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Part of the APKALLU Mythos: Year THREE, in events which are subsequentially refered to as Rapture, dating to MMXI.
The world is mobilized as Europe's (so-called) Democratic Unions cede the pressure to controversial policies (ranging from Malthusian economic devices to monopolizing the violence towards ethnic, racial or religious minorities as process of a jingoism) makes it into the government under collaboration with authorities of religious and military natures. The justification is biased through a mass media campaign against a referred "secret movement", of "terrorist nature". If such disputed faction does exist or not, it is obvious the blur serves as a facade for the ongoing spontaneous movements to either take it or leave it, so this "fictional faction" often works as a smokescreen scenario and the individuals which once gathered in an event or riot of such quality will more than likely pursue the overarching end of such plot - bringing State down with it.

Two "factions" protagonize the ongoing conflict:

  • The informal "Necoc Yaotl", which literally means "Enemy of both Sides", sides which in a transliteration could refer both to "Left and Right" ghosts of political spectre or else false dicotomies and the tendency of "Public or Private" management. It stands against the status quo and supposes search of self-sufficiency, but rather as the epitome or the climax of a revolutionary chapter - the unlocking of the current strains, which are more apparent than ever. No real "movement" exist, but media works like this. The name was borrowed from a strictly planned action by an affinity group a year before the current events. Anarchist movements and organizations already existed, but a militarized (through theft and appropriation) one, organized right about from a subsequent release of kidnapped communities through a traffic event planned by corporations and governments in a move unknown to the public, took this guise whilst on a retaliation attack in urban centres of the West (more specifically, a highly tourism-oriented economy city in USA's favorite satellite state in South America). When the "gang war" or "terrorist" narrative doesn't fit, neither it belongs to ethnical, racial or other kind of dispute, when they employ high technological suits with powers and even giant machines of heavy artillery and tactical features, the overall public retaliation went by the easy way. Such "phenomena" wasn't exactly understood by either MI-6 or CIA, but key figures were drawn here and there. After the Southern American incident, the third way or middle policies were requited to radicalize, to either face the times they were into - accepting the crisis affected other countries, displaced homes, families, destroyed ecosystems, or they'd die to protect foolish lifestyles and the maintenance of an overarching conscripted system where rich gets richer and the poor, poorer. Hard as reality, the multiple Necoc Yaotl are non-official, who will either form or disband it's "cells" to adress both local matters or to "lash out" (assassination of key figures, to luddism, property damage, sabotage, theft, as long as the cells planed and agreed to - leaving it's only hierarchy being the warning of the situation) at the globalized capitalism. Those involved in the riots and attacks will more than often disband it in order to pursue cooperation with a certain community which was "benefitted" from it (likely those who had no rights, or nothing but rights - on paper). But if he or she participated on that with a member of yet another of these "cells", a network of intelligence may come to be. Hackers, spies, and such do exist, but if they're unreachable, they pursue as well means to jam official security, as well as eliminate certain tendencies which pend to traditional crime lords - dependant on the system. That highly un-popular motives shadowed other forms of organization, but as well as served as inspiration to the unheard. Some would argue it was bringing back what the potentials thrusted at its "outskirts". Made the powerful remember that "people used to live there", where they saw only resources.
  • The formal "Holy Roman Empire", which itself counts with support from independent nucleii inside important countries' official military, such as the special unit of the Teutonic Knights (at time, highly armored soldiers which are a part of German army but will also respond to a newly christened Austrian sovereign - despite his preposterous claim be ongoing debate), as well as sideline militias ellusively supported through finances of think-tanks of either neo-con nature or those promoting liberal economy. Those investors are kept in adamant secrecy but it's deeds are kind of obvious - favoring a secret round table of warmongering figures within European nations, the same which in the 90s were on Eastern Europe and the last decade, on Middle East. The Empire is more or less an enterprise, and is highly supported by a central church, The Western Roman Catholic, although it have other churches at "gun-point" due the vastness of its network. Ecumenical roles ties in to the moment of political unstability, so either unrecognized, albeit publicly supported, or even recognized, albeit strictly regluarized in national frontiers, the Inquisitionary Offices are the crude reality which make the Empire less a initiative and more a suppressive system. An increase in military ranks with higher support of volunteers, it's role is suppression of insubordinate elements which fit one or more of all it's incredible roster of absurd narratives. To turn it in categorical acceptance, many power-plays and publicity investors will defend a part or two of such conscripted plot to the acceptance of the newest Vicar, Leo XIV - in his revenge-seeking plot against the murder of the last helding it's title. It also stems from an eugenic plot conscripted as a "demon hunting" sequence. Whilst programs such as AXIS were secret and turned obsolete, by the rates that not only "demons" were known, they were freed, the fact that their range acted around so-called "Third World" in key positions machinated by facades of church charities, was apparent. The proof, however, was gone - the slave pits have been replaced by another kind of netwrok across the globe. By the year of MMXI, the church under Leo had a new visage - bring Heaven upon the Hell that earth has become. That suited most people's fears - they were all tirelessly afraid of Triton or Paynal for example, and competent authorities have failed to capture them for over two years, letting them even organize with humans. Ironically, such effort of the Church counted with help of Dragons, Vampires, Angels (Djinni) and mostly trans-humanist science.
"You create misery, have your cake and eat it
Take your place in history  and pray we don't repeat it
Call it faith, call it back, call it off, don't call me later
Lay your head in your bed, it's just how they made it
Out of my way I'm running ; I'm gonna catch you if I can
Out of my way I'm coming ; I'm gonna catch you if I can
It's your day believe it ; It's your date with destiny
It's too late to leave it ; After all it's your party
Call it luck, call it faith,  call me beautiful to my face
Call it out to my surprise , it's just how they made it"

