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Daniel Fawkes - Agent ETA

Part of the ALPHA-OMEGA Series!
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: Daniel Fawkes
Birthdate: 16/May/1986, Los Angeles, California, USA
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2004, became Agent Eta in November 2006.
    Cocky member of the Alpha Omega, often gooey and with second intentions, he's both ordinary and convinced. Not convincing though, he'd be a jester of the team if only he accepted it. Angry and sometimes vengeful, he's a bit of it all, loneliness and few time gives him all to keep back in feet. Frustrated when girls turns him down, he's not easy to teach. His exploits, however, show no out of ordinary feats. His time as agent however got himself lying under his own "heroic facade" as a pure charlatanism. He's not above the "bounty-hunters" some agents consider themselves to be. All in all, he tries to proves himself through more speech than deeds, getting the situations he can handle as if they were extraordinary, but running away from what he can't take on. He came to join Alpha Omega a bit late and was clueless of the identity of some of them. He's there for the boom action and maybe got this far only because the power was too awesome that even this guy got what it takes to survive.
: Skating, Playing bass. Expensive hobbies, got to have a band before, it crumbled down, easy to pick a fight and blame someone when all is gone wrong. Laid back, he don't take things seriously at all, has no intention of taking sides - only those he can tell that already won any contest. He's a goofball. Tries to be popular but if all else, he's known just to pestering girls and playing the veteran. Wasn't the first or last to do so.

He is roommate to Douglas Ryder (OMICRON) and to a regular agent series member named Parry Adam. From 2004's team, he was much clueless of the intent of the institute as to who handed him an invitation - only to find a pal of his was Agent ETA. The Alpha-Omega were extra-ordinary and a long shot from him. He didn't care, since if not there he'd end up in the army anyway. So as soon as new armors were made available, he'd not miss opportunity to look for it. Doug became Agent Omicron earlier and Daniel never knew it until he himself became Eta. Doug finds him a nuisance, and is stuck behind his laziness. He may be one of the few to know that Dan too has hobbies, such as aeromodelling. He keeps it from others as he's afraid girls find it too childish. Poor Dan. He's been involved with Marvin Chad (ALPHA) in missions of assassination led by Jack (CHI), who got somewhat famous in the secret clubs, more by exposing secret identities or simply leaving it to remain utterly unuseful for the institute as a whole and promote expensive parties of no use. He did try to get as much popularity as Jack or backbone as Marvin, but it all was too much for him. Consistently tried to impress and date Ann (LAMBDA), but all he's done is not news - the pest, he is. Time passing and generations coming, he didn't mature at all. He earned Eta after sparing with Kai (RHO), but at time no suit was considered viably available. The instructors got both Rho and Eta (with similar powers of substance - or lack, thereof - and evaluated who would better handle it through placebos of fights and tests). Unknown to it, he feels to be heroic. Wants distance from Nick (MI) who according to himself reminds him some flaws, and to Klaus (DELTA) as he's kind of afraid of him - or of his powers. Ben (ZETA) would prefer not to comment but he believes Dan to be just a senseless cadet, with no views of the future ahead his service.

Few is known, more that part of his family, if not parents some other level, is related to NASA itself. He was to follow military career, until he was invited mysteriously by the former agent Eta, who used to be a former friend who attended the same elementary school and got his back during lunchtime. They used to go to the same skate park and try out to score something out in a gig with their band. Thing of a year or two. He's narcisistic but doesn't recur to his background to throw that. Instructor Yao properly introduced him to the Alpha Omega when he attained Eta. He sees no future for him - or to whoever - but a bag of organic cells to put in test the armors and its symbiotic capabilities.

Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Courteney Facility,
British Columbia, Canada, produced in 1984
Power: Intangibility
A power of great strategic value, he's able to become transparent and traverse through solid walls through some distance, with its own gravitational warping levitators, making the user able to fly and steer its course. Much to his astonishment. However, such power also is connected to intelligence related units, as so, it wouldn't be surprisingly to know that PI can take a peek at the deeds or misdeeds of Agent Eta, despite him being jurisdiction of other Instructor.
Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the PHANTOM Team: A team formed by him, Theta and Omicron. Used for not only stealth, but precise and timely actions. Deals mostly under night and deep cover. Pre-meditating the enemy's actions and attacking where it matters
    Cadet of the Swallow Infantry Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Zeta, Eta and Mi, with Zeta as the head, or rather coach to put the other members to work under him and under his assigned fleet, granted by a joint with United Nations. Re-united for capability of passing long distances through mid-air. Despite Ben's regrets on the personality of the team, he has what it takes to make them crave for their soldier side, and tries to make them feel as brothers in arms - so their powers make the rest.
    Participated in a mission in Australia, and survived a confrontation with a Triton, at time identified as a Bunyip, due timely intervention from Pi.
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