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To break away from the dire toll of a battle for the universe, this piece from August reaches out to another (less worrying?) events.
It's Father's Day (in norwegian: farsdag)! You plan nothing but to get away from your old man's reach, and yet use the holiday to drink a little bit more than the weekend, for your work has been non-stop for months. Then, there in the pub you find your old dad. Your friends find theirs. For in truth all those were old-known to each other, mate. In the worst case scenario, you admit you follow dad's steps. Not quite what you expected for a living...

These characters are mine and :iconguiler-717:'s, we've developed them around 2005 but are mostly a possible continuation to even earlier stories.
Other than that, other common and fundamental elements were justly borrowed. Who still remember Mega Bloks Dragons? On the Krystal Wars series, we were introduced to the Norvagen. Needless to say, they set the tone here. Just sit down and have a drink, as I introduce it to you.

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On the left side:
The unmistakably Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (characters who're not mine but were appropriated count:1), who is Fruitbat's sidekick for a while (or is it the other way around, you tell me...), is miles away from his own Australian family (then you ask: what family? the guy was supposed to be from an extinct species, dammit), but he takes a beer to clear out his own blues. Serving them cold beers there is Nathanael Fogarello de Firenze. Used to run a bakery when you were a kid, went bankrupt few years ago. Seems kinda happy to see his old "Beer Club" still lives. After all this bar specialized on "Norwegisches Bier" (Norwegian Beer) isn't in Norway, either.

On the central table:
Your old man is a rough marauder, Vasterlan Condrichtiyes, you still remember today how he made you work your ass out of cleansing the coast, island after island you've moved from endless travels. And from all of a sudden, he has to move and leave child and wife behind. You don't forgive him, despite knowing what it was for. Man, are you glad this madness passed. Still when you reached full age (six to seven years ago... isn't much, is it?), he passed the mantle of the famed "Cosmic Messenger", Hammerhead, to you. You know, you didn't want to live in the shadow and made your own style - as the Fruitbat - from the service of the messengers, you met Ty. Beside him, Ocelotl Huitz, has his own accursed story (at least he got one eye intact) but is eveready to taste another beer. The powerful yet grim helmet of Ostgard still reminds all of his past. Lacking this background there is Pino Graham (characters who're not mine but were appropriated count:2), farther related to some other Graham you wouldn't ever trust, who despite that found workaholic teammates on his youth days. As Norvagens (can you tell whose helmets are those in the background?), the trio have what it takes to transport goods across all the seven seas, specially those people would rather avoid - the Arctic and Antarctic. And as in service of the Messengers, to bring war when there is no other way.

On the front:
Oh, it's you.
Aplô Aquanautilus Condrichtiyes, the FRUITBAT! You bear the scars of the battle, take it slow since your right hand is no more. You've got a long way hunting Lapôlô's minions (since he got a corporation these freaks spawn from everywhere) to think on other things, but you also work on a press as a researcher for some ancient studies column. Your best friend Byduchi Huitz Xib, who specializes on pre-columbian know-how, has his own stories as well, his side-job as the GUATE saved half of the world whilst you saved the other. Kinda didn't expect to be short talked by your fathers on father's day. It seems life has no luck at all, does it...

On the right table:
Using a viking helmet the unmistakable Robert "Bob" Pinosson, who turned upside down too many times, but your friend got the best for him after breaking out from a facility for the mentally ill. Turns out he still relies on alcohol. Better than drinking on your own pee, forced by a psychiatrist of suspect methods. Despite to good-intentioned, yet poorly oriented jokes from Jonathan "Johnny" Fogareo de Firenze, who seems to miss "all his friends" (not unusual for someone working on making pizza, think on the pressure, wasting away all your nights to serve someone you don't even got to look in the face), albeit he can never actually learn to count how much friends he does have... differently of Ttoetto-Qin who's in steady ascension at some business (some you suspect in having anything to do with your enemy's own... better not to think about it), one which requires concentration and too much calculation. His side-job would be earning money and stuff by playing e-sports. You know you could've not sold that console back then, but then, it was for buying clothes (for a date that didn't work). Oh my...

Now, who's missing? Your team of friends from before high-school cracked away in a sudden, people moving here, moving there... You remember a camping was cancelled, people like "Sonic" and Phillips were shunned to their own stuff, didn't get a word of them after you learned Lenny died in a war, Kosai died in a fight against (or protecting, details are clouded) Mangai, truths never told between them, now each is on each's path. Shadows as well didn't exist at all.

On the right side, at the background:
Two old men discussing the High Evolutionary, and something about their High-School incident. You don't know who they are. Couldn't care less.
Then let me present them to you, dear reader;
the one shaking his hand is the guise a demon named Animallion is using since the 70s, he's father to a former colleague. Never questioned how he became a werewolf, huh... what matters is in the soul, so being half-demon... you got some skill within.
the other, bald one, fought four times the wars that got Lenny killed. Did he die? Who knows. In his quest for immortality and practicing black magick in an initiatory circle in Cambodia, he learned a trick or two. Resurrecting from the ashes, like a former colleague of yours would have hidden well. They're similar, so you may assume it's his father. Not quite. One is a clone. There can be only one phoenix. But what does happen when the ash is split?

But hey, you gotta move on. Drink a cold beer, you've earned it. Who cares what an old seaman says anyway...
You just shouldn't miss the details... don't say I didn't warn you. Look at all directions. The unknown enemy is a false friend from the past.

So, I've made this piece to comemmorate one year since I've got the guts to draw back stories from the Fruitbat. It can all be seen on instagram, even though it was done around last October, so...
And because the very story has turned 12 year old, already older than my own self who've conceived it. Time does fly...
Peace out!
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