"Nobody's perfect, gotta find a way to get through this
For another day, make the pain go away
If you could make it hurt less, wouldn't you take what was needed to make it easier?"
    In a mixture of military service and academical routine for over five consecutive years, Melissa Walker's requesting routine went off from the trails of legality the moment she found out her deeds were favoring bad people more than assuring any sign of improvement for the most vulnerable ones. In a hiatus for over a month, she has been only recollecting her vast mission reports and intelligence alongside former colleague Kai in a somewhat underpromising joint venture managing and supplying a single alternative cafe near Melbourne's coast. As soon as she had her own ways to call to arms once again, she departed with a single-minded goal to continue what she left behind in Mission Scirocco. With a pragmatic approach and methodic treatment to her acts based on "here and now" mostly concerning immediate consequences than either building up a "historical scenario" of infinite concessions to people's capability or not of engagement, or to promises set in the far future, she finds it best to recur to two fronts: her own ethical code, and capability of backing her intents. Involved in a scheme to intercept and sabotage slave traders, she puts her life on risk whilst using the exclusive tech of the Kappa armor, and manages to involve herself deeply further in discovering bigger enemies to face. Following a strategy no strange to the Triton in his early years (one which did pit one against another in the past), she plays it like an independent bounty hunter, and in such scenery in which she must be affordable to be "hired" and must be capable of handling her sabotaging agenda, she has to count with ellusive contacts and investors, albeit ultimately her funds (earned after Scirocco as ABEL Inc.'s policy for securing private owners of the Alpha Omega) are to be used in a favorable scenario to make autonomous collectives, occupations and armed resistance more feasible. She's managed so far to carry out undercover missions simply as Agent Kappa, but even though she went on to stand against CIA and MI-6's participations in the Madagascar Incident, a climax on the events concerning a war within the British Commonwealth and "The Triton" (or whichever particular intent he's present - from the independence raids of aboriginals in Australia to autonomous uprisings in competing Darfur Liberation Fronts, to cite a few), her "bounty hunter" identity has been stained to being associate with the Necoc Yaotl. While she won't admit that, the current scenario forces her to do so, and the Holy Roman Empire is known to menace people with distinct background as her own such as former colleague Nina, so it both makes her calling more personal, and the situation unescapable. A double agent on her own, she won't merely pledge alliance to any competent authority, but given the Necoc Yaotl formally lacks one, she's been involved in cell after cell to different motives - sabotage, raids, to rioting and indistinctively executing - some which stained her own ethics and made her come up in terms with pressing concerns, conceding to "greater good" or other more simplistic self- righteous narratives, till ending back to square zero in the Arima division - where the actions of the Triton have been adamant, finally engaging in a "bodyguard policy". Both of them have unfinished business as they've been hunting ellusive figures mentioned in valuable data gathered by Kai - ellusive people like someone by the moniker Hades - and shockingly not present in any Holy Roman Empire transaction so far. 

