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Dr. Morgan Schneider - Agent PHI

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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: Morgan Eckstein Schneider
Birthdate: 25/Jun/1963, Mannheim, Baden-Wüttemerg, Germany
Admission in AXIS: Member (Instructor and researcher) since 2001, became Agent Phi in November 2003.
    Charismatic and workaholic AXIS Instructor, recognized member of the Alpha Omega Squad. Act like a true coach, and will request the agents to focus rather on their qualities - and when they don't believe having one - he'll gladly help them to find it, making it up. An easy to approach educator, he just wish he had as many time as the ranks increases each year in AXIS. To that, he keep his coaching schedule with four members only, other than giving the basics of survival for newcomers. He's known and reputed to be a genius, having distinct formations and working in separate fields, even though people are still eager to know what kind of project could be his "obra prima", and that more seemingly would be his own Phi project. He sees the need to instigate questioning not for the sake of it, but rather for developing the capacity of one to think for itself, in accordance as well to perceiving it's personality, respecting it and easening personal conflicts and relations through that knowledge. Tries to make his discourse acessible (sometimes via TED Talks), but in person sometimes lack what it takes. And that's because as an educator it's still not even his background. Graduated as a chemist, soon enough pursued the fields of physics. Even worked with some Alpha-Omega armors themselves, when he was 33 y.o. ownwards. Learned a lot about every field. Pursued astro-physician career and is of unmistakable value to the AXIS' Academical Corpus. However, since he got to go to field as Agent Phi, he's shrunk his responsibilities. He acting cynical means he's on bad mood. He getting mad is just a sight his lab mates guard with them, as a reminder to be serious about their work...
    Hobbies, Affinities, Lifestyle: Survivalist gadgets, campings, reunions, materials, zines. Collecting, replying or mocking conspiracy theories. Riding antique cars, developing new study groups. Has interest for post-humanist thoughts, and was in contact with trans-humanist philosophy. He doesn't let that get to his political side, though, which only came defined by experiences of his and others. People believe and can tell he's something like centre-left. Also work with engineering, but he just got to learn most of its nano counterpart whilst in AXIS. He's also on TED Talks and often talking about newest physical theories. He's also detainer of many secrets but don't mind sharing them, at least with the ones who can keep a scientifical discourse with him (as people would often lack the vocabulary and being unfamiliar with his terms, most likely wouldn't do it), and has a regular adult routine life, living of a doctor, being really busy and sought after by academics.

    A contemporary and mentor of doctor Walker, he's responsible more or less for tutoring his children Melissa (KAPPA) and Lance (OMEGA). It was him who proposed them to attend the AXIS program when enough armors were ready for use (around 2006 when they were to become 18 year-old, the minimal age). Whilst Melissa followed to the Alpha Omega in full-time, Lance still participate in study groups and debates, more for consideration as his student, instead of seeking a scientific career. After all, he just passed the age after high school, so he's in the time we all know that's the more serious: when you question if you should be in college or something else. Not giving up on his role, Morgan will often support him, in fact he promised Lance will be using the newest Omega armor once it's done. As a professor of the AXIS institute, students would look up to him, who is both smart and concerned with his health and physical exercises. Often open-minded, he's not as socratic as Gilles (XI) and sometimes ends up being very empirical, a concern for some students who are often seeking another kind of guidance. But he regards scientifical method the most, not at the point of scientifical conservatism (a trait we may find by his openly refusal of animal testing, on contrary of personnel like Yao (THETA) and Marco (PI), deeming alternative means to be sought and applied whenever possible). He's adopted a vegetarian diet whilst on the cities and on places he can afford to be. On field-trips, however, he "eats anything needed to keep him up". That makes him a "flexitarian" (some excuse, duh), despite being known of objective ethics and "sentiocentrism", he seems to lack anything it takes to put it into practice. He's also a survivalist expert, so probably students will follow him in pre-scheduled camps.
    Marco is an old known "pal" of his, a Ülhaden chemist who used to be his boss, offering the then student a place in such industry. He accepted it out of the awe in witnessing such labs and by verifying the economy to be favourable to it. He only forgot to check the slave labor behind it - but that's a matter too confidential for now... So, both of them were employed at a very peculiar time, all the while Dr. Howard Fang helped Ülhaden fix the Mi armor the most it could, and were with the "Tele-"prefix series in full development. Developing Omicron and Pi helped him open his views over astro-physics, then seeking for what he's always had as a work of dreams. Finding Dr. Fang tutoring Douglas (OMICRON) back at AXIS sure was a blast from the past. He had concerns over such tech and would keep an eye on Doug from the farther he could. He was also never sure of Gilles' methods, but he takes it as he knows his true role in there being too much for any professor. And Yao is a sinister colleague who he's not fond of. Of course he know the polluted joints and the knots between AXIS and its sponsors - but he believes Yao to have a background even past that. Despite all that, Marco is still one at odds. He's the right hand of Ülhaden's CEO and the mentor to his adoptive son. He passed through a lot of plots and survived them all. He's in the position to make these plots now. That is a matter of worry Morgan was given word out of people like former colleague Curtis Thompson (former agent Xi), and he couldn't hide it to agents like Doug. He's also very affected to see how DIGAMMA is a marvelous machine but its AI is not really evolving for good at the hands of its user, Dylan. He start guessing if it was made to be a weapon other than a person from the beginning. To keep sane in such convoluted net of interests, he got to take care of the students. Drake (EPSILON) was soon taken under Marco's wing when news of his hybrid nature were spread, however, he was pretty much kept away of the battlefield, and he sought other kind of guidance Morgan could give. Drake attains in him the skill to becomes a werewolf, he's an hybrid hunting demons. Morgan saw an interesting memeplex in that...

