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Marvin Chad - Agent ALPHA

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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: Marvin Gene Chad
Birthdate: 1/Apr/1986, New York City, USA
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2004, became Agent Alpha in July 2005.
    Sporting and collected Alpha Omega squad member. Driven by his tasks, some could mistake such trait for loyalty. Serious and realistic, he gets the guts and both an adventurous demeanor and naive curiosity to expand the roles he and his fellow agents are assigned to. This brings up some kind of self-confidence for the team, but he's never been an official leader himself. Likes to portray or express some courage, but he's got some difficulty to express such emotions naturally, these are more fit to the battlefield. And once hunting demons, courage gives it to sheer anger, as a response to the lack of background or explanation for the beasts they're facing. He's very serious about the payments, so would rather not pick the "bounty hunter matter" (an argument differentiating those who're there as sell-swords vs. those who have some loyalty to the institute or as far as to "humanity itself" against the demon-kin) some other agents like to discuss. As a veteran, in some three or four years of service, he's grown apart to his own classes, agents and former friends. Pretty much exhausted of AXIS' school facade, he's more often found at the battlegrounds or the training room.
    Hobbies, Affinities, Lifestyle: Enjoying some road, listening to music alone. Regularly on shooting classes, left the fencing club for his aggressive style was as good with any melee weapon as with a crowbar or pipe. Won't stand back from a fight and suppose no one should, often in the background of the bickering that happens around secret clubs and "initiation" for newbies.

    Entered in the Institute when it was passing some severe changes, changing its roster of Instructors and passing a time of mistrust. Along with Daniel (ETA), was introduced with Doug (OMICRON), all of which were never sure of what AXIS had to offer at first, taking its bait for they had nothing better left behind. Daniel and Doug were paired in the same room, much to Marvin's relief, since he didn't like to act as Dan's bodyguard or personal bully. That and he thought Doug wasn't only playing rough, he seriously had a backbone and deserved to be an Alpha-Omega. During this time an strange student, Dylan (DIGAMMA) suddenly enters and receive an alien-looking suit. The scenario was of growing mistrust and disbelief, and the student clubs, supposedly made to protect the identities of the Alpha Omega from one another, was more centered in political affinities and factions, betting on mission scores of the Alpha-Omega themselves, becoming more an anthrum of corruption, gambling, and a secondary power from AXIS' own staff. With the coming of Dylan, however, his hooligan demeanor put them in place, and despite hacks of security did happen, they often ridiculed and exposed such students, and stained the secret clubs' trust. It even went as far a year later, as Jack (CHI), at time both a latecomer (supposedly older than them by one year) and already an Alpha Omega, just like Dylan, got to make these clubs even less secret and started spreading unfounded rumours, which only kept deranging the quality of soldiers in service to some schoolie, college facade. Instructor Marco (PI), assigned as Jack's coach, had planned all of that, and he did invite Marvin (who at time would stick with Jack and Daniel) to act in service for AXIS, sowing some discord among the student corpus so the rectory, and only that, got power (information) over the vigilance and security. With such open corruption, Marvin saw no sin in receive some additional fee to break up these "initiatory clubs". He himself earned the Alpha suit after and Instructor passed away. But deep down he knew it was a matter between accordances of the staff and its sponsors. Not only students, but even low-level teachers were treated like maggots in this institute. He didn't care as long as he had his money.
    His roommate, Kenneth Fisch (a regular series' soldier) was a curious man, identifiying himself as an "Objectivist", often looked for these breach of securities, for purposes of his own left untouched, so Marvin saw no evil in help him find them. After all Kenneth was seeking to be among the network and intelligence personnel, and even though at first he believed it would be easy to tolerate the exercise schedule, he was often quitting it, earning him some bad reputation. He would rather move to the intelligence sector by taking an "easy exit". Marvin was once again someone else's personal bully, but being Alpha in a time with few instructors left him with hands full, working as well with Vito (SIGMA), who earned Sigma by money and titles alone. Then the team we all know of, debuted in 2006, and a full roster of ten suits thorough the year has been granted to those he saw as "newbies". At time he gots the back of Lance (later to become OMEGA), who was then ever grateful to him. Talkative and easy-going, he became friend with Marvin, or at least Marvin tolerates him. Got to be someone less secretive than Ken and more relateable too. Marvin had some interest in Lance's sister Melissa (KAPPA), but he was never able to show it and Lan himself made it clear it'd never work. Marvin didn't bother, as he has grown aloof to people. At time he's grown to be a rival to Klaus (DELTA) of whom Jack has got under his wing. Marvin thought the violent kid to be just used by Jack, but they were more deeply involved than that. He'd get mad how Klaus would steal people, since Marvin couldn't tolerate being stolen, losing what he believed to be so hard to get. Mission after mission, he felt more estranged, looking how high class people with some honorific background were privileged in the institute lately (Doug being an exception). With more agents, even his fees began to drop back, and he'd be unmistakably uneasy.
    When Lance became Omega, he preemptively formed a training team in order to earn a chance of being a magister, so he could receive more badges and fees. Vitorio was carried out as he was known to both of them and remained estranged all these years. That didn't happen, and even Omega became one of the "Missing Ones". Anyway, it was in a mission with Jack and the former Ypsilon agent that they found a plot which could thrust back AXIS to some spotlight. As soon as 2009 hit, the new student Nina Roux (YPSILON) broke some barriers, or so they were all told. She didn't seem confident as they all expected for someone who became Alpha Omega so early, but Alpha made sure to get her back in the missions. Quite the contrary, as at one moment he was made prisoner in an occupied zone in Mexico, with Ypsilon carrying out the operation for the "Rescue of Soldier Chad". Then Alpha wouldn't get her back, but Marvin would be affected by it somehow. He sees some kind of ingenuity in her, probably for her sticking with and trusting deeply into Anna (LAMBDA), who surely passed a lot in the institute, once a promising agent like Nina, but then an average soldier, previsible academical and as much leader of a squad as a cheerleader would do. In half of his years of service, he's still to see what the future holds...

