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Nina Roux - Agent YPSILON

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: Nina Roux
Birthdate: 6/Sep/1991, Strasbourg, France
Admission in AXIS: Member since January 2009, became Agent Ypsilon in February 2009. In March, was assigned to a "Magister" Team Leader post.
    Workaholic and dedicated Alpha Omega agent, became a member of the squad and then team leader in record time. She entered in assignment for the starting 2009 trainees, at time the institute itself was full of doubts, and with irony, they housed then one of their greatest promises. Very responsible and dedicated, it was a mixture of less planning and scheduling and more doing, keeping up a backbone and meeting whoever is there to help doing the work which brought Nina one step ahead. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but all the support she found so early in the institute served to "lift off" her potential. Of course it was not all easy done as it's said.
    Hobbies, Affinities, Lifestyle: Reading, modern literature, the classics, Allan Poe, novels and such. Independent music. Art galleries. Enjoying a cup of tea is priceless. Sometimes play a sport. Those you can do alone. Bike or rollerblades. Dance, but party only when "you feel you deserve it", after long work. She's grown to rely on herself, but will easily attach to those who show some kind of care. Likes it more presences, but still cherish gifts. Uneasy with ceremonies.

    Soon as she entered in the institute, she was still working on how to lead her own place without a trio (normally the first exercises teams you up with more two student-soldiers). Managing to get in the first trials by herself, she was placed in a vacant post: that happenned to be Anna's (LAMBDA) and Samantha's (a regular agent) room. Her calm and tranquil demeanor (by the outside at least) attracted Anna, who surely needed time to open up (even more after returning from a near death situation in Sakurajima, Japan), and Nina formed a strong bond very suddenly. Soon enough even their other roommate would get to forgive Ann's meanness of lately. Even more when she became Ypsilon, it was clear to her who Lambda was, so it was a secret they shared. She came to know each and every agent from the main squad, even if from stories the others would gladly introduce her to. Drake (EPSILON) soon enough noted her popularity, and was less than impressed with her deeds, despite its historical importance. Ben (ZETA) would gladly put it into test, and as soon as he did, he meant no offense. She earned it. Words that re-sounded with Drake and affected more some feeling of jealousy. When approached by other team leaders other than Ben, like Lana (NI), there was a feeling of mutual respect, with less words than often. The magisters were having a hard time, some replying the deeds of Instructors double or three times their age. Nina represented new airs into the institute. But not anything new was good at all for Dalal (TAU) who'd hear many times of her, in the fencing club or in the women's caucus. A sparing contestant in trainning, Dalal began to falter, not to Nina, but perhaps to her own. They became rivals of sorts. That showed Marco (PI) a great expectation towards the newcomer agent, who'd readily take her under his wing. This also affected greatly Drake, who used to be Pi's pupil until forming Earthhock Squad with Phi, until the latter's disappearance, leaving his teammate Melissa (KAPPA) under the Biologist Instructor and him with the less than desirable undecisive, famed milquetoast instructor Gilles. It all fell down to Drake, and the vengeful man had planned boycotts to the newcomer. Put that plus Nina's main source of relying being on Anna's views, she too has had past with some people and held one too many grudges, Nina was already sheltered by those who would cherish for her. On top of all that, Marvin (ALPHA) played some role, being his rescue from 'terrorists' a mission that lifted Nina to the post she was assigned to. He could never express sincere thanks. Maybe he lacked that. Or he didn't care, or he cared, and that was strange for him. Tahira (PSI) has taken Dalal's side, and whilst she was positively impressed with Nina, Dalal noted Tahira felt some kind of ressentment over her own decreasing scores and Nina's record ones. She became too busy and no matter how Nina did as well, she shrunk her responsibilities to the only most important missions.
    All that building up around some unrequested fame, she came to other missions, finally working with Melissa as she'd come to try to rebuild her former top scores. They'd regret not to have worked before, only by some erroneous "grouping" logic that have arguably turned AXIS less the institute it promoted to be and more an outdated type of education. Time would come for her to fill the leader role once more, even outdoing Anna in that. The more missions done, however, the more Nina gives to her curiosity, as she decides it to investigations, learning that Lana Bridges is the adoptive daughter of ABEL's CEO, Joseph Bridges, who was an important figure in the 70's-80's military conflicts of the US against Tahuantinsuyu. That leads to some material, while she lacks it to find major relevant information about the Academy's director, Ephraim Frére, whose past shows him he's some kind of a vicar, but without major degrees or even military, engineering or management skills which could make of him a fit director. Despite that, Frére keeps a watchful eye over her and publicly regards her as AXIS' best student, something even she disagrees to. Her close friendship with Ann, however, leaves her more needing of her friend as time passes, and she develops another sort of feelings for her, feelings which she don't know how or don't want to expose, because of her uncertainties, her fear of failing, but that just aggravates as time goes on. She's a cool, kind, understating and smart person who tries to be happy, however she's sometimes shy and gets embarassed easily, what ends up frustrating herself sometimes.


