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Lana Bridges - Agent NI

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: Lana Bridges
Birthdate: 6/Jan/1988, Concord, New Hampshire, USA
Admission in AXIS: Member since January 2006, became Agent Ni in May 2006.
    Serious and harsh member of Alpha Omega Squads, she's a Team Leader. Act like a tough leader, and often will demand and require obedience, seriousness and determination for missions to be coordinated. Highlighted by the agents at the staff, she means to increase the participation of women in the battle affairs at AXIS, often reminding them of the exclusivity of the job they're there to do. Has the codes of a soldier, and most of times pretend she doesn't listen to those who compare them with sell-swords. Avid supporter of military intervention, as long as it is properly judged by an international court. Has a sense which tells her that the demons represent nothing more than the annals of tyranny, which must be erradicated at all costs from the world.
    Hobbies: Other than the military gear and survivalist attires, is known to like pets, of sport-related breeds, for competition, status or anything like that. Explains to care for animals, was vegan for a while - and now is blasphemous of it. She has a series of political agendas - understandably, should one consider her background and it alone (being daughter of a weapon industry magnate). She will be constantly at odds with those who're somehow against such agendas. Tactical, she prefers some rounds of intelligence gathering before falling blindly on battlefield.

The main head of the parallel "Women's Caucus" an exclusively female member club, when she was assigned to AXIS she met too many secret clubs and informal activities, none of them to specialize into anything. She raised up the bar altogether with partners such as Dalal (TAU) to bring back some order to the seemingly "degenerate" behind the student corpus. Distinctively strict, she became a direct pupil of Instructor Marco (PI) as soon as she became agent Ni. However, after some time she required keeping her own schedule through private affiliates of sponsors instead of remaining in Marco's tutelage, since she couldn't help but see a dubious agenda in the belical chemist - seeds of fascism - and more worring yet, nazi nostalgia. She's a Republican, adoptive daughter to ABEL Inc.'s owner, Joseph Bridges, and can't afford narratives of historical enemies to USA to be so freely told across the secret clubs. That is hers, and most of the student's concern. Marco, however, is subject of many rumors on these clubs she helped to dismantle. She respect and can't help but pity grudges spread between other girl agents, such as Melissa (KAPPA) and Anna (LAMBDA), but none of them consider her close enough to give opinions about their lifestyles or beliefs, most of times in a facade of worry or pity by Agent Bridges. She was a consistent public contender against Jack (CHI), who disposed already of some fame in secret clubs, had indistinctive and worrisome libertine actions, and even mocked authorities, but seemed to suffer no serious injure (only being given more time at practice and exercise sessions - none that actually could even hurt him), that until it was known Agents Chi and Lambda were engaged in something. That left a great feeling of worry for her. She'd then assume all the clubs, even the fencing one, were infected with such types. That put her in direct accusation against a certain agent who was like a pupil to Jack, Klaus (DELTA). She is unaware of the intents of such estranged soldier of her age, and yet with increasing fetish for murder. It is a different matter for agents like Vito (SIGMA) and Nick (MI), whose claims to be from the "right wing" fell on def ears, she believing them to be just anything like bullies or internet trolls unaware of politics in major scope. Over the years became a role model for Tahira (PSI), who despite all the support, actually is uneasy with her political tones.  

She grown up in a household in New Hampshire, adopted by ABEL Inc.'s owner, Joseph Bridges. Joseph Bridges runs ABEL Inc. which was responsible for the production of half of the Alpha-Omega as a secret project parallel and concurrent to those of Ülhaden Corp; during the 70s and 90s (during the 80s the tech was exclusively ABEL Inc), in order to support military interventions of distinct sides of war, but often against Communist interventions. Bridges had kept an agenda with US Army forces and tried to make it remain in a scenario favourable to the interests of the Republican Party (or arguably to a very inside chair of it), which was a sponsor of his. Lana has two brothers, Kenneth works for the CIA and Carl, who's heir to ABEL Inc.'s actions. Joining AXIS is just the beginning of her career, and so preemptively becoming the Agent NI has been widely accepted by her family as a promising feat. She plans to go on beyond from the decade of service, integrating both the networks of Intelligence and on-field Military interventions against the demon phenomena that already extrapolates even public spheres.

: NI
Manufacturer: Ülhaden Corp.
Pristina Facility,
Novo Brdo, Republica Kosova, produced in 1993
Power: Telekinesis
First of Ülhaden's "sinister series" of "tele-" related powers. To make it up for the virtual mistakes in Mi's design. Was done in major collaboration to scientists from across the world, and couldn't be done in nowhere else as a warring country, right? It has isolation related powers akin to Alpha, leaving a time-space warp during the enough to keep the user focused on which, whom or where to focus the tele-kinectical beam, will suddenly become a field, or rather a shield to move it in proximity or distance (simulated as if in virtual reality) to the user. Can use many targets, but requires focus and the prime capacity is reached whilst manipulating two distinct "axis", governed by the pulses and arm movements. It is hard to control and steer, but as with Alpha-Omega, the more used it becomes substantially easer, to fit the user's needs to it, as they evolve altogether with one another.

Teams, missions:
    Leader of the Amazon Team: An team formed by her, Tau and Psi. Reach the farthest places.
    Lader of the Hawk Shock Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Ni, Epsilon and Kappa, she acts pretty much as a coach and promise the other agents that by the end of the run, they'll become "Magisters", Team Leaders like her.
    Participated in a particular mission in Mt Athos, joining forces with Team leader Zeta as they engaged the most wanted demons, cold-blooded Triton and Cuetzpalin Paynal. Whilst Zeta would have lost against weather-changing, storm calling Triton, and Paynal was fast enough to keep her from focusing her telekinesis, they bet on different opponents: Triton couldn't cast much a thunder without his staff, separated by her telekinesis; and Paynal couldn't stand his ground as Zeta lift him from the soil by his hurricanes - bad for them, the demons weren't allies - until such mission. Like-minded, they would use different means in the rocky, dangerous landscape and a mix of forces of nature to make it up for the next fight. Monasteries would be burnt in retaliation.
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