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Doug Ryder - Agent OMICRON

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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: Douglas Ryder
Birthdate: 10/Nov/1986, Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne, Border of Ontario and Queec provinces, Canada. Current resident of Toronto.
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2004, became Agent Omicron in June 2004.
    Headstrong, tough and somewhat bitter Alpha Omega Agent. A force to reckon with, but one surely to complain about it if that's beyond his liking, "Doug" has come a long way practicing from ranges of street-fighting to martial arts, and is in just half of his time of service. Believes most of AXIS' is revolving around bickering, and he doesn't do that to play around like an "old vet", he says it has always been like this, and there's this feeling in the institute that there is something wrong about it. Tired of searching for "the boogeyman", he makes no conspiracy about the demons, the hybrids, melez, or the dark (the 'living shadows', which are just the most lethal type of demon). Sure the Alpha Omega sure are some gear, he sees no use for a thousand personnel, people from around the globe, or "high-class brats just to die and leave parents with grave funds". The 20-some Alpha-Omega are all that matters, yet AXIS clings to it and spend so much more, due political interests of its sponsors. If they are sell-swords with a deep mentality about it, despite their regrets, there will be always someone up to get rid of them. So only being in the field with the gear is where and when it matters. All the "schoolie" facade is bullshit. That mirrors his views as well on the drug prohibition and certain stupid regulations for tattoos and style. Their only uniform are in ceremonies and the number series regular gear they receive and maintain if one doesn't become Alpha-Omega.
    Hobbies, Affinities, Lifestyle: Rock Music concerts, Adult Comic Books, Motorcycles and engines. Has affinity to fix automobiles and such, may have worked in some garage. Of course AXIS has people for that. But he's got more guts and sometimes the brains alone doesn't do everything they can, so he uses the workforce. Given his powers, he also has many ways to find escape routes. That is very helpful for people who want to break a party after some study month, or else for the instructor or staff that is bothered to be sent for them.

One of the oldest members to have an Alpha-Omega suit, he's been on the most assigned missions and have seen many things happenning. The entire roster of gear was employed by different agents, except those which just came out of the labs, from Chi ownwards in the alphabet. And the same naiveness from the agents slipped, as if it was glued in the armor, for no matter the different origin, background, nationality, culture or age, the 2004 class was actually made of people who got to wear it from 2000 to 2003, while the new generation they have lasted from 2006 to now (2009). He was too sure that "ten years of service" just to be "hunting demons" was a physical impossibility. So, he got his armor, he got his passage to either hell or to freedom (even though in hell). Entered together with Daniel (ETA) and Marvin (ALPHA), both which were surprised when they were introduced to newcomer Dylan (DIGAMMA), already an Alpha Omega. Doug followed in not less than five months, what would take Marvin a year and Daniel more than two. Unluckily for him, he got Dan as a roommate, one which was too dumb to realize he was the same Omicron. At time even instructors were different - Curtis Thompson (XI) made no distinction and warned Doug of the obvious - his power was telepathy, Omicron's, teleportation. Should he ever attempt to flee a mission, he'd know, even though he could not tell, but once he knew, an artifical intelligence knew, and if it did, it became a data, which could be verified, and both them could be charged, put against each other. There was mistrust, so there was vigilance, and Omicron should be a smart one to be on top of things. There were always blackmailers, charlatans and sticky people, as well as rough ones who played dumb, but neither stars nor ogres survived the battlefield.     Curtis died somehow, the official report had it telling of a disastrous mission which took two instructors. Then the new XI (Gilles) was made responsible to maintain such so-called data, and he'd need the aid of the same enigmatic Dylan to conceive a cryptic way to hide it, even from Omicron's teleportation. The new PI (Marco) was actually just another Ülhaden personnel, one who was fond of his and Doug's gear, each of them with dark design and powers - for a reason. Reason that would be outspoken as Doug reunited with his early mentor, Dr. Howard Fang. The sponsors Ülhaden and ABEL had been into a race of sorts to develop the best soldiers with this techno-organic suits the Alpha-Omega were endowed with. Three decades passed and there were still new things to discover about them. But truth is that not only student-soldiers were lab-rats - they were outdated. Hunt for demons was rather "seeking market", or resources they couldn't afford to capitalize just yet. Such cryptic words were never explained as Fang left the institute, and few after, what followed was another "disastrous mission", cutting short the life of three members. A new season began in 2006.
    The same old discourse each year, "new discoveries", how they "trusted this oncoming generation". He saw many bullies, many rules-following guys and gals, but no actual malice, no adulthood in the 17 y.o. people who were chosen by that, and actually have chosen that, instead of neither an army or college.  With time, he was chosen by direct coaching of Yao (THETA), whom he took few time to know as the member of staff who lived the longest with an Alpha-Omega suit. A biologist, not by coincidence. Feeling it better this way than following Morgan's (PHI) somewhat apparent charisma and positiveness, or Gilles' undecisions, or even to Marco's lame 'strict' facades, he'd just serve the days ahead. He'd watch as even one of those disappeared, and given the choice, he'd be approached by some past personnel and find out what was clear before - the armors have no assurance.
The few new-comers who did approach him, despite his mumbling, rather unwelcoming posture, coudn't exactly tell who he was in Alpha Omega. Enough time made people like Drake (EPSILON) and Melissa (KAPPA) realize, and they too heard his warnings, of how they better find smart exits, and not more reason to stay in it (considering Drake's "fencing club" a diversion). He was known to have defeated Drake in his own game, mastering as well use of mace and blunt weapons. Drake's response was the same as when he lost to Dalal: by creating modalities, agents would train with whatever they felt like, and in the end just those who did have a specialty before would perform it, the rest - wouldn't even learn anything but to hold melee weapons.

Originally from the region Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne in the borders of Ontario and the Quebec State, in Canada, he's of Iroquoian origin. At some point moved to other townships, finding ways to survive here and there. Invitation to AXIS was met whilst he was living in Toronto. It was a secret deed, he was never too aware of sent it. You know the rest. But there's more to it. He's actually a spy ever since his mentor left the institute. What the future brings is different yet similar...

Manufacturer: Ülhaden Corp.
Münich Facility,
Bavaria, Germany, produced in 1996
Power: Teleportation
Third of the "sinister series", Ülhaden's tech covering "tele-" powers. Teleportation brings in a totally advanced matter of shielding, not only an isolation or slowing down from time and space, but as well a machinator of gravity, avoiding existing orbits, and finding support from the vacuum of space, a personal wormhole with a vast and capable artificial data storage to depict and then let the agent to project across all the array of visited places across all these 10+ years. Whenever on those the sensible lens already record everything, and the agent can "jump" to wherever he sees, and even more, to miles away. With a power of such awe, no matter the physical capacities, there's always ground, there's always equilibrium, balance, and surprise attacks worth an impact in the light speed. The two major spheres are but catalizers of places where Omicron has already left his radiation, and it can project laser spikes or other sort of tool with hurting intent, to defeat any approaching enemy.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Phantom Team: A team formed by him, Eta and led by Theta. Operations that should be as covert and stealth as quick and precise, giving no borders at all for a plan B. Better resolved when in speed of light, this team of infiltrators steal information from AXIS' sponsors' rivals...
    Participated in a particular mission in Tokyo, to retrieve the missing Iota project. What could follow of that...
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