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Marco Friedenreich - Agent PI

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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: Marco Friedenreich
Birthdate: 30/Jul/1960, Münich, Bavaria, Germany
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2000 (Instructor), became Agent Pi in April 2004.
    Sinister and severe Instructor from AXIS' Staff, employing the Pi suit to cover up his very own network of surveillance. A hiding shadow between the other Alpha Omega, he requests nothing more than discipline in order to carry out an operation. Despite all that, he can't help but let loose all the weird rumours about him, not hiding his attempt to exaggerate his accent, to shout an evil laugh or make an evil grin. The main man behind all the staff which refers to the agent as maggots, he's more an academical than a military, but all his time in the lab earnt him some position, maybe more than recognition, but that's all which led him to the institute, where he plays his authority with firm hands, and of course with help of tech. He won't play easy and won't hold back, making it the more clear and objective his grudges, as with passed with scientifical infallibility. The acute ear may hear in harsh words the emptiness of his overly formal posture and the charlatanism of his conservatism. But if no truth resides in him, certain is one thing: such is authority!
    Hobbies: Scaring students, screaming at soldiers, catching truants, breaking down parties, confiscating prohibited goods. Taking a slow ride across the road at night by the coast. Drinking wine, appreciating expensive food, eating sweets. Visiting museums, making his own particular museum, collecting armors, weaponry and such.

was a lab assistant in his team by the time they worked exclusively on Ülhaden. He wasn't the same as he needed not to play any role of evil instructor, boss or anything like that. He was overall a scientist with good relations and would see things from around and above. The efforts of work itself would be one's own scourge. According to Morgan, the Marco who plays the sinister man is rather a scarecrow. The true Marco is how he behaves next to Jorgen. Jorgen is Ülhaden's CEO and a timely sponsor of AXIS. He prefers it to keep that an anonymous secret. He's also Vitorio (SIGMA)'s adoptive parent, and that left Marco, Jorgen's right hand chairman, to take care of the brat. He means to have Vitorio turned not in a fine soldier - but rather an economical partner, and at the very least a promising administrator. That gives him freedom to throw the estranged Vitorio of a ufanist head into a bubbling cauldron of different backgrounds. If in the end there comes a sociopath, it's still gain for Marco. He is known to punish Jack (CHI) when this is caught doing something forbidden. While none see scars or bruises, one should know it's a matter that Marco is known to Xnobius and Ushabti. What this element does to Jack is still a secret. Despite all the students taking on his bad side, those which he personally coach do feel some different treatment. At least it seems Ben (ZETA) to be thankful of his, even supporting his infamous severity. Lana (NI) however remains incredulous about his openess about sporting any slightly sign which may make reference to the reich. Nina (YPSILON) only wants more time to spend, being her major complaint. She was positive about her increase in self-confidence, but no matter how Marco tried to shake her, he's got even response from his superior, Ephraim, to put faith in the girl, and so far, Nina, Ben and Marco have been securing the nightsky of AXIS' main facility for some months in a row. Dalal (TAU) is indifferent, meaning only to carry out her missions, so that Marco goes alright with it. She dismisses his so-called severity to others. He's not fond of the Walker siblings, Melissa (KAPPA) and Lance (OMEGA), for no apparent reason (perhaps because they were personally handpicked by Morgan - some kind of rival - into the institute), going as far as to even support Nick (MI) when the tides are in his favor, criminalizing Lance's ways (mistakenly taking his easy-going attitude for laziness). Is also heavy on Gilles (XI) when demanding clarity and objectivity. Has some kind of prejudice against Drake (EPSILON) for he being a hybrid, like him.

    Jorgen's Right hand, was a partner of his since some early time, around 1978 (he was 18 y.o.), tasked with nothing but running different offices as he climbed up through the important chairs of a civil engineering industry to re-build western Germany and make something out of it. Turned out that Jorgen was really into fabricating planes, armory and military vehicles, like his parents during the old regimen. Marco went on supervising chemistry sectors and all its procedures. From an administrator to a chemist post-graduate. He had his background family in farmaceutics and eugenics too. They supported him and backed his studies in facilities on Norway. On truth, both Jorgen and Marco were at first administrators and economists. Peripherial markets were always better to dig in in order to captate resources. Jorgen was 'agent Delta' (actually both manufacturer and user of it) until his 30 years of age, that project actually being more a "gift" NATO handled the enterpreneurs with, as a legacy and an inheritance to those who had means to settle economy to their liking.     Jorgen used that for industrial sabotage and guerrilla warfare. He, alone, striking at power plants otherside of the Iron Curtain. Lives of millions and the environment victimized to the greedy intents of a sole man. He felt good. Marco wanted one of those too. He grew patient. Mi, it's follow up in 1991 (nicknamed Teutonic Knight), needed constant recalibrating. The "Sinister Series" (Ni, Xi, Omicron) were an improvement race, parallel and concurrent to ABEL's deeds. PI was a final product, and just the right one for Marco. Made in Romania, it was itself a 'vampire', albeit feeding on data rather than blood. He'd wait even more, as they needed out to carry even one more pawn to waste. The user of Pi at time was rather the victim of this such invisible vampire, only it didn't suck blood. But information.     Acounts, passwords, log ins, every move, every sight. Then, as a 44 y.o., playing the role of a professor, it wasn't still exactly what he had for the future. But then, in time the pawn realized he never used PI, but was rather used by it, Marco finally put into physical use an armor which could hide him from everyone - enemies and allies - and collect the whispers of all. No one knows he's a vampire, except Jorgen and the most secret Ülhaden personnel. Much less since when or how he became one, even if he was born one.

: PI
Manufacturer: Ülhaden Corp.
Cernavoda Facility,
Constanta, Romania, produced in 1997
Power: Stealth
While Omicron's teleportation has him traversing his own wormhole, in a milisecond-during pocket dimension, Pi would be the unfelt presence of a limitless time in that dimension, watching and passing through everything, perhaps subject only to gravity, and even that can be challenged by its wings. Not able to pass through surface like untangible ETA, however, it has all of its stealth modes, and cast neither sound or shadow. It has high speed wings, and the armor gets its energy to acess such mode through feeding on signals, ranging from bluetooth, wi-fi, infrared or any sort of connection. From that he gets tons of info and accounts. As so, it's practically infinitely in stealth mode on cities.

Teams, missions:
    Leader of the Sky Team: Pi handpicked Ypsilon and Zeta, recognised team leaders, to serve as AXIS' sporadical nightwatch. Showing service.
    Participated in a particular mission in Syrian desert, where he was ambushed by a giant scorpion-esque demon, recognised to be a Fire Lord of name Jinci. The Triton was present and took advantage of Pi's timely unability to turn in stealth mode. He was later rescued by Agent Tau, amidst his several injuries.
    Leader of the Vampire Assassination Team: A team formed post-August 2009 when the roster was limited to 18 armors. Pi, Tau and Digama, famed to be the coldest of agents, make it up. Was short lived.
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