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Necoc Yaotl (lit. nahuatl. "Enemy of Both Sides") refers to a specific mo(ve)ment, tactic, and habitual political expression amidst the time between the implementation of the Inquisitionary Offices put in service by the Holy Roman Empire, as a form of resistance and counter-attack measure.
Necoc Yaotl concerns autonomous groups of ephemeral joints which employ severe actions in conflict with security, or causing stealthy attacks at pivotal centres - from roads to factories. Anarchist in nature, equated to terrorism, and ellusive in it's conception, the group has been noted as possessing top-notch equipment, which makes them differing greatly to other groups. Their possessions, in decurrence of their informality, mades a big deal of smokescreen situations for security services to handle their spread. Their engagement made it being treated as a phenomenon rather than a group or a collective of groups - with no membership or office, they're highly informal, so the people here are just a cell - part of a greater one, maybe.

            DAZBOG    |    MELISSA    |    GUSTAVOS

    Despite the looks, it's not easy to engage and fight for whatever cause, no matter how much it touches one personally, or how it materializes on a daily basis. From schedules to lifestyles, several concessions are made for the cell to act - the time is of great concern: Leaving the adoption of the Inquisition means letting the enemy declare victories over thousands of people, and endanger much more to oblivion - dictating ways to act, what to do, how to think.
Even in such small portion - three members - too much story has been outgoing between, in too short a time. Each have his or her 'reason', but ties in together to fight a common enemy. It's better they learn how to act, or the entire operation may not suceed. Leaving origins or past experiences behind, their focus lies rather on the here and now, and the unescapable need of offering solidarity to the resistance - joining the frontlines or keeping score.

All the laughter, the good time covered up all of your crimes
All the darkness, all the pain, was it really all in vain?
Now tell me who you are...

    For starters, Bartolomej (Dazbog) is a pyrotechnician from the Baltic Countries who enlisted in Yugoslav militias, betrayed his liege, resorted to gangly life-styles in Dalmacia, moved to Czechoslovakia, betrayed another bunch and took refuge in Russia, all the while mining UN's progress, causing arsons and homicides. His role as "Dazbog", however, has been a thing for over half a decade before current events, where he became pivotal in assisting smaller autoctonous religious groups of native faith to assemble from the fringe into the high stinkin cities. Some believe in his change of heart, but it's undeniable he's had good sides and just bad habits which made he survive longer than his enemies would desire. Now a 23 year old man on the run, he resort to armed campaigns and once again to fighting in fronts located on open fields and forest cabins to assure his safety. Some thousand people in distinct villages and occupations help him and he's got easy ways to get a ride when situation requires, with some good variety of languages, hitchhiking is his forte.

    Melissa has been grown in a moderately privileged household, with both parents too busy in academical stuff, all the while keeping score of her distinctive grades, with no time for truanting, but when she did, she had how to cover it up in regular exercise schedules. Raised in Melbourne, she followed a mixture of scientifical career and brief military service until joining AXIS and earning an Alpha Omega suit as joining a special squad tutored by a highly respected scientist and overall famous science teacher, who gives TED talks and stuff. Not small feat, huh. Only that in the last years she discovered some pretty bad repute under the roofs of the institute, everafter her mentor went astray from the records. It closed, many students were killed, and escapees were sent to deadly missions they were never meant to return from, as it became less the Academy and more the deadly war game. This was the beginning of a spiralling down event which made she be sure she was, at best, in the 'wrong side'. As the world wasn't so black and white, she made it into the Necoc Yaotl by, as to say, survival, and to keep track of her own investigations, in a dim hope of making some justice out of the blue. Before she throws the towel, she means to use her speedster suit Kappa for something good. I mean, something which benefit someone who need it most, rather than imprinting a bloodstain on her curriculum.

    And the young man here is Goustavos, "Gus" for short, a minoican (greek) high schooler. The staff in his hand is the other half he uses to do his "magic", converting him into the Triton. A fantastic being, you know, who haunted the fishermen from the most humble to the syndicate boss. A piece in the killing spree self-powered machine which settled thought to be safe spots of trading and fishing overseas to return back to coast, a scourge of humanity, yet, one which hindered a strange phenomena of de-urbanization - taking whatever scope that fits, he's hated by most, but praised as a force of nature by some. Of course summing up all that's happenned in the last three years on his account is an exaggeration, he's had help to run from entire fleets and sink entire generations of the best infantries around the world. As a human he doesn't show anything else, but he sticks to these other two because they're just about the few he trusts. And trust is all they need right now.

A neo-pagan reconstructionist, two atheists; a distinctive high-society girl (who tries to cover that up), two men ranging from middle class (no different than working class) to poverty (unemployed in mid-20s); an 'omnivore' and two vegans, are just about the few points or habits they face with distinction while altogether, things so important to one another, which became just "details" in their surviving routine, conceding to one another a way to ease the personal burden. The pressing concern is: recently Melissa has been outgoing in covert operations as a double-agent. Despite she being discovered, she made it out with valuable information. Their effort against the Holy Roman Empire wasn't for nothing. Despite not all of the enemy side to be wanting it, the 'big boss' behind it, the Pope Leo XIV, has received support to craft a superweapon ready to destroy the planet - or else the nations which doesn't submit to his supporter, leaving a dead land behind it's wake of destruction. A neo-colonial exaggeration in all it's alien absurdity, a national suprematism from the future. To that, they must gather all they have now and heed for advancing in what might be their last battle, now or never, for all or for nothing.
What will they do after such menace, if there's any possibility of getting past on that?

Each surely have unfinished business: Dazbog in Russia, Melissa in the Pacific, and Gus in what's to become of the Mediterranean.
However, they know more or less all of these joints points to common enemies still dormant, watching their every move, mining their intent, dictating their public perception. In the worldwide veil, they better be sure they don't lose touch and act just in the local - they must act and think globally, and by the way, damn the long term. When it's here and now, past, present and future flow as one. It's a thing of the world, to sum up bad things, waste good ones.
The severe mark they live is a deep bond, yet most would want to snap out of it, one wants to provoke it further - at least until Civilization itself collapse....
May the feats of the empires be forgotten, may the ghosts of the past mingle with the dim promises of an unexistent future.
Freedom prevail, the individuum is respected, and the ethea, considered.

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