  • aliases: Kappa, Agent Kappa, "Triton's Shadow", Melissa, Lissa
  • Powers: Undomitable will, eager to complete a job and don't leave it half done. The fact she corroborated with what she regards as a conscript enemy just make her concern more pressing. Ability to think focusedly, which to some will cost a bit of time to adapt and cope with it. The most time she passed with it, she gave up over meddlings and counter-proceeding discussions, more often leaving her the task to do what others can't. A quick-thinker, which by the rate is fighting over her own inefficience as a single individual, versus the dire toll of doing things according and involving levels of complexity she didn't dare to involve in years of service. By the end of this ramble she may see all that's past as an essay on maturity. Among the Necoc Yaotl Arima division, she may be the one most reliable to the current laws - Kai was protected as he kept Rho with him, until he blackmailed them laws and hacked conscript intelligence services - she, however, was involved in a rather frontal assault, and has been missing of public civillian life for a while. Used to absence by experience, she's a networker among the division, bridging great distances with her power of speed.
  • Tools: The nano-technological, bio-engineered, artificial advanced technology symbiotic suit Kappa from the overall Alpha-Omega series. It gives her high-speed capability and an acelleration mode, which change by her own capability and physics. She's been able to surpass her own limits, which had an average of 350 kilometers per hour mark reaches around four hundred for now, with a bit of stamina boost, which she managed to more or less control on "manual" behavior ever since she discovery the innards of the armor to work with the Xnobius element, currently held as a monopoly by Haijianese and Commonwealth's leading industries. She can walk on water by keeping such speed, managing to travel the Indian Ocean in some weeks, hijacking ships and managing pauses in certain coasts. She managed to consciously control the armor's element with help of the somewhat "engineer by chance" Akh demon named Tykuki Teret, which followed her exploits with the Triton on the Scirocco Mission and led them to discovering the Inferno slave-pit facility. She has a powerful gun which stun and neutralize enemies, plus the ability to use an energy chain and a laser lasso, both related to aforementioned element. Once used to capture demons, now more strictly to lash at enemies and the metal-clad armor of their mechas and hardsuits.

    She's gone in full-speed non-stop ever since uncovering the slave-pit Inferno Facility. Whilst a tactical difference made she distance herself from the Triton, which helped by aforementioned Akh demon (Tykuki) plus native enslaved ones (Sphinx and Phorcys), did manage to bring the facility down, yet barely alive. Before she could give a saying to it, another similar facility was brought down in the Black Sea, by a time which waves of political unrest clouded among the Arab Peninsula and overall Middle East. Preemptive attack at similar facility in Northern Queensland proved an advancement to the Aboriginal independence program which was running for over two years, led by Akamai who descends from Tumatauenga. Before she could have anything to say it, the Triton tried to make a point for the need of direct action in front of a dire situation which enslaved millions by a second. On the waste left behind, she pursued her own side-quests which by now were just under smokescreen of a bigger event - the adoption of Inquisitionary Offices worldwide.
    Her life has not been secured, and her routine was deeply affected as she played the bounty hunter for militias in the Aegean Sea, to the Middle East and across the Emirates, in a short span of six months. She uncovered a big deal of "heads" in distinct parties, enterprises and black markets to which Triton and Tykuki de-mobilized under their "triangle" movement tactics. But that also breached deep knowledge under secret facilities of public investment in scientifical research. Brought closer to the truth of the Alpha-Omega, through polluted joints which her detested former instructor Yao has been more or less connected to before his death, she found an on-going plot which highly concerned her own security from now on. As she was approached by Lana Bridges, former colleague turned CIA Agent, regarding the terms which made her able to use Kappa whilst according to the law, she managed to contour the situation, but refused to cooperate or give information, no matter how hard another former colleague Tahira Kaur tried to leak in, just to be discovered by ever attentious Kai Taylor, parting from the old mates with a bad blood between them. If it wasn't enough, she engaged Anna Whitaker former agent Lambda in battle for the security of the Triton and his human identity.
    If she didn't made enough to demonstrate a visible side she was in, she took a role in a massive riot which settled London's communities to turn in undistinguishable mobs which tried to seize the city in non-stop for weeks. Visibly stunned by the influence of her deeds growing symetrically opposed to her former allegiance, she resorted in participating rather in the organization of what she (and regrettably the Triton) left behind. Working together with Lanzo the SubComandante Zalacosta, she finally came to terms with his possession of the OMEGA project - one meant for her missing (likely dead) brother - confiding in his role not as the terrorist others painted of him, but as someone prone to raise populaces to stand for their own, regardless of more complex lawsuits which just rendered them immobile and vulnerable to a distrustful judiciary system. Conveniently both of them seemed to work for "the same unit" - as the armored, clad in black rioteers planned 'solidarity' with one another regardless of their identity or particular bonds whilst acting. Did she like it or not, weapon and people traffic was real. Disarming some and leaving "official security" to do what it liked wasn't the slightiest close to be fair. She only meant that this time, things went for real independence, without counting to invisble joints or bribes as likely it has been historically, at least based on her own assumptions. With the need to resort to anonymous actions and set back to her trails by mediating some more human presence (populations she freed from traffic), she settled her mostly to investigating a territory of personal interest - industrial theft and scientifical research (which her parents had roles into decades before).

