescue the soldier Marvin, bearer of the Alpha armor who was kidnapped and served as the informant on the limitations and specs of the armor now in possession of  the insurrectionaries. He tried not to collaborate, but he was useless to resist, for the powers of the Omega suit were too great to ignore, as it was kept as a secret from Axis students from the very beginning.
In such a mission, Lanzo saw opportunnity to claim the powers and abilities of the other armors himself. But as stated before, the symbiotic suit tends to mediate its pace with the user, and the stronger relation and bond, through constant usage, greater the dependance of using it. While absorbing Xi's power of telepathy, Lanzo wasn't ready for the flow of informations around him, and he collapsed. Awaken once again, he had now such ability, and would develop it regardlessly of the oucome. But even the most keen intellect may find untrust in people most dear, in cells of resistance that even though instill the feeling of mutual aid, harbour dangerous intent and promotes psychological dependance in its refined discourse and propagandism.

Once Marvin was rescued, the Axis military unofficially issued a truce, retreating, preventing that even more information could leak to the occupiers which now had their greatest weapon as of yet.
Lanzo's living was situated in a drug-free place, but since his powers outdone his reliability on his physical abilities, he started using illicit drugs to numb its effects. Respecting the population and the territory, he used that such medicine only when out of the grounds he was raised. Out from the grounds he protected - a land he comes to see less and less starting from 2009. As an international agent of his own concept of anarchy and self-sustainable communities, he has to make difficult decisions, and would often come to fight members of the Axis' elite alphabet series' soldiers, even after the Alpha incident. He wasn't known by the Axis members, for he, a poor from southern Mexico, was arguably invisible to the standard Axis student living in its secured "school-grounds" in France. But he used this invisibility as his own strategy:

As an autonomous and anonymous agent in the likes of the original Anarchists and their schism from the International, the Omega suit's beare purpose was to strike where it mattered most and was most denied by its counter-factions (which usually are painted as parties of the worker cause). As people's lives were lacking their characteristic autonomy or responsibility of their acts, now relying on transactions of their own work force in exchange for things they didn't need, to reach the things they need most, it became clear that the "working for survival" ethos not only settled people's lives in routines - there was no time for insurrection, to break free from this cycle. People no longer believed in the promises for next generation because they couldn't see it - the world was dying in front of their eyes
As such, this autonomous individual was the main perpetrator of the insurrectionary acts: sustained by theft, by dumpster-diving and by itself, it was the one to start riots, to spread tactics and re-build the scenery which favoured insurrection. It was clear: it was a criminal

"The category of crime holds everything that exceeds the limits of a society—its worst and its best. Every system is haunted by all that it cannot incorporate or control. Every order contains the seeds of its own destruction."

But there was no denial: it was supposed to be the last one needed, for it was all the system feared:
un-reachable, unidentified, invisible - as all the ones which had freedom attained, be it from the denial of society, and the eventual struggle for survival. As usually, freedom was as well recepted with the elements of denial: hunger and misery, as well as poverty.
Society was sick to claim "freedom" as the irresponsibility of their actions in society - for they weren't the actual actors of their own deeds!

As such, to seek for freedom, one would cleanse all the things which made mind feeble, the bodies weak. Cleanse with fire, cutting connections and parting ways from electoral parties and from the need of symbolic dominance. The fire reveals the scum from the ashes. The "invisible technology" of dominance could be seen from its spread: politics no longer could be discerned from the products one consume, from the media that brainwashes them
To stop it, one should have it clear in mind:

Every order is founded on a crime against the preceding order—the crime that dissolved it.

"Afterwards, the new order comes to be perceived as legitimate, as people begin to take it for granted. The founding crime of the society to come, if we manage to survive this one, will do away with the laws and institutions of today. Nothing lasts forever; that goes for empires and civilizations too. But what could supersede this one? Can we imagine an order not premised on the division of life into legitimate and illegitimate, legality and criminality, rulers and ruled? What could be the last crime?"

If the last crime was a social act, OMEGA would be the last criminal, not a martyr for he didn't intend to die and leave the world: he was to build the world after its "cleansing". Build relations, not jails; make grow edible food, not poison in the fields. One to claim responsibility for its acts, no matter how "illegitimate" as it was.

*- Even though having its own cast of characters, the events from the APKALLU Mythos affects them directly. This focus on the relations between the teenagers and young adults who wears the armors to hunt "demons", the other on a pre-teen who himself is arguably "half-demon".
Lanzo's story, however, has a greater role in the Apkallu mythos, as he's a recurring support character in the Triton's fights against a common enemy: The State.
There are two distinct incarnations of the character and his suit in old outdated sketches of my authority.

I therefore should credit Crimethinc's "To Change Everything", an inspiring yet not practical enough Anarchist pamphlet, which makes politics easy and acessible. I can't blame them for lacking "practical material" as that should come from ourselves and the interested ones, not by formulas. So, call them "life-style anarchists" or what, they're doing their part and probably your locals are too, informing people is the slightiest and tiniest piece of the process. More than supporting "scenes", one should start supporting actual people. Some quotes from the pamphlet are inside the "path of final fire" section, as it is more than compatible with the story.

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