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Fire Lords 2 (feat. Fire Lord the Ultimate)

Here are some Fire Lords (some living other dead), members of an international secret organization of magicians-politicians (not necessarily in this order) followers of the No Fayan principles.
The No Fayan principles are loosely inspired in Confucius' notions of honor and duties, but in a more broad scope. Believing strictly in a mass of society as an organism and believing every individual may usher/come to be (as a producer of arts and or crafts and therefore live/entice feelings through it) as long as it serves well the mass of society (mass here without the same meaning it has in the classes' struggle vision) and legitimate its participation and role on it.

To assure this role, the Fire Lords are rather influential people, and paradoxically they must be secret in order to act. So, they designed for each traditional characteristic helmets, for their own purposes and styles (preferences, as some like to say), often used in ceremonial rituals, meetings, conferences or to show up their powers in a manner of 'alter-ego'.

Despite its philosophical simplicity lead to ambiguous or very broad conclusions, Fire Lord leagues have spread and existed all too well in the transitions between agricultural and industrial-based civilizations, some even discuss whether or not industries were first planned by them, maybe shunned in nomadic civilizations at once. In the same manner, economy has not stopped or avoided them from acting: They're in so-called capitalist and communist societies as well, for they are both the anti-anarchist Trotski and the 'pseudo-socialist' Stalin, in the same manner as the conservatives of the invaded land of America. They do all that the people want, they are just the translators of numerous whispers.

So, it should be understood that among their ranks, they have not only politicians, but as well engineers, philosophers, artists and mercenaries. A problem that there is, though, is that their rather mystic-oriented belief isn't applied just to metaphysics. Legend has it that those fire-wielder mortals once discovered how to manage their aura and breathing air and trans-mutate it in fire. To do so on themselves and on others, they were helped by microorganisms known as Fire Ushabtis. To control others it was easier that their bodies had symbiosis with the Ushabti themselves, so some individuals planned on how to spread these beings across the atmosphere and biosphere of the planet.

A more dense air and a polluted atmosphere made the rates of Fire Ushabti grow beyond reach, and soon the urban landscape was but a savage mixture of Muspelheimr's unending heat and the diversity of Tredius former native landscape. On it, species such as the Akhs (humanoid mammal carnivore-headed beings) could live very well, since their paradoxical need for breathing air and for keeping heat (even when destroying plants and trees - suppliers of air) was surpassed when they had formed large colonies, and therefore kept the heat to be distributed in a new kind of air and atmosphere, to be manipulated by those who were able at first to bend fire with their own wills.

In that manner, that organic limitation of the mortals, paved the path for the Fire Lords to go well with industry, urbanization, mass production (which is present as the running fuel in 'both sides' of the false world polarization of the 'not-so-cold' war) and of inducing on the people the need for technology and exposure to the Ushabti, who also swarm into electrical based energy. If that plan was not enough, the Fire Lords which gathered more controlled swarms no longer need military interventions, they sided with high-technological potential, the People's Republic of Haijian, only to create a powerful device which promises them to control the flux of radioactivity on Tredius, creating a stream of unending heat coming from the planet core.

Endless energy, endless production, endless spawning in the swarms, how one's supposed to keep that in control? Fire Lords have a golden rule: Like the Akh species themselves, if you haven't got the means to control your heat, it becomes radioactive and you and your ipseity are history, so better learn how to use it and you shall become immortal. So, there can be only NINE Fire Lords, for the Mehen Flux (the radioactivity of the planet, as measured by a chain of energized Xnobius stones [rare elements used by the Akhs to expand their lifespans]) will balance itself in case of exceeding Fire Lords. So, they have lots of manners to introduce some in the order, getting rid of the exceeding ones and such.

This order existed in many cultures, in the Islamic world as the 'Barzakhs', in India after the Mongols ravaged it as the 'Agnis' and even in ancient Egypt, as exclusive to few very reclusive of their knowledge. The most powerful incarnation came from Ancient China and aggregated all the others, as traditional result of Haijian's new state. That power of ipseity, of physical and intellectual prowess and industrial development, all too materialistic, was highly supported by Khepera, the One who came to be Fire, who uses the "Might makes Right" in many manners, specially those which appeal to the importance of the society and of the masses, crumbling the individuals or even worse: making they believe in their individuality rather as a result of participating in a devastating system.

All who deny his plans are often deemed as primitive, vagabonds or individualistic. He's both left and right, he's modernism, he's the power of industry and of the fire, worshiped by ignorant humans as their first savior, whilst it was actually the beginning of the end for their materialistic meaningless minds. Khepera is the one to benefit from all this aeon-during plan.
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