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HUO God of Earth

An illustration depicting one of the NINE Elemental Gods. This is HUO, God of Earth. Master of Ore, Dust, Stone, Rocks, Sand Particles, Minerals and Foundation. He's a brute, careless for all life. When he's in a good mood, he's a jester. However, he's done quite well playing the games of the mortals over the years, since he's been incarnating in the most powerful magnates from generation to generation, such as Cecil Rhodes. Among his powers, he control powers related to earth, tectonic plates and can cause seismic shocks. He's also of greatest help in the primordial battles between the Nine Elemental Gods versus the Huehueyolcatl (and its allies: Mandragorans [those who inherited the powers of the original, primeval autotrophic beasts], Huaca [beings which are autotrophic and formed out of colonies of plants, vegetable matter and fungus, mostly of such connected composites], Pururauca [beings which are made of rock, fossil, ore itself, and are also chemosynthetic] and Dark-Elves [strange entities made up of chemosynthetic micro-organisms with high sensibility to the minimal alterations on weather and other senses - they are skilled crafters]), for being able to control the wits of the Pururauca as his own army.

He's known in other cultures in other godly forms as well, for if he did built a vast powerful industrial power, it came from somewhere (most noticeably, from slavery, exploration and mass-destruction. His brother would say it was for progress and his other brother would cover it all up with some noble morale. But deep down all Huo's work was the DIRTY one).
Urcaguary (The form he was known by the Inca Empire/South-American natives, when he used to own some mining facilities ran on slavery in Uku Pacha). Plutus (formal name of the form he had used claiming inheritance from the farthest domains of the Tredian colony of the Chronpuchian empire. Architect to the economy behind the hellish circles of both Nigeria and Ethiopia).
Tartalo / Alaraby (As known by some Banteran people on decurrence of their contact  with neighbouring Huaca and Pururauca).
Hades (his Olympian form, as the Helladean aristocrat of Akheron and neighbouring cities, a proud slaver and military).

His original creations were rude sculptures. He saw no useability for swift life, and would destroy all dark-elves if they didn't help him getting used to the skills and craft his brother Molokh mastered on own accord (metallurgy). He'd rather spend years watching erosion and making a catalog of each type of rock he'd find scattered on the galaxy, on the soil of every planet, on the crystals at clouds of each atmosphere. As so, he was disgusted by his brothers' inventions of living beings. He'd find joy on it again only when the beasts began killing for ore and began crafting things with it.
Despite very powerful and patient, he is too skeptical, at the point being a bit dumb for it. He denies the existence of the hidden elements – maybe they're constantly changing his body and giving it pulse, so he never distill it from the other "ordinary rocks" that composes his main body. Actually, he was one of the first of the Elementals that would conceive on its own of having a "Macabraic Core", a place to where their powers flow and after a time a place from where it emanates, no matter how many avatars and conditions for their elements there are around them. His exploits on that matter made him adopt some talismans as well: unknown to most, his "Jaw" is actually a pair of cornucopies, a single horn construct so similar in functionality to the very horns his brother Baal has. Being remote-controlled, however, he still has no direct control to it, and one can assume it leaves open room for his body being controlled at some extent...

He's one of the Elementals who spend less time coming up with plans: the world we live in is pretty much how it sounded on Huo's dreams: the misery of life, the natural disasters, the economical growth, the capital flow, all the blood spilled for shining tiny bits; the bureaucracies being able to part a planet in broken chards, showing the insignificance of life itself, all goes on accordance with this hulking giant who commanded the Cyclops into creating what we know as "Modern Science". Instead of far-seers as the Dragons, these one-eyed systematized knowledge through evidence, and lost much of what was inherent on knowledge, reprimanding the flow of memory and keeping it tied to the powerhouses of economy.
The elementals he hate most are Tupaq and Hydros. Hydros because of his artistic skills, of his philosophies and free-spirited personality. Tupaq because of his dark, nihilistic attitude, more for his claims wanting the end of the universe of matter and energy (all the things that are important for Huo).

Digital content include original line-art; a version of the illustration without titles and a version without background.
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