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Inktober Day 30- FOUND
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For this year, I've been dwelling in my old stories once again, this time re-imagining the pivotal "Spirit Fight" tournament, sticking how I could to match the official prompt list. On the championship, teams of three members fight each other through a group phase and then through three rows of classifying into the great final. This fighting championship involved techno-shamans from around the world. Given the disturbance, it was not strange to find techno-shamans from other dimensions, hailing from dystopias, utopias, with spirits, summonable allies and downloadable A.I.s more strange or familiar than the competitors themselves. Each had a question to settle in the fights, it's understood that merit would evaluate those who advance ahead. Couldn't be more wrong, as a mysterious competitor rigged the championship to begin with. They just find it out in season 5's finale (I guess...)

Present characters:
The story of how the Minotaur Asterius, raised amidst Tintenoican nobility under the watchful sight of Minos (who raised him "as a son"... like someone to his watch dog) spared one of his sacrificial victims, the girl Melite. Even after the war which unified the Tintenoicans and Criticazoicans, the first were known to be brutish. With the schemes of the latter, they've became the best traders, outsmarting the boycott continental Pepitans (Africans), No Fayans (Asians) and Aquatens (Europeans) had done to the Civilizations of the Archipelago. Paying tributes to the Tinteno-Criticazoicans were the Aquatens before the time of the Zonians came. At time, the Juventists tried to implement democracy, despite being sponsored by despots to do so elsewhere. On such an occasion, they've denied Minos participation in a ritual. His son tried to infiltrate it but was killed. As a repayment, the Juventists should, when requested, send their noble youth to the dark catacombs. The very soul of the architect Daedalus was held there by Minos, who had this power already. The bull would behave as Zeus' guise did to Europa, but in fact the noise and stench of fear of the multitude let him unable to hold off hunger any longer.
But Melite was different, not afraid at all... Her sight pierced through the truth of the beast - the prison damaged him, he longed for a life outside.
Between all, the intervention of the Goddess perpassed time and space, as she watches silently, coiling around the earth. Just like Europa foundated such a civilization, herself mother to Minos, this girl Melite, abandoned by her Aquaten motherland, championeered for the beast. But in no time, reports would've been someone killed it. Desperate, she'd have thrown herself to the waves.
Their friendship would last, not in the way they imagined, though...
For none of them actually died. A contest between "deities" (actually artificial intelligences in larger plans betwen space and time), set Asterius to the domains of the Seas, through Zon. Didn't took long until he broke free from the facility, being himself rescued by Kritikas, while Minos, aware this someone couldn't be the same - one Aplorak saved during the Foundation Wars before the unification - saw through the Olympian (clearly taking Aquaten side) facade. Turning on the absence of his father Zeus, he resorted to Hades. Who had him in the door of the dead was another who had the keys to the Underworld. He delivered the frozen body of the girl to the spectre. In no time, Zon (which one, you say, since it spans millennia, travel time, and requires to assimilate bodies through generations to continue to exist) would've bridged the destruction of the civilization, setting Minos' plans in an unlikely future. Asterius survived, and with the sacrifice of Aplorak, took his place - as Miredrinn. His "chosen one" has been unheard of. But when time came, the souls future and past resonated, and her location was found once again.
If the beast was raised to be a weapon and the girl avoided it, the ultimate fate would not be spared in the future, becoming both bio-mechanical weapons of destruction (you may find them going by as "Miredrinn" and "Natasha"). On a better note, they've kept the friendship intact, and that alone changed their resolve to act as protectors... using violence when required, as she got quite the responsibility as "General" of the Resistance. In the "Spirit Fight" setting, however, such a future is retconned, as Zon and his rival A.I. (he who possess the keys to the Underworld) seems to have exchanged Natasha and Miredrinn, selling them to unrelated businesswomen, for example. By the fights she wons, "Natasha" has larger insight on who or what she was.

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