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Drake Sonck - Agent EPSILON

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: Dracus "Drake" Báthory Sonck
Birthdate: 23/Jan/1988, Vilnius, Lithuania
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2006, became Agent Epsilon in May 2006.
    Stern and resolute Alpha Omega Agent. Raised in a high class family which covers up many secrets, he has had trainning and a meticulously scheduled education on a daily basis, on which he was known to be "wayward", according to his tutors. Orphaned at a young age, the household he's grown into has covered up everything they could, regarding to protect an ancient knowledge they seemed to be proud of, respecting an ancient tehnique they've come to monopolize. Descendant of some animagi/nagual, people who can transform into animal form through magic, he's able to become a werewolf, in a technique preserved by his line. Ages of mysticism were left behind to perfect a science which made it not only capable but more efficient to have a feral counterpart - lores exist about if it was in his family bloodline, but the ancient masters know it couldn't be farther from truth - it's a technique, passed by generation to generation. The origins of such are shrouded in time, but the family which by now is known as Sonck may have been in larger spots ofEurope, fixating in the Baltic countries two or three generations before. That leaves him confident of himself and leaves him to be very secretive of his powers. In turn, being recognised, spoken of in reverence, is a joy he lacks manners to retribute. Hard to relate to others, he makes it his way with few substance and may overdo it with a lot of mannerisms.  
    Hobbies: Racing, sparing with swords and blades. Practiced archery as well. Adventures in general, camping, climbing. That leaves him mostly tired, and will frequently deny anything which goes against the schedule, saving time for eating and sleeping. His friends would note this act as of the same of a bear in winter. Unfortunately for him, some AXIS missions needs to be immediate responses. He also enjoys arcades as long as they don't take his time. When he's out of it, he sees that too much time has passed already...

    He's got the backs of Kai (RHO) and made a bodyguard out of Joe (regular agent) as soon as he entered in the institute. The trio became roommates, and he was less than amused with the overall scenario. Tired of the first weeks' dysfunctional repetition of exercises and secret parties in the basement, he sought ways to leave a mark, putting back to feet a fencing club, which was possible with Ben (ZETA), who seemed to have similar interest but lack of any historical knowledge of Drake's very own background. A way to ease the differences or to lash out at it through practice left them with a sense of pertaining and respect. Kai would often seek to train with Drake, all the while Drake couldn't think but of Kai slowing him down, despite the colleagueship and friendship they were cementing in this process. They realized each played kind of a role. The trio and Ben would unvariably get attention from the running "gangs" out there, for their somewhat spotlight. Daniel (at time still to become ETA) lost yet another opportunnity to become Alpha Omega with Drake (still a "newbie", at time) defeating him in combat. Making it to the squad, his colleagues would congratulate him, despite the vows of secrecy. He's even got admirers but he'd rather not waste time with it. At a certain moment in a sparing match, Dalal (TAU) would strike him down, but in retaliation, he'd become a werewolf, leaving Dalal to strike back at him with one of her blades. That pretty much left Dalal with second thoughts on Drake, believing him to being subject of neither trust or mercy should he attack back, as if he was under a demon possession or being a product of sin. It was an incident, as Drake may show off his abilities, but rather not his second form unless in battle, with much tougher demons. That also estranged Ben from him, as he's known to passionately hate demons, for once again, no apparent reason.
    This leaves Drake to stick more with his gang, even though he was originally coached by Marco (PI), considered to be the most severe instructor, but he declined responsibilities and passed him to Morgan (PHI), some say after this sparing mishap. Drake never knew why there was such "rejection" (between us,vampires don't like werewolves), but still he stayed under Morgan's trainning. Morgan can become as severe as the student requires it, but on a newcomer relation, he was less than desirable requesting. By trainning with the Earthshock Team, he gets to know Kai's crush, Melissa (KAPPA), who's got a reputation and an armor about the same time as him. She trusts Drake but too much time working together made her see some kind of childish arrogance, something in his demeanor that she considers at least annoying, but she wouldn't deny he's got her back sometimes. With time, Drake got to learn Morgan can be severe too, but never mean, and that's what makes him different of Marco. As with Melissa, though, he believes to have learnt everything he needed. Morgan makes sure they'll become Team Leaders anytime soon...
    ...But he left. This time, the "highlighted" newcomer is Nina Roux, who becomes Agent Ypsilon and just a month later, a Team leader herself. She's known to have rescued a thought to be missing Alpha Omega Agent, be taken under Marco's trainning and working with Ben on his team. She joined an amicably sparing match at the fencing club, but no matter how Drake tried to cut her down, she seemed to suffer no harm, or to more easily recover from it. She had no fatigue. He's grown more arrogant, reckless, and unmistakably jealous of her achievements. Now he's under guidance of Gilles (XI), the same who coaches Kai. Even though for Kai it's an opportunnity to spare more and maybe learn anything from Drake, Drake sees himself put back at a lower level. Melissa missed it to work with the Earth Shock team, but they've made their way to the newly christened Hawk Shock Team, as led by Agent Lana (Ni), which brought a good leadership and together the trio found joy in battle again. Melissa came to respect Drake again within the months in such experience.

