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LAPOLAKH God of Fire

An illustration depicting one of the NINE Elemental Gods. This is LAPOLAKH, God of Fire. Master of Flames, Heat, Lava, Star-based Nuclear Energy, Smoke and Radiation. He's also been mastering the Xnobius Hidden Element for more than a millennia. He finds on the Xnobius usage undisputed mastery, since it requires constant heat to operate, and being almost a primordial force of heat in the universe, he virtually extends this power to untamed levels.

He's known through other epithets and cultures, as:
Xiuhtecuhtli (in Aztlán; when he formed the Xiuhcoatl Empire),
Huallalo (amidst the South American natives and the Huaca themselves; the latter his greatest rivals),
Surtur (amidst the Jotunn; in a form he used to destroy their original planet during the Topakhon Wars)
and Khepera (as a crucial member in the Ancient Egyptian Per Aa Council; has took Set's side during his schism)

His major concern is an obsession with a plan that requires both a social experiment and an almost complete, brutal environmental change.
Early before the Topakhon Wars (some 50 centuries before), he's spent some life-times experimenting about eusocial animals and their colonies. He's obsessed to describe, understand and project a perfect and harmonical swarm – perfect here has industrial labor connotations – he means to alter life so it become a tireless machine whose only concern is the production and maintenance in service of its society.
To accompany it, he plans the very environment to shift in order to provide endless energy (as coming from a chain of nuclear radiation connecting star-to-planet, through the very planet core). The resistance to the radiation has been a fatal flaw on his plans so far, but the success of the Akhs (in the APKALLU Mythos, it's a species of originally humanoid carnivore-looking beings which can convert into a colony of fiery micro-organisms, as "fire-ghosts", after their bodies disintegrate) has been a major argument he uses to advance his tests further. The hardship of converting another vertebrate being into something near an Akh has not been impossible at all – as so, he sees that merely as the "survival of the fittest" – fittest here tied to a moralist view that only those ready to give themselves into the society will be able to usher a new era of endless energy, endless production, endless work in favor of a self-sustainable galaxy.

But after all, he's a God! He doesn't need to argue with some mortals. But he's known to be a hot-headed workaholic hell bent on arguing with the other Elemental Gods, even coming to the point to say that they're actually conspiring against his "flawless, always-perfecting works". When they point incogruencies and flaws on his plans, as well on the absurdly simple and loose "No Fayan doctrine" (something he's proud to have written), he often argue back how he's helped them more than "no one else", since he's been behind the periods of civilization whose population ranks were higher than ever (examples include in the Lost City of Sahara during the "Fall of Atlantis", Teotihuacan during the Xiuhcoatl Empire, and modern-day Haijian, industrial potential of Tredius).
To the fact that most who did change to support radiation and acquired Akh powers are rather careless individuals instead of doing what they do for common goods or for a "society of the future", he offers no apology. He's used to see others as tools. He's also been tutored by a strange, orbital being which is stuck at the planet's core and fights Apep, named Aten. It was through him how he began mastering Xnobius, and they had many clashes since then, for Aten believes he's the creator of the Universe, whilst Lapolakh believes he was the first of the Nine, "He Who Came into Being".
Some of his human lives included a Ramesses, a Khan, and nowadays, a Tibetan Monk in service of the Haijianese State.
He's full of himself and his works, believes to be a natural leader yet is widely on disapproval by his fellow gods, who would rather accept Baal. His greatest rival is Ymir, yet Molokh is the Elemental who despise him most.

Digital content include original line-art; a version of the illustration without titles and a version without background.
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