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Modern Mythology

I went back from my long run of unfinished sketchy digital paintings featuring old stories to the current and the most huge and complex on-going story (n)ever done (always un-finished) in my life, the APKALLU MYTHOS! That deserve a cleaner version, of course!

So these are the maing characters from the first cycle as you might have seen around in my gallery.
Minotaur Miredrinn is one of the three last Minotaurs from the planet of Tredius.
He inherited an extensive amount of treasure, but his inhumanity won't let he use that in the modern society.
His parents had a deal with the powerful humans to let them live, but they're long dead and he's been target of some rivals, people from mafia, priests, bounty hunters and scum in general. His ancestors' money has been made through slavry and exploitation as originally they had the guts to travel and manage humans and workforce overall across the globe, instead of humans themselves as is told in stupid history books.

Triton Gustávos is actually a human who can access this inhuman form through symbiosis with the kratozoa of a former Triton himself.
His main goal concern (or concerned, as his humour changes his mind more than he'd like to admit) protecting the environment and causing economical collapse so people can turn to a decrease (of population and indstry), making able a life of eternal exchange, travel, nomadism, learning and finally sociabilizing (which doesn't happen at all in the so-called era of [des]information). He's also directed against whaling and food industry in general for the already said causes.

They joining each other comes out of necessity:
While the Minotaur is no slaver at all (or is an unemployed one), he's all too used to the black market running behind the happy face that UN sell of its countries.
His knowledge is used in favor of the Triton, who begins to develop political inclinations for radicalized Anarchism and then joining so-called "terrorism" by himself.
He seeks autonomy and sovereignity of the autoctonous cultures and peoples (from indigenous fighting for their rightful lands in the Americas, Militants dubbed as "Separatists" in Eastern Europe or resistance armed forces in the Middle-East with obvious "nebulous schemes", also with aboriginal cultures across the Islands of the Pacific or deep in Africa, concerning to give them some living "opportunity" instead of hunting endangered species and selling them in black markets).
They both are survivalists in a human world and they discover that even so they have inhumans as enemies, since humanity alone is pathetic and weak, but it has been sucking on the tits of some more powerful structure which was founded way back by other species, in other planets and contexts.

Despite being born and being naturally an inhuman, the Minotaur would be seen in a generally better and positive light, he's charismatic and has a warm and receptive personality. The human life of the Triton is random and usual, perhaps because of that and once being full of the overall modern stupidity, he's sarcastic, cold-blooded, but deep down (so deep no one would notice) is a loving teenager who's just too anxious for the future and too fond of the past. Too clouded for the present.
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