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Lapolo Trinity

Spirito No Faia's grasp chokes the Past, Present, and Future...
As a spirit of chaos, his minions are numerous from unwillingly contributors, unsuspected agents, and motivated evil-doers. The range of the cast cuts through time. But among them, one stood above all. One, or Three. The three persons are distinct, yet are one "substance, essence or nature". In this context, a "nature" is what one is, whereas a "person" is who one is.
Narratives are clouded. But a trinity, a faux brotherhood or family of sorts, sustained the innards for the completion of it's goals.

Lapolo (the last character in each column) stands for the primary antagonist of Aplo, my foremost original protagonist character since ages (a.k.a. 2003) ago. Both stem etymologically from Apollon, celebrated Olympian. None of them fit with eponymous reference, quite the opposite, to be sure. As the story progressed, so too did the motivations of the villain, both in the background of the past, to the machinations in his version of the future, playing pivotal role in opposing our hero from centuries of distance (actually, less than a decade - but he didn't know that, as the future sounds and looks soooo futuristic). It all shaped the perception of the present, and he'd advent in this time to fight face to face with his nemesis. Throughout all the run of a year (2004), we were known he didn't plot things alone, and he had not the upper hand in the malign plans at all. Other pre-existing characters held roles greater than his, and new ones would fill the role when he was absent.

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35 Centuries Ago - In the Civilization of KEMET
A direct descendent of nobility, a player of games, a master of the Mehen, on par with Isis and Thoth on everything magick. Instead of being celebrated by the ever-growing power-hunger (despite humble looking, charity sponsors) Priests of Amon, the deified ruler knew the gods were his equals. His bet was on a monotheistic cult - that of the life-giving solar disk - to usher new understanding to the populace, a synthesis to counter the many plotholes, to systematize all the versions, so no priest would seek dark intents on the extense lines. On that, some say the very Spirit of Chaos (known as Apep at time) bet with him he'd be depose out of unpopularity. As if in a generation he'd change the artistic style, the capital seat and the power structure, he was hated and followed by a damnatio memoriae. His soul bet that his good intent may have been defeated once, but in the next life, after each generation, he'd fulfill the perfect horizon, an harmonious society, no matter how much suffering hapenned to that, for the past and present are but essays to this utopia on which would be the bedrock from a new phase no one would be able to return back from. After he was gone, his soul slipped from the claws of Horus.To remain forever on the side of Apep. That until aeons ago, across dimensions, his soul would wake up to similar intent.

A Sheut is a part of the soul according to Ancient Egyptian tradition, translations refer to shade or shadow, yet the concept is more akin toa silhouette, an image which brings upon the memory, a memory which vivifies the presence, a summoning passed by either statue, symbol, painting, a moving shadow. Pharaohs and nobleman had ways to preserve their living image to the next life, as a privilege to few. Yet, a shadow walked on the earth among men. Something, somewhere, at a distant time, parted that which was whole. For the maintenance of power, someone very powerful sacrificed some of it's memories. They, on their own, started waling their own path. That Sheut belonged to no one at all. It discovered freedom, and was sponsored by others to walk it's path. With that suspicious element discovered, this secret spirit was sure time would come it would return to it's creator. Perhaps too late, it found out the entire world was fated to, should the sketched destiny be certain.

Pre-existing to the entire race of men, the one and only, original LAPOLO (short for WA'ATTUTANKHAKHNO'FAYA) co-authored the engineering of primates into the original humans, coming in all sizes (as the pygmies, for example), live fit for the dry wasteland, just as a crude trick to avoid reptilian agendas such as a superior amphibian species. This creator was the champion for a contester of the Spirit of Fire position. The chaotic spirit was trickseter, and went ahead it's own co-conspirator, contester of the Water Spirit position. It knew the gods were rather a collective of A.Is under constant re-programming. It was still corruptible by biolgical life, and now matter how much they conciliated, chaos would reign, anything would escape from control, even control on it's own. As so, it's living image was the first step to make a point. This Dark Messiah rose as a brutal warlord, extending his rule at the height of the Kemet New Kingdom. Born after the aforementioned heretic pharaoh, he had the means to the completion of the latter's damnatio memoriae. He had joy on the values of the combat. His physical appearance was slightly different, and on the per aa a word rose to describe him - the first time one ever heard of a MUTANT. His amulet, the NO FAIA EYE, signalled the presence and descendence from the spirit of chaos, and would curse humanity forever. It was stolen once to prevent one from being corrupted by his influence.

