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Maori Mythology

In one of the traditional Maori Belief Systems, there were six sons of Papatuanuku (Earth) and Ranginui (Sky). Earth and sky, joined together, were holding each other very tight, leaving no room for their newborn children. Only Tawhirimatea (storm deity) could escape the parents' embrace. It was needed Tane (god of forests and birds) to drive them away, by rooting himself like a tree and using the legs to separate earth and sky. Tawhiri didn't like the idea and he sided with his father, who cried because of the separation. Rongo and Haumia-tiketike (both gods of food) sought after a safe haven in their mother Earth. From the brothers which were left, Tu of the Angry face (Tumatauenga, ancestor of the Maori) planned death to his parents, and he would pursue manners to gain anything from the rivalry between Tangaroa, god of seas, and aforementioned Tane.

These renditions are mine (with Tu's and Tane's face being directly based on existing craft), adapted to the Apkallu Mythos. You can check on my gallery for Apkallu #1, where this traditional story serves as an introduction to a larger myth.
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