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Kai Lee Taylor - Agent RHO

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!

: Kai Lee Taylor
Birthdate: 06/Mar/1988, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2006, became Agent Rho in November 2006.
    Aloof member of the Alpha Omega, Kai yearns to be a warrior, passing over morale, making it a code for his own, when and if he desires. Has a serious tone whilst talking about intents to kill, and will often try to justify anger and rage, but in truth, he's not a mean man. Just tries to be tough, a trait he often has to be accepted, as if to find his place anywhere and make it cool with himself. He thinks on the consequences of his actions, but when overwhelmed by the possibilities, he'll ask some few of his trusted ones. That leads him to a thought of sell-swords, a "bounty-hunter" narrative which does offend some of the AXIS' Staff, but he's self reliable on less extreme situations. If that is not possible, he pass his own judgement. He tries not to regret his deeds, but he actually overthinks them, more often after he's done it, and is constantly fighting with nostalgia. With many facades, he's still easy to read.
    Hobbies, Lifestyle, Affinities: At first his major sport activities were thought to be swimming. Feels at home in water, but he's no surfer. This amateur boat-racer is more like a coast-guard wannabe, despite living in all his life at some dozen of different shores in the Pacific. That said, he eagerly drops such stereotypes, and his angry demeanor is just a feat those who relate to him can see. Outward, he's relaxed, sometimes even disposing a tranquil temper which unknown people could mistake easily for numbness. He knows many things about computer sciences, but he takes that as a legacy from some of his family and as a hobby. His actual dream is to be wielding a blade and be good at it. Fuels up a ton of stories concerning legendary heroes. With pikes, swords, knives... not some plasma beam or dissecting tachion cannons. He knows it's kinda stupid, until...

He gets to know Drake Sonck (EPSILON) earlier in the entrance at AXIS, and as soon as he bought it about he being royal blood and that (as if there were still kings in Lithuania? He didn't pick that this "royal" wasn't actualy being nobility), he got impressed on his wits, and even came to feel like part of something, attaining some highlight in 2006's team. Drake became Agent Epsilon earlier, in May 2006, and both Kai and his roommate Joe (a still regular soldier, known to be like a bodyguard of the trio) didn't take too long to discover it. Drake was pleased to know his room mates knew of his so-called secret post in the institute only because of his valor. He soon presented his "view", that is, he, a trained hybrid himself, meant to use such "demonic" powers, and becomes a werewolf at will, in order to fight demons. He meant AXIS to be improved during their service. Leave a mark at it. Coming up with ways to revive the defunct fencing club of it, he was able to show his prowess with a katana. Kai found it to be an answer to his lack of pertaining. He found his place, and would join Alpha and Omega months later.
Has a past with the Walkers, Melissa (KAPPA) and Lan (OMEGA), their families had some ties in research during their late childhood (they were 11 y.o in 1999). As they grown up to the first year of high school, they kind of pursued gigs and other activities to stem out from a time whose major difficulties was sketching a future. Lan got to be the most good-spirited of them, Melissa would often stick to it so someone would got their back, and Kai was a major nuisance to neighbors. He'd just not escape from stupid fights, until be put on track. Trying to prove himself made him a "pitiful brat" (ok, not as harsh as all that, but he's ashamed of a thing or two) to the eyes of Melissa, but Lance had a way to turn it in a positive light. Both of them were kind of whiz children with expensive hobbies, and taking less an outdoor role and more into invention, they drafted many ideas for planning and programming games, they only lacked a designer... until a timely turn of plans in Kai's family, which made him leave once again - expected but still crudely heartbreaking. His meeting up with them again wasn't easily expected, and instead of searching if anything was at play, they felt how stranger they were to each other in the last two or three years. Staining even more his sense of pertaining and digging where it hurts his nostalgia, no wonder he relied on Sonck and his gang, where he was respected and reliable.
Got also between some veterans, such as Daniel Fawkes (ETA), fellow West Coaster, and Marvin Chad (ALPHA), since their most meetings were in sparing and training, while his best pal Drake was constantly fighting in the restored fencing club. Dylan Garrett (DIGAMMA) has much more superior tech and Kai will often pursue anything to discover and find out how he gets his hands on such top-notch gadgets. May have been the one who nicknamed him "Agent Gadget". His armor was reputedly to belong to a former magister, and his power was much less atack than it was infiltration and such. Got to learn with Agent Eta anything about its specs, but Daniel is an epic failure for teaching, so he was left with no choice but to rely on instructors solely. Considers Yao (THETA) a sinister man, which as both an instructor and former worker of the labs which created these armors, got to keep repairing and reviewing its synch rates. The Rho suit requires too much symbiosis, so very often, becoming Agent Rho exchanged Kai's swimming pool activities with a tank the size of a vat. Prisoner for long hours, he'd be kept inside the Rho suit until it drown, for some time in a dark room whose only lights are the bubbles of his suit. He'd get not out of it until all bubbles were deplenished - and he became the liquid itself. Yao would then "filter" him. If he remained in the vat, he'd take the whole process back. If it took days and nights, or weeks in a row he doesn't like to remember. Time after time he does it back again. But after two years he can do that in some two hours - on liquids with properties of acid. Should he falter - it's goodbye. Hard to stick to good memories, he focus triggering ones often to keep focus on battle. Arguably, has developed some psyche to suit different times, one cruel in battlefield other kind, yet shallow, outside it. What remained of the aloof guy may have dropped all in the drain.

