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Kharon - version 2

Yet another version of Charon, a Vovin, direct heir of the Spirit of Shadows and Original Vovin, Tupaq (Erebos-Sorath as known by the Telchines) and of Nyx, dark nymph of the (me)-Ontic realm, a dark dream twisting between Chaos and the central existence in the kvalnut of the Macabraic system, the sum of components, the playgrounds of the Nine described by Tempo. Being ghostly in reason of his direct descendeance, he's also capable of limited untangibility and stealth capabilities.

Being born of the negative potential's manifestation (Nyx) and of a conscient Ater Adamantis-generated entity (Erevus), in reciprocal reproduction, at first originally as means of entrapment of Tupaq's power, the affair only resolved the direction the same would take as of the universe shifting (being consumed by) around it. Therefore, as born of the direct opposite of light and joining force, it is the child of the damned. This can be assumed as an evolution of Adam Belial, opposite to Adam Kadmon - Charon's old version - the first part of the painting process - a portrait of him amidst other creatures of the tartarean habitat - Colors by deviant Guiler-717
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