    Amongst the Baltic Countries, Sonck's family is just one of many which might vouch for a re-newed Duchy. While most do so for reasons most ceremonial, or rather do not, afraid of the accumulation of government titles and posts, his family has raised up the resources to secure an important bastion of their "common civilization". Amongst both Russian, Baltic and Belarussian states, there lies certain cores responsible for the timely spreading of an unstoppable kind of demon - the living shadows - and one couldn't be innocent to believe that by a shift from kingdom to republic, republic to soviet state block and then to a mixed economy with representative democracy would put these demons at hold, as if the rulers of land were but at a gunpoint of a shadow government which may, by the time, encompass the world itself. As so is told, Sonck's family has been following an intricate and genuine preoccupation with the maintenance of its household - leaving it even astray from world politics. Resisting through time, both across the bloody conflicts of 1877, to the Great World War, and the many attempts of the Northern Country of Norrland into setting a severe eugenic crusade, the Sonck Family deems itself a self-governing "royal" household. The name Sonck may derive from even Western places as they engaged with Polish duchies, and from those, to the lowlands. A series of bourgeoisies who did exist through the time of the Black Death conspired through a secret order. One of those left the Order, and sought ways to prevent them from releasing such demons again. His magic made it possible the transformation from a man to a wolf. Stories may come and pass about to the dawn of times, but it is known who protected the Baltic Tribes, and continued to do so even in posteriority to baptized crowns. Defending themselves from the contenders of night, Vampires brought from South, to the shadows in the East, the pack may be formalized under a bloodline, a royal calling.
With such a background, Drake is but the heir of a responsibility, more than heir of a royalty or crown itself. Demons of every kind are breeding under different circumstances and interests. As long as an institute specialized in their hunting, like AXIS, makes the distinction of which ones are there and for what, the Sonck Family sends Drake as a response to fight such claim of "demon phenomena". Sure they're numerous and old as far as ages go, Sonck has its power, and that makes him an hybrid. Controlled angst and violence, strength and calculated force of the wild, he's less into political interests and more on his own. Putting even the past behind him, it is a quest for oneself and a place to stand between the chaos around him. To fill the blankness of him who's got to rely on nothing more than a fictional thread of fate.
He's known to the fact that one of their family, probably his uncle, was a soldier to wear one of the armors AXIS holds. He never knew which one, and the data seems lacking to support any claim of evidence. 

Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Denver Facility,
Colorado, USA, produced in 1980
Power: Seismics
Sonic generators and transformers create a powerful pulse vibration that will shake any solid surface when requested by the user, as well as will soften any impact on a certain rang, leaving a path of destruction but the soldier still standing. Always in the search of signals, the armor doesn't require to "fuel it up", instead it captates slightiest electro-magnetical vibration and converts it through sonic wave. The sword it can use has this ability as well, to enhace its range through projection of a vibration field. The more the armor is used, the stronger the shock generated it may cause as well as the range and length of the shock.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the EarthShock Team: A team formed by him, Kappa, and led by Phi. He plays a pivotal role, usually to put the enemy out of balance and built up a "racing course" for Kappa to apprehend the enemy, or else for Phi to punch it's lights out.
    Cadet of the Hawk Shock Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Ni, Kappa and Epsilon, whose way of acting is similar to Earthshock, but with Ni's telekinesis they are better to keep their own height, fluctuating around the enemy.
    Participated in a particular mission in Romania, where he fought against vampires and armed combatants in a polytheistic commune, only to find long sought after arsonist "Dazbog". Whilst in Werewolf form, he would engage in a battle against the wanted 'terrorist'. The fight took some night and ranged across over a big portion of the Carpathians. Maybe a week later, he was able to get out of rubble, only to learn his pursued enemy escaped....
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