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Melissa Walker - Agent KAPPA

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: Melissa Walker
Birthdate: 21/May/1988, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2006, became Agent Kappa in May 2008.
    Playful and down-to-earth member of the Alpha Omega, she's got a good reputation and a lot to prove. Competitive but collected, always managing to keep her cool, she'd be ready for anything in leadership if she wasn't reckless sometimes, easy to exceed at some mission and put the operation at risk - just so she proves herself - but with time she's accepted her place. Her quick reflexes and wits are very known, but not managing her repute gave her some kind of authority, or status over others. Easy to be approached, actually kind and polite, she's often self-interested, and those who dare to spend time with her, she becomes quick to judge. On the outside, she's methodical, skeptical and favor scientifical informations.
    Famed to keep always it up with her schedule. Grown more "fitness addict" with the years. Her academical interests rely more on biology and innovations regarding it, the only thing she regret about it is that it approaches much like to her parents' discourse. Like her brother Lance, she may offend others without the intent to. Sometimes sarcastic, she's also considered arrogant by some, but deep down, she only mean to help - unconsciously, maybe, for those who earn it (her help) - for she's always looking for time, and will make choices before pretending to be helping everyone she can. Works well under pressure but is actually tired of many things, of which only few close people get to know of. She doesn't like to involve abstract and absolute ideas at play. She's an atheist.
    Hobbies, Interests, Affinnities: She takes somethings far too seriously. Her scheduled series of exercises became a paradigm for her, what began as a way to lash out, became a mild obsession, and after becoming agent, an obligation. She's always looking to get time to exercise with frequence, and will seek always manners to do it alterning with comfort and putting herself on test to break limits. She was, like her parents, a "flexitarian". She cut off meat since she was 12 y.o. Recently adopted Vegan diet and means it to stay it this way. Her brother gave up on his first weeks, and she wasn't surprised by it. But she's also got an ethical backbone, and she sees it important to research and put in practice such ethics regarding sentience (capability to feel). Despite all, she believes this "bounty-thing" to be just an excuse - her hunt for demons have contradictory implications, what good is that of caging and experimenting in sentient life, huh? - sticking to keeping it collected as to "first things thing first", discovering who or what are demons, what are their true intent (and historical background which may enlighten their very own social strata and authorities), and what manners they could exist without being a threat to humans (and animals of course!). Her musical preference? Anything like electronic, or drum and bass, generally some beat to make her keep running

's (OMEGA) Twin sister. Grown up in the same household, but got somewhat aloof to him in late years. Tired of competitions and comparisons between them, each other let them adapt freely to the outside. Knew Kai Taylor (RHO) at some point in late childhood, early teenage years (1999-2003, when they were around 11-15 y.o), and very often had to take him out of some mess. Got to learn to like rock concerts, and eventually throw it all away, doing nothing but keeping track of her brother's deeds. Despite growing aloof, she's got a sense of responsibility on him, since their support from parents was merely economical and through scheduled sermons about pedagogy. She made a difference (some say a positive one) in their lives, Kai coming to sense with his poor eating habits and lack of exercises and Lance with his eagerness to "show off" being toned down. Kai's got a crush on her, but she never responds to it, more than often putting him down. They broke contact abruptly, but both of them were used to it. Was indifferent to meet him back in AXIS, but Kai tries formally to impress her. Takes a lot to reach it, and she expects nothing much.
    Roommate with serial number regular members Nicole and Sabine, of whom she got to keep contact with all the wild rumors running around the "secret clubs". Skeptical of these rumors, she often laughs it off; playful, she helps the girls to come up with more creative rumors, as long as they don't get too offensive. Despite the secrecy vows, her ponytail is unmistakable, and she won't hide she is agent Kappa. This earns Marco (PI)'s enmity, since he's a very strict instructor, to rely with traditional standards of security. Drake (EPSILON) became a colleague she is more relateable to, with a distinct raising up and a background which keeps him with same intents for making something out of AXIS, and not let their stay be marked as if serving some ordinary military with "human livestock", both have a mind concerning collecting time for trainning, the difference that Drake plans his "nap time" previously, while Melissa plans to train the most she can. His competitiveness, however, leaves him not only arrogant and quick to judge, but sometimes foolish enough. She sees him as a colleague and sometimes pity it when he's easy to be angered, as he ends up demonstrating some kind of temper that will be judged as immature to most. She's not really optimistic towards her teammates, but tries to take it rationally, hanging in the balance people's "pros" and "cons". Sometimes it's the rational thing to do, but other, it's solely judgemental and unnecessary. A quick-thinker, she can't avoid to do it.
    Morgan (PHI) is like a mentor, and undoubtedly became a trainer for her team (Earthshock). He manages to make her keep track with her family, since he was known to them in the past. He puts faith on her potential and acts like a father figure. With time, however, she's grown aloof, certain she had it all already, requesting Morgan to look after her brother instead. She believes he has potential - just lacking a bit of self-confidence, sticking too much to what others see of him and his hobbies. She hates it when others put the same narrative against her - asshe realizes it's a selfish view, actually. Anna (LAMBDA) lost in a fare against her to earn the Kappa suit still in their first year. She kept it cool and made peace, but actually Ann still holds many grudges. Those which she can only know by third parties, and gossip. She's just learnt to ignore, after all, isn't the first and won't be the last time she's dubbed as "arrogant" just for having priorities on what to care, playing it cool and indifferent... She was positively impressed with newcomer Nina (YPSILON) and wish they could do more missions together. Lana (NI) keeps a good professional relation, among those which thinks Melissa would make a good "Magister", like her and later Nina would become. Not hard to give and request her advices. She's just worried about her health - if that worry is genuine or just misinformed bias, who can tell...

