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Khaos is Born

The first to ever come into being was Chaos. Regarded as the primary force, it was banished to the uttermost spheres of darkness and evolved on it, while most of its "children" lived in the life-giving light sphere. While Khaos is Chemosynthetic (produces its own food even in absence of light - thus escapes from the primordial law of "life"), some of its descendants are Photsynthetic, but all of them are autotrophic (needing nothing but themselves and elements to live).

However, not all Huehuenahual (Chaos' spawns) live in light - some made it to inhabit in the darkness. Yet the Photosynthetical are wooden like, Chaos and the Chemosynthetical primordials are rather stone-like, or are strange creatures unclassifiable to reason. One example of those is Apep (on the background), the younger of the Huehuenahual and the last to emmerge from Chaos (it was severely ripped off from Chaos, as it was still in development)

Chaos need no mate to reproduce, it emanates and creates life by the power of spliting something that was a whole. Such power is known to have wrought "evil" out of good, in other words, it opposes the unity endorsed by the Light God (of the younger race of the Nine who came into being).

Chaos is known by few to have been defeated by Hydros, when it tried to split the sea god in half. By "defeated", one shouldn't understand as killed - the entire world runs on the logic of Chaos, thus it never died and will never die, for it is needed to the Universe keep going.
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