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Minoan Heroes

This is a re-imagining of characters from my childhood, some eleven years ago. They were somewhat adaptations of Minoan motifs and stories to some fantasy and sci-fi reality, putting into work time-travelling and all.
These are some of the Tinteno-Critikazoikans and their Gods. These peoples' main story revolves around the catastrophe which cut short their civilization, giving birth to the many stories of Atlantis. Of course, even though there were survivors, few of them kept their identites, and only a few times from now they showed interest in re-building the memory of their ancestors. These shown here are some of those interested, in the present and future.

The Characters:
  1. Aplô, on the center, is the heir of Aplôrak's Dracma of powers, granting enhanced senses, agility, speed, strength, and possibility to breathe underwater. He's armed with the Sea Dragon bracelet, a gift from the gods, which makes possible the creation of all imanginary melee weapons and shields. And no wonder he chooses to use the sacred labrys, in his reverence for his forgotten ancestors to which modern culture is skeptical of even existing.
  2. On his side there's his future self, Apôlôrak X, who's a cyborg from the Onyx's world or continuity. He's linked to his past self through the very same bracelet, and he uses it with some creativity, as a longbow to replace his firing arm. His likes and personality is almost evn the same as in his past self.
  3. Beside him there's his brother-in-arms "Minotaurus X", or codename Strife, a heroic cyborg (who's more inorganic at this rate) who fought bravely over decades and came face to face with the most dangerous spirits and cyborgs. He was the one TC Tech sent to look after their missing gods. While at first he didn't succeed, it was in a battle against their Nemesis that they've came to him in person.
  4. His present-self is a Minotaur himself, sent from the past to contact Aplô and give him the bracelet. Breaking free from the prison he was kept by the tyrannical cyborg god Zon, he contacts his future self through the mask he uses. He's visibly scorned in a humanist world, and his appetite for human flesh is seen as something evil, but not to his fellow TCs of course (and by other cultures where human sacrifice still happen).
  5. The colorful figures are their profoundly mysterious gods. The Shark God Critikas is a spirit with powers over water and over the depths. He created the sea creatures and planned the humans to be covered in fish scales, having glowing red eyes and being primarily blue. Things didn't turn that way, but he still had hopes of someday seeing people leaving the surface for the seas. He's playful, despite his always serious tone. He came to the Juventist Apollo and saved his fleet from drowning on the migration to the archipelago where the Tinteno-Criticazoikans lived. 
  6. The Flaming God Tintaeus on the other hand is very dry and has a more sharp mind, being a great strategist. His powers are based rather on the properties of fire than on the fire itself, having limited powers over the plasma and air. He's bright and calm, despite being a strong spokeperson. He saved Apollo's Uncle, Omhpio, as his fleet was extinguihed by storm on the Sea. He let them rally the armies of the Minotaurs against Apollo's armies because he's also a god of deceit (playing pranks and all). He's accompanied by deceitful and joking spirits (not shown in the image).

The Tinteno-Criticazoikan People
Named after the Flaming God Tintaeus (or Τινταιος - Tintaios) and of the Shark God Critikas (Κριτικας), guardians and envisioners of a culture which flourished in some Mediterranean Archipelago. They used to be warring chastes, split into worshippers of fire and water, as following Aquaten leaders (Apollo the Juventist and his uncle Omhpio). That until the people from beneath and Aplôrak, on their ascension, joined them and made peace between their gods, claiming autonomy and independence from the Aquatens and their invasive democracies. They used to be known as fair and just people, but were soon ignored or forgotten by the complexity of their deeds, craft and arcane knowledge being unreleatable to foreigners. Those from other peoples who came to the islands barely left it to tell stories.
They used to inhabit the islands as assisted by those from beneath, underwater peoples (who in the war sided with Critikazoikans), and from Minotaurs (who sided with Tintenoikans). Those giants used to be anthropophagous, rendering a bad view on the culture as a whole, and keeping from a globalized society to take place on such fruitful realm. Rivals to Tintaeus and Critikas were jealous of such culture, and began spreading bad word, mistranslating their reclusiveness in arrogance, their knowledge in mystical charlatanism, their practices in blood-lust.
The Past
Gods such as the metallic Onyx and the fiery Spiricto No Faia used to war between them for cultures such as the [Ancient Egyptian-inspired] Pepitans (where No Faia was worhipped and his messenger Lapolo had a seat) and [Ancient Roman inspired] Zonans (where Onyx's messenger Zøn had a seat, and the same gods as Aquatens' were worshipped), and for Planet Earth itself. They saw the joining of Tintaeus and Critikas as a possible common enemy, so they used forces of earth (earthquakes) and fire (volcano) to tomb down the Islands. Only one remained. The ancient peoples who were saved by the upcoming flood adapted to become sea-people themselves. People from the surface who were elsewhere survived as raiders and pirates, and had mixed with other peoples, giving birth to descendeants.

