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Heliopolis: Osiris, Set and Amon

A long time ago, there was a council of powerful beings, ambiguously ancient and reputedly immortal. This was called as 'Per Aa' (Great house) council, which brought forth structure to a great Civilization deemed to exist forever. As with the former Apkallu Council, it was disintegrated and the assisted Civilization ceased to be, absorbed by a secret conspiracy and a coup orchestrated by rather internationalist forces (first the Frashokeretian, briefly 'freed' by the Hellenic and then finally absorbed into Chronpuchian colony of Tredius, the Roman Empire).

From a late generation of the council, Osiris hailed from a city in the valley of Egypt and, initiated by Horus on the arts of Xnobius, would share with Set the Akh the control of the land. Betrayed by the same after being misunderstood, he would be saved by his wife, initiated as well in another order and by other means  (by Taweret the Telchine). His wife came to sever Apep the giant snake which dwelts on the underground, to have its mandragora fused to Osiris. As so, he became a generator of heat through Xnobius and of life through the Mandragora. Exiled in the fields of Aaru, this mummified men was helped by other members which sided with a rather equilibrated view of Ma'at and Justice, coming to form a court to judge the excess of people in the Ushabti and Akh armies.

Set himself served on multiple wars and as an Akh was really xenophobe to the Triton species. He was, however, helping the Egyptians and found on their pre-disposition to work manners on how to seed the No fayan swarm conduct on it. Ra's rival, Khepera (he himself being an elemental of higher class) formed legions and had opportunities on how to use the radiation of the Mehen flux to meld all the Akhs humans and other species in a single uniform army with powers based on Xnobius and Fire ushabti. Loyal to Khepera, Set would strike ferociously those who opposed him or those which held back the potential of these armies. With the aid of Ra, Horus and his son Anubis, Osiris would have conquered this errant army to have them inserted in a peaceful society.
Set, however, wasn't ashamed by his fierce acts, and would find, like Sekhmet and Bast, place in Egyptian society as high regarded individuals.

Amon/Ammon-Ra is a Djinn who occasionally appeared directly to appointed rulers. One of those was Ahmose I, who lived in the troublesome years which had Khepera gathering the armies in the boundaries of the Egyptian kingdom in secrecy whils the hyksos occupied the cities. At the end, khepera's army plan was foiled by infiltrated Triton and hellenistic forces whilst Ahmose, siding with Ammon, found support from egyptian human themselves alone to strike and take back the kingdom from the hyksos.

The council then, while functional, was notably polarized by Ra and later Ammon as more peace-seeking forces and on the other side Khepera and his Akh troops as No Fayan swarmers, who makes of the eternal rest of the dead an deadly army against the living. Yet the council was dissolved, Osiris still hails from Aaru fields, a secret haven located just above Duat, the realm where Apep still dwells. Many mysteries are still laid deep on these caves...
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Is this material for a comic book, a web series, or an RPG? I can see any of those working out REALLY well.
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Thanks! It's part of a story I'm creating. I'm doing the comics for it recently, but still no plans for print versions. These characters themselves will appear just much later in the story. But in the way I may use them for anything else too, maybe a card game or anything of that kind.