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APÔLÔRAK X finds himself in a moment of misfortune. Like if in an Alpha vs. Omega battle, the latest man to become a cyborg in a dystopian future faces off against the first, who comes back from the Ancient Egypt. On the the enemy's lair, he's ambushed by a giant measuring tons of alien tech and unbound hate.

His Cyborg comrade Minotaurus X has been exploring the outskirts of the Galaxy, reaching the Forbidden sector. His travels there opened research of antiquity which refueled the technological dispute between the two cybrg organizations of the future: The Juventist Unleaden and the TC Tech.
The Juventist Cyborg kept secret his greatest discovery: the Tomb of the Original Cyborg. All cyborgs were made after the technology the mechanical entity Onyx used to create Zøn, plus the original bodies and memory from a certain dimensional time and space. The defeat of Zøn made Onyx himself let go of his plans for cyborg perfection and enhacement in war, fearing all of it would go to waste as at this rate the universe would be destroyed. That made all the memories from such a future to flow back in the dimension from where the original bodies (source to the cyborgs) came. And that breach was exactly what another spirit, the malignant Spirit of Fire, wanted.

Whilst the people from the present were shocked with the contact from the future selves, the champion of TC Tech, the one who defeated Zøn, Apôlôrak X, commanded his present self to guard the powers of the legendary Dracmas of Power that once were held by an inhuman savior. He said that a wrathful spirit was looking for it - if he found it, the entire world would be lost.

In the future, however, the Juventist Cyborg awakened such spirit. He wanted to create his own utopic cosmopolis, and Zøn only delayed its foundation with endless war. Now that he was gone, however, the advancements of TC Tech couldn't be held. Then, he appealed to Onyx and found out from where his rivals crafted tech, from the forbidden sector, which connected future, present and past, in a convergence of dimensions and memories of souls. Once there, he found the original cyborg with alien tech, un-compatible to others because of preceding even Zøn himself. Having in hand a way to get freedom from Onyx's technology and of surpassing TC Tech, he began enhacing cyborgs with the tech he found on such incredible cyborg.
No-Faia Outbreak:
What he didn't expect is that by using it, all cyborgs were receiving its essence, a virus from the Spirit of Fire (named as Spiricto No Faia in an ancient language), making them more likely to adapt and evolve organically. But instead of mixing better organic matter and machine, their minds were sharpened and they would likely set out to conquer territories of their rivals, pushing an endless cycle of war. Soon the once peaceful (competitive, but peaceful) Juventists served as a secret source for the upbringing of a new generation of No Faias (worshippers of the evil spirit of fire), whose concern was the ultimate defeat of the Tinteno-Criticazoikans (to which "TC" stands for) so the entire cosmos would convert in a strong dictatorship of a single culture of competition, conquest and slavery.

The once idealistic researcher, in his tries to surpass the limitations Onyx has placed on him and all others from such future, caused doom upon all. But not to himself. He was more powerful (as the No Faia Cyborg) and was seen as a brother to the original cyborg, the prime creation of the spirit of fire. Such cyborg, Lapolo, only wanted one thing: prove himself better than the latest cyborg, no one but Apôlôrak X. Knowing that as a cyborg he'd have no access of his Apôlôrak power (the spine he has in his inhuman form, granting him elemental powers), he could finally undo Tintaeus and Critikas' (TCs' prime gods, rivals to Onyx and Spiricto No Faia) victory over Spiricto No Faia, with the intent of rewriting the past and setting the future.

Mission guideline:
So before Apôlôrak X would go to the uncharted tomb, Minotaurus X would accompany him on the outskirts. Finding the No Faia Cyborg (or the 2nd Lapolo), he'd be struck on the battle for Apôlôrak to follow the unknown path ahead. He was ready with a mechanical device (the spine on his back) which helped bringing the powers of the dracma unto himself. He hoped to defeat the mummified cyborg through such power, as it proven worthy to defeat Zøn. However, the maniac cyborg revealed that Zøn played with them all along, and both he and Onyx knew he and Spiricto No Faia would return, leading the Juventist Cyborg (now, the No Faia one) into releasing him. All he had was hate for the Apôlôrak and his chosen one. His motivations are an entire different chapter I might describe sometime from now.

But not all bad came from the No Faia Cyborg, and he himself was no pawn at all: as a 2nd Lapolo, he's guarded the only one capable of truly defeating the original Lapolo. He knew that Onyx's creation would always fail his commitment of reaching perfection, for whilst algoritms could achieve prowess in most of the feats, it couldn't generate spontaneous feelings. Lapolo could, as his spirit and nature as a virus was an angry one (uncapable of being synthetized). So, he prepared his legacy to bring out a "pacifier" in case his plans turned out of control. Apôlôrak X could be the last man to become cyborg, but he wasn't the last human. Juventist Cyborg's daughter was the last one. Only she could save the future. Now he'd expect her past self would awake to the future one finally emmerge from oblivion (she was kept in a capsule) and keep the No Faia from corrupting the Juventists.
All in all, to defeat an enemy such as Lapolo, Tinteno-Criticazoikans and Juventists should work together.

All these stories are adapted from some old dusty resources I kept from my childhood drawings, from some 12 to 10 years ago.
On these new re-imaginingof the characters, I didn't hide obvious references such as Lapolo's likeness to Megaman X6's High Max. However, that's important to note that this was based in just one out of many forms he had in my drawings.
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