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Inktober Day 17- GRACEFUL
You can wait here until next drawings are revealed or have it all revealed at behance

For this year, I've been dwelling in my old stories once again, this time re-imagining the pivotal "Spirit Fight" tournament, sticking how I could to match the official prompt list. On the championship, teams of three members fight each other through a group phase and then through three rows of classifying into the great final. This fighting championship involved techno-shamans from around the world. Given the disturbance, it was not strange to find techno-shamans from other dimensions, hailing from dystopias, utopias, with spirits, summonable allies and downloadable A.I.s more strange or familiar than the competitors themselves. Each had a question to settle in the fights, it's understood that merit would evaluate those who advance ahead. Couldn't be more wrong, as a mysterious competitor rigged the championship to begin with. They just find it out in season 5's finale (I guess...)

Present characters:
SHELL is arguably the "Golden Creation" indeed, one destined to save the future and secure an utopia, to which "all suffering would have been justified as to the pavement of a holistic and timeless existance". That according to her creator and herself, of course. Deep down she has everything a killing machine has and more. Guided by her summons, the Goddess of Light and Justice, as well as to her newest, ultimate persona, the Queen of the Black Land, she is also overseer to a circle in Hell (guess which one), ruling the hellions as well as the inhabitants of her future utopia like they were "her children". Hailing from an automated future (eight years after the competition is supposedly happenning), she was built during the times the Juventists competed with the Tinteno-Criticazoicans. Things got complicated and they needed bigger sponsors. She was uneasy with the No-Fayans at first because of Lapolo, his disappearance for a while left a power vaccuum her father took hold off, and when he started to travel dimensions non-stop, she took charge of the sunset city of No-Faiase. Unsatisfied in conquering her system, she went on a time crusade to revert all places in the galaxy as sentries of this promised utopia.  

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