    By the time the inquisitions were issued, the Triton has been regrouping supporters to the Aboriginal uprisings. He did miss the presence of Kappa, which departed ever since the Inferno incident and was of great influence in Australasian waters. While Kai was himself stranded, Kappa's absence in the event wasn't counted and hindered the progress of some days for her "networking" role. Identified in Minoica as his own "shadow", she was long gone on her own intent of discovering slightly more pressing concerns - secret facilities in the border of Gallia and Austria. She was approached by public supporter of the Holy Roman Empire in the strangest terms - he devised counter-measures for the implementation of Leo XIV's policies on his "overseas projects", lands common to both of them. Trying to find it through his possible "blackmailing" for her as a bounty hunter, the young enterpreneur actually showed quite a knowledge about her own: a sponsor of AXIS in it's late years and having his presence shadowed in most collaborational schemes, he was aware of her code of ethics, daily trainning schedule, and sought her to mediate the intrusion of Leo XIV and John III (a rival of his and at time leader of the Commonwealth) into his domains, requesting it as a possibility of transitioning his control of neo-colonial domains to effecitvely local ones (a matter which he'd "concede" to the Necoc Yaotl... as if). Such event started a bimester of triggering unpredictable events, which she revisited backwards all her past intents, discovering much valuable history has been lost in the eradication of Inferno and Jahannam, and that more dynamic means of slavery were surrounding spots which the Necoc Yaotl were incapable to "fund" (given they proposed such a radicalization which could disable any currency they established from the incisive market they were surrounded by). While she was prone to report the proposal of his to either Kai or Lanzo, she couldn't be caught for she didn't know anything concerning Philip's true intent or the reliability of his own to Leo XIV, even after he managing to drive off former clients to try to assault her (given she blackmailed them and killed their comrades). It was a no-exit situation which she could only play her role and follow to see what was next... 


    Tactical differences
    She's very rational and often won't stick to easy "good", "evil" or other facades of morale and abstract ideals, becoming tirelessly supportive of other approaches other than promoting "freedom" in the guise of what independence mostly meant - readiness to raise in arms, secure positions, never relent. While she was vocal as that given the choices (the Necoc Yaotl was a loose identity, but concerning those which were rescued from traffic and wouldn't serve someone else's richening by charities, were a pressing concern on terms of ilegal immigration, they left a mark, imprint of their experiences on Necoc Yaotl or other affiliated groups), she was mostly an unfelt presence acting in shadows by the meetings which had Necoc Yaotl autonomous cells more publically visible - from the occasional Informal International in the Basque Country, to the sporadic meetings of Aegean Militias and organized Squats which pleged solidarity with Necoc Yaotl worldwide. A presence like the Triton, Zalacosta or Dazbog, she was mostly outlooked for she had roles concerning most the release of former slaves, a did which rendered her in shadows for both supporters and media coverage (she was faster than any lens could catch). That loner path got her to confide only in an ethical code of her own, which made her most distinguishable from any bounty hunter.
    She's vegan for ethical reasons, concerning the preservation of the sentient beings and their interests in living. She places the reduction of suffering in the matter "whenever the possible", and the possible becomes "the more likely" when she's got the means to, "means" she was constantly in the pursue of to make more able of meeting displaced populaces, "populaces" more individualized by each social interaction, which concerned (back to square one) individual ethics which resounded back to a consciousness pre-meditated only by cutting the activities to the strictly necessary (some would say in an hypothetical survivalist experience), foundating it on consequences rather than intentions. That said, she was not really different on Triton and Paynal from the inside, or at least how she worked her intents...

