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MOLOKH God of Metal

An illustration depicting one of the NINE Elemental Gods. This is MOLOKH, God of Metal. Master of Forge, Circuitry, Magnetism, Conductibility, Steel and Iron. He's also been mastering the Serapel Hidden Element for more than a millennia. He uses it so he can tell the blurs between the magnetic traces of a mind and another. He plans to perfect such ability as to introduce mind-manipulation skills to his arsenal. He already do that on weaker minds, by corroding their magnetic fields and potential, making them only remote-controled shells, with only basic instinct left untouched. However, if things goes as he plans to, not only he will use such power, there will be left no resistance to this kind of action, given all electronic aparallel is imbued at some extent with the principles of such corrosive action.

He's known through other epithets and cultures, as:
Kotar-wa-Kasis (by the people which pre-dated the Phoenicians and established an important commerce during the 20th century b.I.),
Hephaestus (Olympian [Helladean aristocrat] form),
Gibil / Gerra (amidst the Sumerian, Babylonian and Akkadian people)

His main early creations were robots and androids, biomechanical sentries. His adapting to the tendencies of his brothers in creating organic life resulted in the "shrinking" of some particular functions, possibilitating pocket versions of larger beasts. He also had the main goal to make all lives of his champions (predators he used to fight his brothers' ones) remotely controlled by his external command. That came to be during the first Hawlien Automation and other processes that took place in civilizations, cultures and eu-societies across all galaxy. That would have started a bitter rivalry with Lapolakh, who pioneered studies on the sociability of animals. But he refused to invite him on some ten conferences his brother Baal organized for the gods, hoping the self-indugent exile of Lapolakh would cost him a grasp on the tendencies and make him less prepared to face the creations of the other elementals at time.
Their rivalry extended to another levels, since when the Topakhon Wars started, declared a warning state at the plains of Ohrmuz.

Baal made himself head of the upcoming Frashokeretian Alliance, and Molokh (under the alias Vizaresh) was his "hand", the main general of the allied forces. Lapolakh, who though himself to be better suited for leadership, constantly mocked the Metal spirit about his subservience to the Light God, and to his frequent indirect plots with Huo, far from the battle-lines (as the direct intervention of an elemental god on creation was deemed wrong for the alliance as decreed by Baal himself). There have been so many occasions this elemental God has tried to pass upon others and ended up angered...
But from some time to now, under the colonization of Tredius and after Lapolakh exchanged sides in the War, he became a ruthless punisher, working for the "universal Law" (no matter how it was interpreted in any culture) – he was on the side of State and Law. As the industrial civilization of Tredius progresses, he still plots with his fellow brother Huo: one for the global economy developed through commercialization in all fronts (Carthage, Rome, Venice); the other, for the possibility of mass production, monopoly, cartels and slavery which raised the funds for industrialization in the globe.

However, that wasn't quite the only symmetry he explored: His allegiance to Baal was paved in a common interest for world domination, at least through a morale which was crystal-clear to some pre-determined truths. While Baal was impersonated on Kings, Judges and Courts, Molokh did so through military and tyrants. On his path, however, he came to contact a group of Human zealots: The Novus Civilizatio. The NC, originally a Hawlien group, was a major force on the galaxy event of the Topakhon Wars, raising all the heads of the counter-revolutionary forces and building up a secret force which would colonize the worlds after the war has ended. This "human circle", however, was rather searching for a manner to get out of the shadow and weight of such history, claiming the Tredian World (so far the most important, economically) for an unified human race. From generation to generation, this plotter God soon would mine their works and guide them to his own intent of understanding both Baal's and Huo's power, with hopes that one day, he'd take their places. Tired of watching the fight between light and shadow, he plans to one day takes all the matters to his own hands.
That said, his greatest rival is Baal himself. He despises Lapolakh the most.

Digital content include original line-art; a version of the illustration without titles and a version without background.
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