    Doctor Morgan is a genius on nanotechnology, a biologist and theoretician of the post-humanist school of thought.
A German genius who lived in different places, ranging from United States and then in United Kingdom, was lately giving lessons on an Australian University, he describes himself in politics as searching for a Radical Centre. Lately he's been divided between a pessimistic view that the world is going to collapse, and the idealistic view that technology will be able to counter most of its bad effects. However, since some time in AXIS (he entered in the facilities around 2001), he's come to realize that much staunch conservatism (not necessary political ones) and politics interfere not only on scientifical development, but as well on the education of people, and once great damage has been done, hardly people will get back to their "trail". It was a conscious self-sabotation that worked as programmed obsolescence, with results of the most sorrowful.
    He worked in Ülhaden under Marco Friedenreich's team, and it didn't take long to find that such industry in a re-building western Germany was growing out of peripherical conflict in other former colonies of Germany. He made heavy sacrifices of his ethical side to follow what was needed in order to assure newest, better technologies. He believed that to be on contrary to those friends he got to know in United States' West Coast: Maximillian Walker, Curtis Thompson and Isaiah Lee, each a proponent of a different take on post-humanist thoughts. At the same area he was known to another academical genius, a man of name Jacob Mills. However, he wouldn't turn back on them, even though lacking real contact. He'd have participated throughout the half of the sinister series, from aforementioned Omicron to Pi. Despite Ülhaden's sending of the user of Omicron (at time, a man named Ace Ramm) to explore space, time which Morgan served as mentor to the astronaut, and received in exchange much information, they didn't prevent it from selling Pi to an obviously bad-intentioned war-monger enterpreneur. Contrarious to Marco's easiness with that, he left the lab to work out of Ülhaden and back to Academics.     Working in assistance to NASA, but not refusing to visit the Silicon Valley in order to keep track of innovation (still serving Ülhaden), he came to meet Thompson once again, he working with ABEL Inc.'s ongoing project, RHO, another military mystery.  He also had brief contact with Mills regarding a covert investigation of a supposed disappearing island. But Mills was alone in the search. Shocked with Thompson, he found out his seemingly hipocrisy didn't affect the slightiest about the annals of the academicals. The only member of the group who did found some use for it's own time was Maximillian, who now had a family and was supportive of certain educational projects such as a charity-oriented orphanage in Uganda, which had no ties to religion and gave children a rationalistic, atheistic and humanistic tone in education. Morgan was pleased to know that at least one of them made something good out of their genius. But in truth the Walker had been backing it with a relative of Lee, who was the more absent of them all. In fact, he was a genius of software programming, and he has had some legal problems with hacking.
    Despite all that, he felt like something was at play, and both ABEL and Ulhaden were up to something, worried by the info Mills returned with. That something was AXIS. But in truth, he knew these two industries would never open hand of its technology to other. He originally refused to join AXIS, for it could very well hunt demons in "peripherical places" as could have let the demons spread there themselves to begin with, only expanding their agendas.     But when they came up with the TAU armor, sporting so freely the innards of a tech Max Walker and his team developed, but sold in secrecy, he took another chance, as if it was a warning about his safety. YPSILON was a crowning achievement, but he watched it being trusted to a child (a young adult yes, but as foolish to world around and its socio-economical implications as a child), to serve in the deadliest scenario against an unknown menace. Thus, he began developing his obra prima, the PHI suit. He'd be the one to raise and protect these "children"!
   PHI's nanite property could even be left undetected by PI's sonar. However that discovery left to another even more sinister truth: concurrent to PI's development, Marco had his own Artificial Intelligence collect its every move. He saw throughout the aforementioned enterpreneur that used it. It was all part of a treaty to throw concurrent industries out of the path for Ülhaden to join AXIS. Together, Ülhaden and this pawn passed upon SIGMA's original manufacturer, and TAU disposing tech from independent scientists shown what they were capable of together with ABEL Inc. Morgan became full-fledged Agent PHI, and would serve next projects to keep in track of what else they were capable of. Throughout the development of CHI, he passed over his own ethics again. Clocks tickled, and he knew that his refusal in helping Ülhaden wouldn't even hinder a bit the development of the sinister sciences in Haijian's darkest corners. A lesser evil, to join then. PSI was made in Sudan, under the visage of Ülhaden's CEO himself... and then, under his approval, OMEGA was done. At time, Morgan had what it takes to leave Ülhaden exposed, and defiantly ordered it for Lance to use. At time agents like Doug may have already previewed what was to come. Morgan's disappearance. Eventually, AXIS' closure

Manufacturer: Ülhaden Corp.
Münich Facility,
Bavaria, Germany, unveiled in 2008
Power: Shrinking
Through synaptic systems, synthetic cells act in atomic level to constrain the expansion of the matter of the main coat, which symbiotically fuses to the content of the user. Guided by nerve coordinates, the shrinking capacity is measured by internal circuitry of nano-proportion. A chain reaction gives constant variables for the agent to choose from, finding adequate sizes for infiltration. In order to move better, the gloves generate energy tools, and a helix in the back of the armor will acquire speed proportional to size reduction, making it even able to fly faster whilst on the least size possible. It also hits harder, becoming what is called as "sting effect", perfurating through demon shells and grappling back even to its blood-flow (if it has blood at all).

Teams, missions:
    Leader of the EarthShock Team: A team formed by him, Kappa and Epsilon. Specialized in strike in hard surfaces, and pursuit in difficult terrain. Known to have caught giant sandworms deep down in mining tunnels.
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