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Those are four out of Nine Elemental Gods from the mythopoeia concerning the universe of APKALLU and CUETZPALIN.
Emanations, entities and masters of the elements and changes on nature related to them, they are immortal and almost primordial beings with many untold powers and abilities. For their long-lasting existence, they have taken a path of creating life on their own accord, since they seemingly defeated their rivals, the huehueyolcatl. That untold event is the farthest their collective memories go. But that didn't end up in here, since some of the primordial beasts (immortal like them) have their own allies and plots to break free and set the world of the elemental gods into chaos.
Some of them, as well, remember their first resolve and their own lives and individuality before they came to embrace the responsibility of the overseers of the universe.

MOLOKH - God of Metal
HUO - God of Earth
LAPOLAKH - God of Fire
HYDROS - God of Water

These four are my original creations.

They can create mortal bodies or use other subterfuges to live amidst their "creation" (which is nothing more than the shaping of the ruins of the world of the huehueyolcatl), where they enrich their living and set scopes of their work. Each developed unique personalities, abilities and traits, but even gods themselves face the diseases of egoism, and are subject of forces such as time and having closed minds, maybe as result from the inherence of their tireless works and vice of thinking, their obsessions and desires. Their whole life has been a competition. Those under them, suffered all its consequences.
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