"The Walkers", her family, were approached by German Scientist Morgan Schneider still in their college years. Melissa and Lance were introduced by him, then and now still an an AXIS instructor, into the institute. Their mother is often too busy with academical teachings related to philosophy, technology and enterpreneurship, while their father is more busy with copyrights over his (and his team) own tech and research as with pursuing sponsors for it. Both of them are supporters of Trans-Humanism and are known to be "flexitarians". They support GMOs despite the social claims about it. Both siblings studied in the same places which their parents could afford, and developed similar views. However, whilst Melissa sought and conciliated her interests with her schedule and lifestyle, Lance more often gave up on his intents... since they were more her intents, with him sticking it just so she could have some support she wouldn't find on the more than desirable absent parents. She got to realize it, and didn't like too much this feeling of camaraderie. She hates to baby-sit others and tries to escape from all the blames of omission when she takes something serious. Not really familiarized with her own parents, she questions them since they seem to have it all in their mind, discourses and texts, but instead they are constantly taking extra-care before adopting (or even if they adopt) what they say or write to their lifestyle - on altruism, ethics, veganism, and so on. Even when they do by some time, she's felt a lot more of how hollow and easy such changes were, challenging her own merits about commitment.

Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Detroit Facility,
Michigan, USA, 1989
Power: Speed
Enhaces Speed of the subject to super-human levels, adopt Theta's prehensability and has basic gravitational engines to keep its boots in place, leaving the armor to adjust the balance in synch with the user. Has its own "acceleration mode", which warps time and space around to cover the user's capability of eyesight and projection of the area before and while running, to bether preview and then steer its course. It also prevents any material it is composed of from burning. While that leaves a milimetrical space for the enemies to attack, extra pocket weapons like a self-generated energy chain and a laser lasso are just quick responses of self-defense, also used to grapple into points and steer better the runner's course. To earn it, Melissa and the other competitors passed a series of physical tests, finals to which included running and hurdling over obstacles. A test she considered highly unnecessary was an amicable fare against the other competitor. She won with no regrets anyway...

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Earthshock Team: An team with exceedingl great ratio of completed missions AXIS is proud of, formed by her, instructor Phi and agent Epsilon. Excels at underground and surface combat. Widely known as a team whose members are not on their highest just because of their recklesness and will to prove themselves. Some consider this team to be the best one, which the authorities will actually dismiss...
    Cadet of the Hawk Shock Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Think of it as Earthshock without Phi, with Ni's telekinesis instead. Highly respected team, but at time, each and every grown more tired or questioning of their service.
    Participated in a particularly disastrous mission, in Tokyo, as a team was dispatched to retrieve Iota. An agent retired and escaped with his gear, while an Instructor himself died and the gear was salvaged by other party. To retireve one, they lost two, and valuable info which could be leaking from the rogue agent. Instructor Marco would be ready to blame such famed student...
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