  The difference concerned what to do with it. Experience (and means - Kappa armor and self-defense) has made her be able to stand up and never hold back from firing at enemies, and to don't stop something which would pave a way for easening the life of some sentient being with ethical regard for something she lacked control of (and by lacking control, she'd rather understand it and account on her knowledge to contour worst consequences while devising plans)- and that's where she would rather focus on what Triton and Paynal's somewhat genocidal roles had not covered. Paynal's power was of the same type as hers, albeit he outran her. She could follow his practical means of assassination, but first she'd make distinctions on the patrons and the front-lines, which she regarded more or less as workers and of some pivotal point in structures (pivotal here seen negatively by Paynal and Triton - following orders only made one less of an individual and more replaceable, even moreso in an accursed initiative which exchanged the workforce for visibly corrupting forces which would only further make deeply the controlled misery). Time sticking with them made she regret such distinctions, by leaving too many wounds open which would come back at her and timely allies.

     Unfortunately, society was an abstract and unconscious entity, unable to "heal" the trail of carnage both inhumans caused - a mere misjudgement which was, with time, seen even as if it was part of their  fulfilling of a role which was made unavoidable. She focused less on the effects these aforementioned beings caused, disassociating the Necoc Yaotl from the Anarchist uprisings in it's most natural causes, in a distant manner to distinguish her from before sworn enemies, now allies of her intent. Her enemies tried to use that distinction to make her alienated or doubtful of such initiative she had, as if any of the aforementioned benefitted from it. In truth, knowing their human selves and their realities made her only more sure they didn't. They were common people, high-schoolers with their own goals, somewhat suppressed emotions and intents. A bit alike from the blackmailing Gallian Enterpreneur Philip IV, who had devised his own narratives - unescapability of inheriting his father's domains, the difficulties in making any transitions of his properties to be the least acceptable for locals, environment and deeming it to be "self-managed" at all, plus his concerns on deviating the guilt of capital from a post-industrial society as filling the niches of service, rather than working towards world wars (like his undesired partner Leo XIV made possible), but he failed to adress differentials which made her see through his blatant lies:
Environment was an abstract idea concerning an agenda - if he actually employed so-called limitless resources for the autonomy, respectable freedom and independence of some sentient beings, he'd rather undermine it's conception as an element of nature, if he was really prone to ease the ethnical and racial tensions (such as Aboriginal Fronts), he'd not deny and capitalize it's culture, and if he really was concerned on finishing the exploiting cycle of capital, funds and enterpreneurship, he'd not just bomb people or infect them on "population control pretext", despite both of them working for the slightiest search of making "reducing suffering" a relevant political scope, she tried to end it, while he tried only to medicate others with whatever result of such futile research, in a blatant hygienist policy. He was a dangerous self-righteous man trying to create and use a narrative for the resources he had (narratives he saw often unexplored by partners and competitors), and was trying to get free from restrains around his birth - allegiances he didn't make, and couldn't dismantle. Despite a blackmailer, the brief time she was "hired" had him bringing actual feelings toward her, none corresponded out of her self-awareness.
Not long after (the double agent, she was), she uncovered terrifying truths...
A power capable to destroy the world, and a choice to save few, or no one at all. On her ethical background, she was tempted to choose.
But she'd rather not. Risking her life was an easy price in order to prevent that which was an apocalyptic plot.
A dying man employed divine intervention. A corrupted youth pledged for a final selection.