Kai's family isn't exactly aristocratical or even bourgeoise. His dad's side only got to be opportunnistic enterpreneurs who got green lights shining for them with the opening of markets in Southeastern Asia. Some venture joints were just kind of used to some illegal smuggling of hitech goodies and electronic pieces - from top-notch to junk. Something his mom's side had all covered up with respectable lawyers and such. His uncle's side was the true turning point - a computer science and programming genius, he didn't invent just hardware out of the junk his neighbours made out of the silicon valley's past generations. He became widely known during some time, but his only "sin" was to be a proponent of free software during such capitalistic times. Before the tables turn, his uncle was led to serve here and there with up to date technologies, but he had to keep his own inventions safe, before capitalizing it. Usually on the run, his family vowed to help him out. Actually, they were helping his other uncle - or rather his clients. Kai was a child growing in different countries across the Pacific, in many cultural bubbling cauldrons. Sounds paradisiacal, but he went as an outcast from a place to another, with few time to make friends. Sticking to no place at all, at his early ages he'd stick to music gigs - the time he got to know Lan and Lissa. Their parents were in the same projects at time. His differential was that despite all the trouble he got into, he had always an easy way out. But this joint venture was one his parents couldn't afford to lose or risk the slightiest. So it ended up Lan got a co-worker and Melissa got another brother to take care of, and slightly less time for her. That problem she kept for herself. Kai kept his feelings. He was shunned and bit of ashamed when his family left, his uncle wasn't eager even to teach him what he knew, time was a luxury he couldn't afford. He had no longer desire to sketch futures in his footseps, he realized he was no actual wiz kid, and preferred it if only at once to keep it outdoors. The casual friends he made it contact in the web weren't nearly as good as he thought, they grew apart. But anything battled it back at his face, what he's left behind. Nostalgia ruined his sense of progress. Freelance after freelance, he'd be exhausted and realized he's been already outdated, technologically speaking. Of course even though, people would still need his services anywhere else, but he lacked the commitment. Seeking no college, he went to AXIS by secret invitation. Then you know the story.
    In the 2 years that passed, he made peace with Lan and Lissa, and started living in Sydney. Two years and some 4 months as Rho and an epic (but explainable) failure was what took him a hiatus from service. On that, he got planned before something ahead. Another part of his family has always had a small furniture, and they were repairing it to keep up with competitive cafes out there. He turned it to some kind of gentrified coffee shop. Sticking to it, Melissa put some vegan recipes and ta-daa, "Bayside Lan" became an alternative shop some few kilometers from Melbourne's docks. How long will it last, and how will the three agents manage to keep it working whenever they come back to service, is yet to be seen...

Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Manaus Facility,
Northern Region, Brazil, produced in 1999
Power: Liquify
Symbiosis and programming collect all info on the user's body to replicate, divide and multiply collectively in nano scales and, having this chain to behave like an uni-cellular being with an unbreakable tie and key joints, the user becomes one with the liquid, undistinguishable from a puddle. Being swallowed is not recommendable. But that happens when demons have suction snouts. His becoming back to normal size and solid state usually have a few time to synch with the outside, and that makes his armor with limited time of razor tips to grab him out of whatever recipient he's in. The main difference to which liquids he can become is about its levels of acidity and how many substances are involved. Theorethically he can mend with oil, but that take would take long time to re-build himself, time he wouldn't have in missions. Crudely known as "Amoeba Man" by fellow Alpha Omega.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Marine Team: A team formed by him, Xi (Gilles) and Lambda (Anna). Responsible for dealing with highly reputed rare yet menacing sea demons of every kind. Kind of the creepiest mission since it deals with a vast space. Good enough Xi got a telepathic link and is assisted by fast subs, Kai mends wit the water, gicing it a conscience to span for some kilometers' radius, and Lambda is the fastest diver out there. Bad that Gilles' orders are often confusing for cadets, Lambda likes to play the leader and feels pestered by Kai's behavior. Well, what's to say...
    Cadet of the Fennec Infiltration Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Xi, Rho and Psi. Well, it's like the Marines, but on surface, having Rho searching over pipelines. And orders comes from Tahira, not Anna.
    Participated in a particular mission in Australia, destined not to fight against demons, but rather rogue ranks of the national army. Alongside Epsilon and Omega, they fought with unexpected demons... The failure status attained not only to him but to those members he had some bounds to proved a hard time for him, until he and Lan didn't gave up where Drake left off and took a very meticulously planned difficult plan. Think of it as the game they never completed: Rho uses liquid, right? Copying anything like Digamma, it sculpted a quite human face for the fluid, with clothing and all. Instead of an unicelullar being, it had a small vector - Phi (or Omega-Phi) in nano-size, to bring his own essence to different spots it passed on the margins of the Murray River, where the rogue army ranks had mounted their resistance. Some were known to be temporary and leaving, but those that really mattered, with its leaderships and such, would be identified... until another unexpected demon almost killed Rho by parting him in too far parts to count (i.e getting he cut throughout a river full of daimobia) and detected Phi in nano-size, striking him down with an over-heating thunder, forcing him to reveal his true size.
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