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Promissory biologist, pharmaceutical and medical PhD specialized in bio and genetic engineering, this mid-aged Zealandia-born human found a sudden break on his 'researches' in the day a young rookie Triton invaded his lab. The Triton, taking violently the matters of the 'researchers' on his own hands, was there, in one of his first own given commitments to destroy vivisection and animal exploitation in every sense. With an inverse take on justice, the Triton meticulously used briefly the same vivisection tools on those who had a lifetime of cutting apart living sentient beings and of testing weird chemicals and drugs for human use on those who were cruelly inserted on a 'lab-rat' industry.

The Triton saved the day for the rabbits, rats, frogs and every other kind of animal locked in the lab's secret chambers. And he thought all these 'scientists' were killed. But this one survived. Losing an eye in the process, he'd create his own implants and swear revenge on the Triton. Looking the animal-testing less supported on his country each day that passed, he'd need to think very much to get a new job to continue his research (and madness). And the almost life-taking experience has drove him only more connected to the sentient organisms' studies. His madness found safety on talks of 'research', 'saving humans' and all the worst kind of lies that there exist in the scientific community, blind believers of 'reason' (as an ultimate truth of 'evidence') and highly supporters of their own class and rights to be mad, cruel and relentless. The only 'evidence' there was was but the lust for death and the cruelty in the eyes of these objectifying characters, who tries to mask their feelings and emotions of torturing and murdering with 'reason'.

He'd find support at once, the day his lab was closed and his professor kidnapped by a strange armored vigilante known as "Archimedes". Archimedes was actually a cryptocrat of the secret Order of the Novus Civilizatio, and was responsible for the Sphere of Technology and the Circle of Science, which comprised the spheres/seats of Technology, Biological sciences and Engineering. By revealing and meeting this secret, the scientist began participating in the order as "Galenus", the one commanding the Sphere of Biological Sciences.

From this point, he'd cooperate with their major plan of human automation. He was leading the biological studies to drug people with industrialized food and to poison the soil with toxics and bio-engineered craft, without to mention his cooperation with the social spheres to induce consumerism and technology-dependance to all the people, as well by working closely to Rhodes, who has the seat of the Sphere of Economics, into using the media to legitimate traditional industries, such as that of dairy, meat and any other which used animals. At first the media didn't believe or wasn't eager to reveal the Triton - the very thought of an inhuman being able to destroy the works of human industrial civilization made them tremble - but soon enough when the same was revealed to be working in and with squatters (some ideologically anarchists and others just outside the law), Galenus soon found support in his order to hunt the inhuman and take revenge.

Ironically, these efforts were led by other spheres (notably 'Philosophy' and 'Military') through other means and other traditional powers such as the church. But when the 'Eco-terrorism' came by independent human groups, he himself saw a great opposition coming true. He used all that 'traditional' and 'conservative' babble about the usage of animals in industry and about 'progress' and 'evolution' (misrepresenting biological basic concepts, by taking evolution in one-sided, one-guided way). Many people believed his words, as he was a specialist (like if the years spent torturing and the titles he earned in the medieval institution we knew as Academy by just following what was done years ago in an uncreative industry and businessmen-oriented indoctrination proved anything but his 'genius' or 'knowledge').
But the Triton, whilst not supported by 'pacifist' activists (the very idea itself is paradoxical), was somewhat a figure to the 'terrorists'. His actions were a take-off for Animal Liberation and did humans liked it or not, the inversion in the testing, the killing of the workers and laborers through their own tools, the reveal of their own minds and justice applied to them (using their 'philosophy' of 'we doi it because we can'), provoked the public so much that the visions of animal to humans (seen as classes, one with civil rights and all other several beings in a reductio ad unum class, the 'animals') was to be blurred. Industry, like always, would search in peripheral domains of their global arms to continue breeding animals to serve as 'lab-rats', and would willingly do so in 'humans' themselves who were unrecognized by law (through a secret joint of slavery and science, the Jotunn Scientific Organization, the Hellish Circles and the Church).
Once again, the Triton would foil Galenus' plans, by destroying, exposing and hunting the remnants of the secret orders' workers. So, Galenus would give up his secrecy state to his archenemy, and would try to capture the same years later. That opportunity would come when at last, the Chthonian Triton (no longer the Triton he knew) and a whole 'army' of anarchist squatters were ambushed in the bloodiest civil war of Londinium, in Brimghton.

Here, we see Galenus showing up a bit of his research - about the Chthonian Triton being actually a Minoican young adult called Gustávos and of the 'Omega suit' being adapted to usage by a Mexican adult named Lanzo. This confidential info, shared to the Novus Civilizatio members, is an important piece to keep their order safe from exposure or dismantling. But by taking face-to-face with the Triton, whose powers are beyond scientific understand, was also a risky maneuver.
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