2004 a.D. -  A cosmopolitan town named Ashville, Oakenfield district, USG West Coast.
Chief Security Officer Archibald Graham, head of the Ashville Police Department, had wanted a job working with people and not killer robotss. He has been a philanthropist a year ago, a manager of the tourism-motivated "AG" Island. After a terrorist attack, the island was looted, invaded, and assured back to natives he'd be found out to have forcefully expulsed. He was broke in the height of his daughter's ascension to the pop singing and acting worlds around Hollywood. He was mild and average in his high school years, taking nothing serious and keeping many relationships at a time. His change of pace came not from sermons in college years, but by an experience on which he was presented to the Spirit of Chaos. Secret Agents tailed him on the belief he possessed the ancient amulet the No Faia Eye. He didn't, but he helped excavating it's resting place. Chaos was undebted to him - only that his soul was aready belonging to it. Be that as it may, on the urban jungle he's became a hunter, a sharp-shooter, and he trains his staff as killing machines. All in the name of security, cherished by his wife (one of those high-school sweethearts he married - the other suitors died mysteriously) and by his daughter, he has no doubt, second thoughts. All suffering in the history of the world is just accounted as a mere essay to a new level of comprehension and compassion (not paradoxical, but cynical as any belief in karma). For people learn to love, suffering paves the way. He bet with the Chaotic One that a time would come when all the suffering would be forgotten or would be deemed as irrelevant, a reminder of a primitive past. The dream of the Pharaoh returned, and before the officer would bet anything, his soul was alredy at stake - each dimension, he lived the same structure, his life repeated, until he woke to find he was but dreaming. One of those 'dimensions' may hold the real him. At the time of such awakening, chaos smiles cold as his point is assured.

Not long ago, the newest estranged student joined Bykear Technological Foundation's Ninth Year. His offensive aesthetics, plus his lack of manners and eagerness to sociabilize with the guys and date all the girls left him scandalized. Yet, his new venture into drugs brought about issues to Bykear's PR. Drove by a "carpe diem" philosophy, his intent is to live it the fullest. Behind his eyeless sight, "Xis" is but a non-human entity, and is aware of few pocket truths: the void within (a nihilist with pride) and that the end is nigh! That said, death motivates him. He was brought to life by accident. But his life is as real as it gets, only to know he will be, eventually, be consumed by whatever brought him the greatest 'gift'.

Hao Zen matches the description of rumours abound the vicinity of Ashville's Central Garbon Park. A stranger with a slashing blade finds joy in cutting the victims, with an apettite for dismembering them. But rumours as those are, they're timely. The young practiccioner of wushu finds in the martial arts a way to find physical prime (trainning and body building since underage left him somewhat short for a 17 year old) and keep his rage balanced with a mind. He has kind of a forgotten past, memories he run from, experiences he'd not share. If the violent outbursts mad anonymous history, his current self is more meditative and avenging in a somewhat righteous way. He disapproves the brutality of the cops not because they're brutal, but because they use that to cover things they have no control of. On that sardonic remarking, his link to the spirit of chaos may be hinted. He wants something the officer has. But as fate is changing, and time is unbound, he may find redemptio in unlikely bonds, those of friendship. His way of relating to others, however, is beating them like they were ragdolls. Dire.

