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Dylan Garrett - Agent DIGAMMA

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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: Dylan Garrett, nickname "Gadget"
Birthdate: 20/Sep/1986, New York City, USA
Admission in AXIS:
Member since January 2004, became Agent Digamma in January 31, 2004.
    Gangly and threatening member of Alpha Omega Squads. A hooligan-esque delinquent youth, beneath him there's a mixture of a whiz kid hi-tech genius and a miserable lack of a past. Has something or someone backing him, since he always has 'credits' (how he refers to money) with him. His only links with people are through fighting or cheap offense. But will only do so with a reason. More often working on his exploits, will join a fight only once it started. By the end of the day, he scores amongst the most unfamous gangs of AXIS. Has not just grown aloof because everyone tells like he's been always like that. A veteran himself, he's less than impressed with the previsible social strata and limited personae the last years have shown throughout.
    Hobbies, Affinities, Interests: Beating people up. Theft. Playing games, but more so finding its secret tips, cheats, and hacking its programming. A hacker as well as a big slacker, his major interest is in being hostile. That's a way of sociabilizing, isn't it?

(XI) was given the arduous task to make he fit and make his hi-tech geniousity into something. Gilles is a telepath but would rather consider Dylan to be either null, empty or perhaps too transparent. They've made some negotiations regarding the AXIS' main core of intelligence and data. The Xi armor is linked to it, but he'll have access to Dylan's memory each session after mission, given its sinister powers being much of a threat to AXIS and its soldiers' privacy. Despite Gilles being a threat himself, he's rather got free passage. That's why they got to employ Dylan as well. Given his unability to make such important "special agent" a bit more humane, doctor Yao (THETA) got it all covered, by taking the agent under his wing in the coaching program.
Other students would find it really strange the fact he was never seen in the first month of service, isn't considered a latecomer and DIGAMMA was handed down in a plate, even itself being alien to general Alpha-Omega Suits. He was readily employed to intel and covert mission, and the few who did know its powers were all afraid. Despite vows of secrecy, Dylan sports clothing with markings and color schemes too obvious of his intended suit, as well as being admitted the very first time agent Digamma made his debut. At time, he was supported by a staff member, sponsor which worked with Ülhaden years before, Dr. Howard Fang. He found a boring life with roommates Thomas and Kurt, both regular agents, and the latter with an abusive demeanor towards the first, who in turns tries to befriend Dylan to ease his life. He is better kept distance from, despite that, Doug (OMICRON) manage to keep conversations with him still, mostly having nostalgia of their first missions when Dr. Fang was still around. But if people like Marvin (ALPHA) and Daniel (ETA) grown weary of service, Doug's practically done with it, and Dylan's the oldest one to be assigned with Alpha Omega, numbering some 5 years of complete synch rates of symbiosis. He's a simple story told to each newcomer. However Nick (MI) would rather not listen and inspired by his fame of bully, wanted to "join his gang". The fearless metallic fiend didn't know that Dylan, too, had his secrets, and next day Nick couldn't hide his bruises. A recurrent play is that Jack (CHI) will "charge" fees on people to "defend them" if Dylan threatened them. However, they'd rather pick on the fees and share a lunch with it. This recurring plot was suppressed by the Team Leaders, Lana (NI) and Ben (ZETA), having both Dylan and Jack's family being sued. This created a virtual rift between the personnel and the vets. Newcomers in the squad almost immediately recognize who those two are, but they are activated few times in covert solo missions. Has similar interests to those of Lan (OMEGA) and Kai (RHO), but they'd rather not approach him. Kai's got a bruised ego that Dylan programs things so easily and in record time. Lan is just sad that Dylan would rather create gadgets to pick on others instead of making their life easier...
He's been approached to regular members, such as Kenneth Fisch, Lan's and Marvin's room mate. They seem to harbor plans for something big.


There are too many stories more than Klaus' (DELTA) lies themselves, so no people really bother. Dylan is from New York and may have received invitation due his technological genius and capability to shrink old-tech into something more sleek, clean, of better design. AXIS' about both soldiers (violent when desired to be) and technological advancements, so he's the perfect mix! Or else the perfect irony. Can't be put to work with others by being the perfect example no one thought to exist.

Manufacturer: SAQRARUNA Org.
Nazca Facility,
Quntisuyu, Tahuantisuyu, unveiled in 2004
Power: Shape-Shifting
Probably the most sinister power out there. In fact it was done entirely by no sponsor at all, but by an enterprise operating in the at time mixed economy country of Tahuantinsuyu, widely known to have been a socialist dictatorship last in century's latter half. Brought to the institute by Dr. Howard Fang, who no longer works in, it was met with big concern for the Staff in general. The Agent Xi at time wasn't Gilles, and let loose most of its powers to do as he desired, believing Digamma's own AI to need development as if it was a symbiosis with Dylan. Under new terms, however, Digamma now is known to be the first of a "Secret Series", a recurring rumour across students, since after Omega was completed in late 2008, some 4 years after Digamma.
Its powers work similarily to Delta with instant rendering, but it happens mostly changing the entire perception of the size and matter around, and in symbiosis with Dylan, it works as much as Rho, liquifying it, only that instead of making it uni-cellular, it is transferred as if to virtual "bits", which will work accordingly to the percepted, scanned image and instant rendered figure it got from its visor, or from the user's memory. Thus, this virtual material shape the techno-organic nanites it transferred from Dylan's own. Not a complete transformation is required, though, since Digamma has ellusive illusion powers to which few, like Xi, Pi and Psi, can detect about it's true nature. There's still too much confidential info regarding it.  Without Dylan not only there are less synch rates with other students, the Digamma AI won't even turn on, becoming just some metallic shell.

Teams, missions:
    Any mission that requires killing people: Becoming the face of one does not necessarily means to act like one. Digamma has to impersonate targets' relatives and will more often neutralize those which it impersonated, in order to leave no dubious trace that can actually lead to it.
    Cadet of the Vampire Assassination Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Pi, Digamma and Tau, arguably the cruelest there were at time.
    Participated in a particular mission in Ukraine: as the tensions grew between occupied cities, townships and villages, the many once dispersed and then gathered groups of polytheistic pagan revivalists had mounted garrisons and should decide the leads to the occupied sectors. Among a political cauldron disrupted between Soviet nostalgics, sometimes dubbed "Russian Loyalists", or Neo-Liberals masquerading as if for the interests of a supposed Ukrainian nation, to Autonomous Groups of Action (Antifa, Black Blocs) and war enterpreneurs and publicities of every cast, the pagan polytheistic groups rather decided to stick out on their own, giving up on the religious narrative and following the exploits of a character by the name "Boleslav", who proposed a "strong unified Slav country", but with "distinct governments", with some economical excuse. So yes, Dylan (Or maybe Digamma itself?) creates its own hologram people, in very convincing aptitude to move masses themselves. The person then gets out of public life, but his journal, written text and even ideal lives on. End of the day, a neo-liberal warmonger rode the way to become leader of the occupied places. If they followed people who rather existed instead of a scarecrow would be even stranger.
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