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Nick McKinley - Agent MI

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: Nicholas McKinley
Birthdate: 28/Jun/1991, San Diego, California, USA
Admission in AXIS: Member since February 2009, became Agent Mi in April 2009.
    Latecomer transfer student, reckless member of the Alpha Omega, the last to join. A fraudulent soldier, with shallow polemic opinions in comfortable positions under and in favor of the status-quo, this somewhat childish bully is easy to argue, hard to discuss, easy to ignore, hard to forgive. Making room for offense in spoken word, trying to take and win as many fights he can, he comes to light only in stupid quarrels, one would think he's got to learn in the hard way - only that he'll never learn! Stayed away from history books since primary school, now feels like a bastion of western civilization just by wearing an armor. Contending for "individual liberties", as long as he has a gun, lashing out for a life marked with no offense - except some invisible menace around his tiny mind. He'd be a dummy, since all that really matters is being something there to pull the trigger. To cause lightning to strike from the armor. Because if there is anything else, it is useless. Secondary. He'd like it when people cower before anger. Hate. But it isn't even anger, hatred, and even less than a tantrum. This is the hipocrisy behind it all. People back the bastard and he will never know. He has moments of ease but won't remind himself that. As good as a placebo. That said, all would be alright if the brat came "just" out of anywhere. People earning Alpha Omega armors through treatises of their families and administrator staffs? That happens. But this guy... was trusted to fight demons... by United Nation's personnel. That's where it hurts.

    In particular, people couldn't care less about a newbie, even more a latecomer. But this one has some privilege, being put out of nowhere by United Nations' Intelligence, backed by INTERPOL when word reaches about demons working in what media calls "terrorist organizations". Not only UN interfered in matters it had no exposure to, it was a personal choice, a chosen one of their staff. This complicates a bit, since Nick has even no background fit for AXIS. He grown weary, acting even lazy to veteran members, but sticky to the staff. Once they realized in field he was not ordinary (he was granted physical mutation - to turn part of his in metallic fibers), he tried to make something out of it - instead of being known as someone strong or built-up, his fame was that of a freak. He'd burn it out. It had to be this way or not - so often he'd end up a loner. His roommates Kenan and Jhonny (both regular series soldiers) complain about both his poor eating habits and the dirt he leaves behind - too much for individual liberties, huh - and his bitterness when a girl turns him down (which is like, always). But not all is lost. When becoming an Alpha Omega, he means it it's time for the spotlight. Only that his armor was believed to be a flop some years before, and was kept in maintenance. Everyone got the feeling that something may turn out bad out of it - he seems to be the only one who doesn't have a clue. Drake (EPSILON) was known to have had past generation's relatives who did use it, so Nick earns some kind of indirect enmity. Drake believes it to be AXIS and less trained agents to have probably turned the armor hard to control. And Nick, according to him, would just be the newest incarnation of such lack of responsibility. He sees similarities with his own views and agendas with Vito (SIGMA), but this somewhat estranged veteran considers him a simpleton pleb. Nick is known to recur to formalities and cerimonies when opportune to his favor, and will try to stick with respected member Ben (ZETA), who has nothing to do with someone else's fanboy-ism. To make up a good rep, he tried to make friends with Klaus (DELTA), but that's quite the contrary of it - somewhat the misfits' corner, Klaus and Jack (CHI) not only are hard to be approached, they are hard to keep up. They are known to be cruel, and the only missions Nick done with them were trainning ones. He looks forward to work with them in the future. He's often an echo of the groups he's into, with particular difficulty to think for himself, often reproducing what others say.

