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Water vs. Fire
First came Chaos, and then wide Earth...
Characters from my APKALLU Story, on a much advanced point of the mythos where the expected battle of elementals do happen.
Am I finished with this? No Way! It was done in part as college activity, so it had schedules and directories to follow. I finished it around a week, so I didn't explore all the character's power nor personality. But I guess that too much effort has ben spent for just a few battle scenes, so hope you enjoy it.
This is the Last Part of a comic book of mine made with mixed media, from ink outlines to basic color pencils and water color and finally digital treatment to amend a thing or two.
The Fifth and final page has the apex of the battle between Hualallo-Khepri-Lapolakh and the Five Pariacacas-Hydros, with a philosophical invitation of the Huarochiri shaman to the problems dealt with along the battle.

"Narrator: PARIACACA has many forms, he's born from five eggs...
Our ancestors told some were his brothers. If we follow to that, we should care for our brothers as if they were our own being.
That's how Pariacaca overcam Hualallo that day. Some tell mountains were crushed, lakes formed.
But today we witness how small we are. Nonetheless, we feel no grief. Other cultures carry that feeling today, too..."
"Pariacaca (all forms, speaking to Hualallo): I'M HYDROS! DETAINER OF CHAOS!
Triton (2nd from the left to right): May one day your deadly plan succeed,
Pariacaca (Llacsa Churapa - fourth): today life goes as we plan
Tlaloc (first): And if it may, it shall triumph till we please!
Tangaroa (3rd): This planet's too worth to be wasted in the likes of you!
Llacsa Churapa: Now, be gone!"

Far from having a Huarochiri inspired design, but just imagining a perspective of narrative, I depicted the gods into raw elemental forms.
The Elemental Gods from Apkallu are universal: Pariacaca isn't just "a spectre", and the title of elemental isn' a title or position that can be earned. They are the elements and only being them can be possible to master them. But not all water is Pariacaca as all fire can't be Hualallo.
We don't know how they began, but like nature, evolution, and men we didn't came from a single point of origin, or of conception. We came from the suppression of the alien into the breast of the common. Pariacaca and all others that are water have developed a fluid nature on which this process of becoming common has been facilitated. As such, Hydros as he's originally known, has a multiverse in his hands, and that is something the proud Hualallo-Khepri didn't count. Hualallo discovers that Pariacaca has been many known faces acros his billions of years of existance, and he, too, has lived across "mightiest empires"  in godly shapes, too.

Behind him, the narrator (and we) expect an effigy of Chaos. An untamed beast, for not even its detainer, Hydros, control it, but rather use as a sort of inspiration, the wild state of mind. Much mystery is still in the air, but if we are initiates, we distinguish how Chaos may have been the causer of this conflict, for if Hydros came to be being many (whilst Lapolakh-Hualallo as being one who appears as many), Lapolakh has been once a fighter of Apep (the one which descends from Chaos), until he tried to make it like him. From that point, Apep's intention was to return to Chaos and develop into another Chaos. It made like a self-fulfilled prophecy, where those which fought evil only did a greater evil - the nuclear war. The genetic engineering. The devastation of earth and wildlife.
Chaos is the scissor force which split what is whole, the greatest fear of the ancients whic destroy all certainties. The Nuclear Chaos, still a seed in Apep's mind, is the scissor force of the matter, the endless energy which once created life, but now can destroy it. Hydros is winner today, but knowing that Chaos hear the calls of the world to it, he will never rest, as his dreams are more dangerous each day that passes...

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