It was never explicit what kind of life Marvin took before joining AXIS, one is led to suppose based only on what the average of what his lifestyle imply. Not really expensive hobbies but using resources with care. Never was outspoken about his own background, titles or lack thereof. Pretty much individualistic and pragmatic, he makes sure even people don't bother don't knowing what was behind him.

Manufacturer: Original creation by ABEL Inc.
Concord Facility,
New Hampshire, USA, produced in 1971
Power: Shielding
The very first of the series, which was back then, made to a very different intent than 'hunting demons'. Unless you consider demons enemy militias, of course.
Keep it between us, but the Alpha-Omega were made to create a Super Soldier. At least, ABEL Inc.'s Alpha-Omega. In a time full of worry for nuclear weapons, the bio-chemical weapons were also in test. Attack was always innovative, and sending soldiers to certain death was an expensive luxury. Alpha was made so its SHIELD could protect an entire army. Its progressive plasma cannons and a laser blade would be the fists of justice. But what made it a super soldier then was the ability to protect those at your side. Avoid (our) property damage. As so, it is able to create force fields and magnetic barriers, as well even got engines to jump long distancies and levitate, so the reach of the field can enlarge. Having a main techno-organic symbiotic coat, its powers do increase by larger use and exposure to the agent's own physical.

Teams, missions:
    Leader of the Strike Team: An unnofficial team formed by him, Omega and Sigma. Since Sigma was estranged from more commonal activities and the "outcasts' corner" was formed by solo agents Chi and Delta, Alpha got to train Omega earlier with available personnel, dragging Sigma into it. Other than training missions, they were employed sometimes to apprehend demon smugglers in Singapore and Okinawa.
    Cadet of the Wasp Strike Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Ypsilon, Alpha and Delta. Ypsilon may be the only one to surely put Delta and Alpha in place. Were to be employed in a highly dangerous mission in Tahuantisuyu, in Sept 2009
    Participated in a particular mission in Mexico, in an attempt to locate and retrieve the Omega suit, but ended up needing a help...
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