    His family is middle class and has nothing to do with it. Attending a student exchange program when he was 17, his parents believed it would help him to find any kind of "vocation", and he'd be stranded in Australia, surrounded by people from around the world in different backgrounds - some of which thought to know english language but weren't really used to it. He'd spend the time off with people his parents assigned to him by distance. Like on some christian camps at the weekends. In the wrong time and wrong place, UN troops, or rather personal bodyguards and mercenary troops paid off by an UN staff member - passed around the hill they were camping, in search of a demon, the Minotaur. The minotaur broke their transport, and heavy artillery scattered across the jungle. Nick didn't found it, instead some abusive kids. But they were just playing it, trying to cower their campmates with the guns. They lacked the guts. Nick took the guns and did it. Lashed out of his comfy life, and shot the lazy bully kids. Headshot straight out of the shooting games. Turned out the squad would turn to the noise and find it. Instead of reprimanding, shooting, putting fire, disappearing with or requesting anything from the kid, they took him in - he was too old for camping anyway - on a price: find the Minotaur himself. He did some days after the event with ordinary military gear (he'd readily joined the army if he built himself up - but he preferred troll on internet comments all day long and spend the night and morning playing shooter MMOs), only to be smashed, in crude, by his enemy's hammer. While the squad would turn back on the remains of the young, their leader and some of them realized it would be better to keep him: for they have lost like a dozen of corps in the last week, having more lapdogs would be economically more viable. As so, with exchange of his soul (figuratively, of course) - he'd be more a cyborg which become less sentient the more he uses his metallic powers, leaving his nerves to be controlled by some kind of magnetism, having his magnetic aura as a remote control controlled by external influence rather than by its own - leaving everything he sees to be computed to a database anywhere else), he became part of the MOLOCHIAN Squad, at time in service of UN's Security Office Chairman, collaborator of the INTERPOL, General Wagner Kantz. All about the ramble in the camp, as well as his health treatment for broken legs and such, and his sudden quits of the course were explained to his family, which gladily received him (and a fee) with open arms. After some months endlessly being defeated by the minotaur and his goons, he'd be directed to AXIS - so he could defeat the Minotaur with a team of his own, forcing AXIS to put in use all of the available gear. Did he defeat the Minotaur? No. But he joined gangs and covered pretty much his moves, which could culminate to his eventual prison. He was consequentially beaten and defeated by Minotaur's bodyguard, the Triton. His mission was covert and his life, meaningless. He'd have as his goal fight the Triton over and over for the sake of it.

: MI
Manufacturer: Ülhaden Corp.
Essen Facility,
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, produced in 1991 as "Project Teutonic Ritter"
Power: Weather Control
It absorbs informations around humidity, aridity, temperature, moisture and wind, and generates on its own an electromagnetic shield, which can be used differently to cast rain or deprive a place of it. A common usage is to accumulate clouds around, hide in the mists, and cast thunder. The color of the main coat will reveal which "mode" it is assigned to, and the "plumes" will be the visible way to tell how much energy it has stored from the outside. The cape is just design exravaganza. The sword and the plume have a relation between them and the sword will only light up when the suit has acquired a certain quantity of energy. Accidents with the suit were registered before, but given Nick's Molochian power of shielding himself with metalic fibers, one believes he'll not burn inside the suit, and may even recharge it by its own, making it self-sufficient. This, however, is not known to the public and is only informed to the staff. His "freak" reputation is more concerned to his superhuman capabiliy of doing exercises and breaking walls, with no apparent muscle. Scientifically, it could be explained, but it is always a surprise when you see it live.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Ghost Team: An unnofficial training team formed by him, Chi and Delta. These other two were often paired with Agent Digamma, but each of them used their crude and brutal ways better alone. Since the human and teamwork factor didn't work with Nick, he was thrown away to be trained by those. While his wits couldn't outsmart them, he'd use sheer power. Since then, they employed him on teams - some kilometers away, hoping to use where property damaged was expected to happen.
    Cadet of the Swallow Infantry Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Zeta, Eta and Mi, which particularly work close with UN and NATO personnel, acting more as bodyguards to subs, aircraft and helis in general of naval bases across the Mediterranean and North Atlantic. Mi uses his power to keep skies clean...
    Participated in many missions in Mediterranean, since he was both expected and destined to fight a Minotaur which kept underground activities which spanned from the Mediterranean to Oceania. There he found sponsors, American war enterpreneurs and mafiosi betting on political unrest on the country of Minoica, through chauvinistic far-right parties. When it was proven he collaborated with them, he was kept as a prisoner in an AXIS facility in Sardenia, until his mentor, General Kantz, personally employed him, put in service by german warmonger Jorgen Zimm, to fight against his nemesis, the Triton.
    Despite the mission being a failure, they managed to put some use to Nick's arrogance and it paved way for deeper cooperations between AXIS and UN.
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