The Present
One of those is the man in the center. Not all was lost during the fall of the Islands, Aplôrak kept safe some dracmas of power for its heir to collect and use his powers, to avenge the Tinteno-Criticazoikans and join their people once more. Aplô was its heir. But it didn't end here. 
Aplôrak sacrificed himself to entomb Spiricto No Faia and his champion into the converging and extremely forbidden zone outside the galaxy.
That resolved peace between the Gods. 

The Future
But Onyx had a claim on the Earth, and without the spirit of fire, no one stopped him from letting the people overcome Indstrial Revolution on all its steps. That forced both Aquatens (now fully embracing the Juventist ideal and seeing themselves as such) and Tinteno-Criticazoikans (TC for short) into becoming cyborgs. War was about to end, so they sent the heir of the dracmas, Aplô, to become the latest and most enhaced cyborg. That, however, mad impossible for him to become an Aplôrak himself. As Apôlôrak X, his original mission was to defeat Zøn and to find the missing brother-in-arms Minotaurus X, the last Minotaur to become cyborg. He used to be the greatest power against the Juventists, but he's been missing since his fleet crashed in the forbidden zone. The defeat of Zøn and the return of the minotaur, however, only triggered a series of events which culminated in a far worse situation...

An Awakening, Evolutions and Lost Cities
Onyx revealed all his plans, even the failures on his schemes and blueprints, revealing the long forgotten past. That made possible the Juventist Cyborg of reaching Lapolo's tomb, and worse than awakening it, he multiplied his power and the effects of its virus upon his own people (save his daughter, who's in fact the last human to become cyborg and thus is the latest one about tech, removing every flaw from the others). It was up to Apôlorak X and the Minotaur defeating Lapolo and his followers. But Spiricto No Faia and Lapolo had b-plans. Once in the convergence zone, they made it to the past, to the moment when Aplo just inherited the dracmas of power. Through the Minotaur, Tintaeus and Critikas themselves finally came out from the shadows and contacted the Aplô of this "present" about the dangers he was to face. Now, armed with the Tinteno-Criticazoikan Sea Dragon Bracelet, he can contact his future self and vice-versa, for in the upcoming mission it needs both future and past become safe from the time-travelling menace. The Minotaur, too, through his mask, can contact his future self.

As the mission progresses, a new member join the X team in the future, having almost no memories from the past. In the present, however, the young Aplo, very proud of his people and really hopeful after seeing his gods and ancestors weren't lies, fathoms about the probability of going to the past and preventing the destruction of civilization from happening. However, the Minotaur has to remind that his mission isn't about the past, but it's about finding others like him, ancestors of these forgotten people. The nearest to it are some Apolókhen aboriginals, who might have rescued shipwrecked TCs after the great eruption and embraced them among their living. Aplô's father himself knows he has a connection to them and their shamanism...

Before, Aplô thought he was to inherit things from a forgotten past. Now, he's trusted with the future itself. Aplôrak puts his faith on him, telling that the sacrifice of million people couldn't be altered, so that Aplô may be born, and through him, their lives would have been worthy.
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