    A Pacifist at Heart
    As mentioned, she doesn't consider herself a Necoc Yaotl. Her role as part of Arima Division has been most of delivery and networking (through less usage of any form of media - mostly com-links and arranging meetings given her power of speed leaving her unseen to most), which was as anonymous as any, and more than likely connected her to different individuals, experiences and societies. While she is formally cold, she can't help but feel the toll of the initiative the belligerents of Necoc Yaotl having taken under their shoulders, believing it the most tragic to see such pivotal engagement demonized by the only part they've never had control of - the mass killing. Sure that every soldier or rank of them are aware of their deeds, she tries to formally countour their intent to pursue more subtle ways of acting, ones she find it with certain ease to her powers - but doesn't correspond to the totality of the group-cell of Arima Division.

    Irreligious and careless
    She's uneasy with the outtake of the so-called pagan communes installed across diverse spots in Europe, mostly in the Eastern portions. She's aware most of it's contingency has served more or less as exits for a severe gang-reality they were plunged into before the great world wars and through slavery realities in it's scandalous frontiers. Despite that, she does know Dazbog's role and somewhat blames him for not only by moreso continuing this process of uprising (as any statement or combat for such as land and means of production is righteous), but by using narratives she deems both outdated and as counter-proceeding, as if he took hold of their acceptance of mysticism and idolatry in daily life, given the informal qualities of their collective identity (which is a material trait for acting undercover, but regrettably generated side-effects as to serve it's more public facades). She is mostly estranged for this scenario except when the urgency claims to her a spot there. She's overly secular and will find it quite anti-ethical the relation it (Dazbog's communes) has with religion, being more so an oven for the most complex and daring actions the cell plans, mostly concerning iconoclasty and deadly rioting against multiple fronts of security and civilians. Triton and Dazbog maintain the tides in their favor, though, but Kappa is always under pressure to manage this single reality whilst directing members from a spot to other in it's convoluted scenario.

    An occasional Militia
    She's participating more in the roles Lanzo (Zalacosta, which she knows by name through the Triton) had prescripted following the Informal International, which devised a map of autonomous occupied zones akin to adopt possible Necoc Yaotl related tactics and were either suppliers or in need of military management in front of the on-going wars with both the Commonwealth and the Holy Roman Empire (she herself being citizen of the commonwealth usually pends to attack the Holy Roman Empire as she's not quite sure they're ready to head on the Commonwealth and it's large overseas domain yet). He previewed some sort of dissent to operate in the re-installed Anarchist squats and militias across Minoica and the Aegean, altogether with obscure zones between it and the Eastern Pagan Communes, which tactically adopted semi-nomadic spots to better secure their gains and sown unstability in pivotal lines of supply for the enemy (i.e. the Adriatic Sea). She's spent time with him to manage Anarchist Squats in the outskirt regions of Minoica, coming to find a possible dissenter of the Triton and it's tactics, the militant named as "Black X". Working for Triton, she's up to discover his identity as of yet. Lanzo on the other hand, believes it to be of little consequence - trying to make both work together for a common visible goal regardless of the bad blood between them, or over any past contest both of them are unaware of.

    Whilst Kai is overly concerned for her welfare and self-esteem, she's got a backbone stronger than his, some would say. Facing death, coming close to tetric scenarios of exploitation and torture, she managed to pass over it all with certainty of her enterprise. She's hardly showing any concern for his, due the time and distance which sets them apart, but she believes in his potential. The cases they meet, they often discuss manners to bring the Triton to a better management of his own time. They mean him to use more often his human form but so far failed to make the young man's mind. Triton's human form, the teenage Gus Mauros Sgouros, is always surprised to meet the errand former agents at any vicinity, in his country Minoica or in the sporadic visits at the communes. He harbors feelings for Melissa ever after their partnership in the events which followed after the Scirocco mission. Rendered in a month descending ever closer to a dead end, even such event didn't make he admit anything other than his usual self-loathing. With time, he sees he's making some progress. She acts as if she's clueless. Unaware of how it'll end, she keeps her promise that they'll put slavery and other forms of exploitation down in a big way - leaving it for a domino effect to take care of the rest. Hard to tell if any of them still believes that after over an year fighting side by side...
The time she's missing and even moreso the rumours abound her contractor being of dubious connection to the Empire leaves Gus with a visible angst, which only contributes for he spending more time as Triton back again...

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