Nina Roux was born the daughter of Lucien & Élise Roux. Since she was nine years old, her father has left his previous job as a doctor of a pharmaceutics corporation, and has been involved with "some criminal network", which her mother believed to be related to international drug dealing (because she's found some military equipment and weapons among his stuff), what has led to several fights and tension among the family until 2002, when Lucien got away with no further explanation, simply leaving both behind. About two years later, Nina's mother was killed, leaving her in depression and a deep angst, as she has moved to live with her closest relatives, her aunt and uncle from her mother's part of the family, that didn't treat her very well anyway, exposing the prejudice and jealousy they harbored for her parents, and besides fighting, sometimes threatening to leave her in an orphanage - even though she was already 13 years old, and she'd look forward to live independently from them since then. Part-time jobs were surely the way to go, and she'd save more than often. It was when she was to search for a college when she was invited to AXIS. It seemed pretty much a play, but otherwise, it was still in France, so was worth a visit. It needed no visit tour, as all that infra-structure and all free wasn't something to turn down for her. You know the rest, she passed the first trials easily, without bothering to team up with anyone, realizing she should too late, only to be placed in with some veterans herself. Then you know what followed.

Manufacturer: Ülhaden Corp.
Novo Brdo Facility,
Pristina, Kosovo (whilst under UN troops occupation), unveiled in 2002
Power: Regeneration
Through synaptic systems, synthetic cells replies damaged tissue. To a symbiotic relation, becomes an exo-skeleton with healing properties. Theoretically, the more it is used, the softier and more resistant it becomes, as well as one could believe its rate to be virtually instantly, meaning the agent will suffer no pain inflicted. The fibers on the wings are as much related to the symbiotic relations that they serve as "extra limbs", controlled by the nerves themselves, and will follow the best pattern and speed by direct commands, but work in auto or involuntary movement when in high speed. The armor creates blades from the wrists and has two balanced laser compressed beam striker guns. The saber is as well able to cut through a reverse process of Ypsilon's very own tissue, practically burning from the inside anything that is organic.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Sky Team: A personally summoned team formed by her, Zeta and Pi. AXIS' very own reputed "dream team", that has accumulated some often cerimonial duty to guard the skies of the main facility during night. Much more propaganda to Marco's own agenda, but they did fight one or two vampires all this time.
    Leader of the Wasp Strike Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Ypsilon, Alpha and Delta. From a trainning team with a bit lack of team mesh but finds the means to work well in a highly dangerous mission in September 2009, on Tahuantisuyu. Alpha and Delta keeps a rivalry but Ypsilon puts them in place, to which at least Alpha will follow, leaving Delta to fit as necessary.
    Participated in a particular mission to retrieve GAMMA and OMEGA, and ended up having to rescue captive AXIS Agent, Marvin Chad (Alpha) himself.
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