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Inktober Day 20- DEEP
You can wait here until next drawings are revealed or have it all revealed at behance

For this year, I've been dwelling in my old stories once again, this time re-imagining the pivotal "Spirit Fight" tournament, sticking how I could to match the official prompt list. On the championship, teams of three members fight each other through a group phase and then through three rows of classifying into the great final. This fighting championship involved techno-shamans from around the world. Given the disturbance, it was not strange to find techno-shamans from other dimensions, hailing from dystopias, utopias, with spirits, summonable allies and downloadable A.I.s more strange or familiar than the competitors themselves. Each had a question to settle in the fights, it's understood that merit would evaluate those who advance ahead. Couldn't be more wrong, as a mysterious competitor rigged the championship to begin with. They just find it out in season 5's finale (I guess...)

Present characters:
Protagonist Aplo Chondrichtiyes. Guided by his summons, resting in a destroyed, sunken city. That of his ancestors. Or so he believes, believed for all these 14 years. That's why he's in this deep mentality, in his own subconscious, where he can meet legend and history as one.
Right above him, the warrior holding staff and shield, with conch in the back, is his original summon, Apolorak, who has given him power when he collected the dracmas of power, mission he's been on around 2001-2002, roughly two years ago. He returns to aid Aplo.
The Dragon God before him is the union of Tintaios and Kritikas, his ancestors' gods and Sons of Darkness themselves. Their union in a single body is no ordinary feat, done only by Apolorak himself in the past, when their two peoples used to war and were unified to resist the Aquatens and Pepitans monopolies in trading. On his right, the Snake who crawls in the Deep, Boeheaw, used to be a scaled underwater being once, the first Aplo met from a different line of those which survived the Fall of Atlantis - those which evolved in the Sea became the Pikues. He changed his form based on the likeliness of Aplo, the first surface being he contacted. In truth, all these years he wanted to leave the decaying kingdom of Tonyeheaw, one which Aplo longed to join since his birth. By becoming the champion of the dracmas and the Chosen One, he set the event in motion when Boeheaw could finally expand the underwater territory (by flooding the world). The darkness from Aplo's severed hand is the Ghost Hand, as he himself descends from Darkness, as his gods. His only redemption lays with the "Silver" or "Platinum" Apolorak, Aporak, the Fanged God on his left and the only hope against the Spirit of Chaos.  

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