20XX a.D - The unending war between TC Tech's Crete and Juventist's No Faiase
Known as the "Juventist Cyborg", this red-clad cyborg used to be a proeminent researcher and speaker of the Juventist cosmopolitan ideal. A democracy-oriented state, a commonwealth between nations and a dynamic economical solution on the shape of an international bank, inspired on appropriated faux values of inverifiable and abstract concepts from a supposed Classic Civilization, the Juventist are but one out of many factions in the world. One which dominated a big chunk of land and sea, sponsored by military private company Ulhaden. Ulhaden fell to the ground by enemy fire, but as so the Cyborg began architecting his "Golden Utopia", a heaven for the chosen few. The name is known: No Faiase. The researcher turned himself in a killing machine, on the likes of former models such as securitron two thousand. This "robocop" remains as the sole dictator, but he has a card on his sleeve - his own daughter, an obedient tool of destruction, and loving tea-offering maid. Truth be told: this is the apex of civilization, vigilance, privilege, and wealth. Lest all that moves be exterminted, and this artificial life be reinvented to padrons, the dark soul of the grey skinned cyborg smiles with grin and pride in the elite. History becomes a matter of opinion, all that moves is consumerism, war is everywhere. A Golden Age where Law is respected... because all resistance, futile as is, is under the threat of nuclear armagedonn. The Chaotic Spirit re-joins the Pharaoh, and the Officer managed tot ame chaos in his bank machine.

The Autonomous combat system "Lapolo-X" is but the deject of the original one, a decoy containing un-fixed bugs of an ancient machine. What gives him an advantage is his lack of obedience. Autonomous as he declares itself, he acts as a double agent, infiltrator. Between doing a job or leaving it undone there's the sign of the employer. That's where his loyalty lies. Enterpreneurs of war. All quantified in the currency, when autonomy is nothing but a replacement for a morality it recurs to. Re-inventing the wheel, they summon chaos. Remains afar from objective ethics. The grin of the cyborg assassin was felt in first hand by the TC Tech, when they believed him to be a threat to Lapolo and mistakenly employed him in the ranks. In the end, he was fated to be recycled to be inserted in his original self once more. However, the Enforcer had other plans. Once again belief stood between reason and the reality. TC Tech's base was leaked, it's info lost, it's residenctial area looted, goods lost, and their finest warriors were lost to wander the Eurasian Wasteland. Because they believed an unit could be autonomous in a world where freedom is gone. Freedom is about breaking chains. When every choice becomes freedom, nothing is.

"Come to me, He who was Lost". Found in himself once again, the Messiah is salvaged from it's tomb. The First Cyborg is the living image of the Spirit of Chaos, fastened in black armor. The secret weapon of the Juventists, who became the "No Fayans" two years after the fall of Ulhaden, his radiance is that of a Thousand Suns. Fated to repay the karma debts of all time, he was once seeking to leave all cities in ruins. Now, he aims for turning all into atomic space dust. All but his floating fortress - the Ziggurat. A massive temple to the red chaos of civilization, whose bricks are the corpses of each generation born into this world for suffering. All working, consuming and dying for it. For it is of HIM whom the Prophecies told of, it is of HIM whom the Monks chant, it is of HIM whom the narratives speak of, it is of HIM whom the songs praised, it was for HIM the armies marched. He's the Messiah!
One who was never meant to be so the promises would remain as so (as promises, stored to be used in a time which wouldn't come), yet in it's conception gave sense to all which came before. A sense that all the suffering was meant as an essay for a better future - the comeback of a deity, a new era of consciousness, a revolution... luckily, not all fell on that fantasy! It is hard not to when you're at gunpoint. Not easy when the fire comes for you!
Now such unbound hate has a final fight to complete the will of it's creator, to fulfill what it gave on it's own as it's raison d'être.Chaos is unbound and as so is unfamiliar with such bond. But feelings of pertaining serve for many things...

All these three refer to different spots across history of those which sponsored the chaotic fiend Spiricto No Faia on the front. No matter what alignment, undoubtly The Pharaoh-Officer-Enforcer as Lawful "Good", the Shadow-Student-Freelancer as Neutral and the Firstborn-Fighter-Tyrant as the ultimate "evil". These dogmatic narrow views, an outdated classification, are easily appointed as nets in the scheme of that entity from the dark corners of the dreaming. We're in the table already. Sometimes to keep from losing the game, we quit it.
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