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Dalal Saab - Agent TAU

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: Dalal Saab
Birthdate: 12/Dec/1988, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2006, became Agent Tau in August 2006.
    Unforgiving, obedient and unquestionable member of the Alpha Omega Squads. Dalal doesn't quite show it - she's obsessed with hunting demons and fighting in service. Not much is known of her, and she don't take exposure of a lifestyle lightly. Estranged to some concerns of the institute, she follows as much regulations concerning her origins (Emirate of Sharjah), and being from a high class family (blood-related to the ruling family), she's got not much estrangeness as to her private life. It'd be that AXIS itself is less finesse than the 1st world from where she came from. However, since a young age her practice in battle was quite a private one, backed by security officers. Her teammates would mostly be her sisters. Her family has a dozen of siblings. She was sent to AXIS so she could specialize in hunting demons - and terrorists. She's not easy to reach, leaving some to give her a fame of "mysterious". She's very acute to religious matters, and will easily get offended should one cross her path.
    Hobbies: Keeps a schedule of exercise, such as boxing. Avid reader. Historical researcher when time permits. Checks economy and finances often, but just can't focus on mathematics as she wanted to, so she sticks to fighting competitions. Became widely known in the Fencing Club, even though few can fight with two blades like her. She likes doing diferent recipes.

She will work as the "fists" for those she care about, such as Tahira (PSI) who was quick to become her friend. Lana (NI) defeated her in a match and became the first of her class to earn an Alpha Omega Suit. Dalal still won't admit losing, playing like she wasn't interested in the suit in question. Fact is, she was sent to earn the Tau suit and it alone. But they've developed a healthy rivalry, and together they show more efficience than most male agencies. They formed some kind of Women's Caucus to backlash the former installed "secret clubs" and serve as psychological treatment for soldiers to prepare them previously for missions. Like Melissa (KAPPA), believes that Anna (LAMBDA) has a lot of posture but exaggerates in time to show off any kind of substance - on philosophical, ethical and even moral backgrounds - which leaves them with a big deal of grudge against each other. Whilst Melissa tries to learn to ignore Ann, Dalal doesn't hide it. She just is dubious concerning Melissa for she's an atheist - and Dalal was never sure about those godless types. Invariably she came to be closer to the girls in the institute, however, when she came to pratice with the male agents, she wouldn't hold back. Drake (EPSILON) reactivated the defunct Fencing Club but never imagined him to lose to a girl. After the event, different "modes" were assured in it so he'd not lose, at least with a single katana. Anyway, she doesn't hold back to cower enemies and friends alike, such as Vito (SIGMA) and Daniel (ETA), the latter of whom she despises the most. Those who spend time enough knows that this is merely a facade. During missions she's the contrary of a battle-cry and will move only when requested, until personal matters are at play. Is often put in service by Instructor Marco (PI) since she personifies most of the qualities he wants the students to have: strictiness, obedience, effectiveness, and capacity to kill in cold-blood. Even though the last trait is usually confidential to just those who do participate in missions. Despises Jack (CHI), who like her is known to kill people who get to see them in action. He's a bounty hunter, while Dalal is a sellsword with a family pass, a state-given license to kill, and that alone makes her feel so much above Jack.

No one knows too much, but what's known is: she's one among twelve siblings of one branch of a royal family of a single emirate, and she's been trained among security since an early age. Self-defense and some really partial history classes put her on trail. She's strong-minded and hard to change about her beliefs or lifestyle. Will work without questioning the authorities, and will efficiently carry out her operations at a time; and given her presence, fame and instruction calls out an impression, she will meticulously use it so the authorities carry out her will throughout the corpus of the mission. She seems to have some past story with demons. Her father sent her and some of her siblings overseas. They passed throughout Northern Africa and, "touched by the on-going indiscriminate sub-human levels of slavery", convinced him to donate billions to educational institutions so they could "help children worldwide" - one of those institutions was AXIS. Instead of charging deep into what is considered as such vital market (slave-labor), her resolve was that - incriminate demons, all the while maintaining good relations between the slave-employer personal empire of her father and the hipocritical global community and United Nations. This story was known throughout other Emirates and Muslim countries, a Lebanese high class family sent one of their favorites to earn ABEL Inc's latest suit, TAU, so relations between USA, NATO and allies among Middle East could still be maintained. He was Dalal's husband and the former agent Tau. Dalal is one of those who do know AXIS' main purpose and even the nature of the demons, or hybrids, melez as she calls it.

Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Courteney Facility,
British Columbia, Canada, unveiled in 2001
Power: Freezing
Known as the "Frostbite Armor", it generates diamond-hard ice blades, oxidate enemy steel, cut through demonic shell, and may even use its fluid to poison enemy blood, usually leaving a frostbite factor on its tissue. Has an artillery of instant freezing, magatama-shaped "cryo-grenades". Advanced night vision and stealth modes are available.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Amazon Team: A team formed by her, Psi and led by Ni. Employed in hard-to-reach places, from jungles to mountain peaks. That means they rely on Ni's telekinesis very often.
    Cadet of the Vampire Assassination Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Pi, Digamma and Tau. The name implies it. The most cold-blooded which remained, to kill demons and any humans dubbed as that.
    Participated in a particular mission in Lebanon, all the while passing over her vows of secrecy to earn the trust of the highly influential politicians, one of which was father to her deceased husband, the former agent Tau. At such mission, the demon known as "Triton" worked as a bodyguard for two minotaurs, accused of war crimes in the Ethiopian Horn region.
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