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This is Inktober Day 21- FURIOUS in full colored glory!
If thou art the traditional black-white artwork admirer, check here or taste it at full-screen at behance

For this last Inktober, I've been dwelling in my old stories once again, this time re-imagining the pivotal "Spirit Fight" tournament, sticking how I could to match the official prompt list. On the championship, teams of three members fight each other through a group phase and then through three rows of classifying into the great final. This fighting championship involved techno-shamans from around the world. Given the disturbance, it was not strange to find techno-shamans from other dimensions, hailing from dystopias, utopias, with spirits, summonable allies and downloadable A.I.s more strange or familiar than the competitors themselves. Each had a question to settle in the fights, it's understood that merit would evaluate those who advance ahead. Couldn't be more wrong, as a mysterious competitor rigged the championship to begin with. They just find it out in season 5's finale (I guess...)
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human body is a machine, although a very complicated one.

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These characters are ironically from a distant future (or not necessarily distant in the time lapsed, but certainly if you take it for it's kind of robotic supremacy, somehwat unlikely in our current state) but ultimately coming from ages past. In a world where they used to lead a faction of cyborgs after declaring independence from a corrupt A.I which used to use them for sport against another enemy faction, they found no other solution but give in to a final battle against their sworn enemies, the No Faya. They lost support and resources, becoming independent survivalists, a "resistance" in the undergrounds of a world ravaged by war. Led by re-discovered cyborg Natasha, who could summon their former champion (Miredrinn), they camp around the walls of No-Faiase, capital of the No-Faias, seat of power to Lapolo.

is the General of the Tinteno-Criticazoican (at this point of history, their name became almost irrelevant) resistance, the only one who could resonate to their former champion, Miredrinn, who would've gone astray some battles before. She is an early model of cyborg, of (then) unknown origin, as she was believed to be entirely synthethical, an android (i.e. without a human body or memory from before her creation). Despite amnesiac through that lot, the Minotaur instinctively recognizes her, through a different sensation. Brought from past to present, and present to the future, in order to either save it, or make the time-lapse for all to cease from such war-torn world, she's been capable of time-travelling quite well. Natasha is not her real name, but she was nicknamed as so for the TC Tech dubbed her "little-X", and from that, dubbed the projects concerning her as little xmas. A related name comes to mind (like a russian diminutive of 'Natalya'). Without a sense of time and place, her only joy has been the battle. While others sees her as a replacement for Miredrinn (that until she managed to actually summon the hulking giant), some argue she's the perfect balance between his strength and Apolorak X's magic. Should her memories of such time be still, she'd remember the "organic matrix" (i.e. the human who was before the cyborg) which became the model Apolorak X. As she met the fellow in the Spirit Fight, she didn't recognize.

    Miredrinn was formerly known as "Minotaurus X" (guess the future people put "X" for anything's newest version), he was a Mutroid, a non-human cyborg with a mutagenic vital liquid for sustenance. He used to be the long time champion for when TC Tech was secretly sponsored by Spectro, but he has a much larger past. The very Asterius of the myth, his life goal has been an eternal hunt against the "Storm God" Zon, who was reputed to have destroyed his civilization. That series of catastrophic events came out when the ill news of Asterius' supposed "death" came by. In truth Spectro and Zon dealt Asterius and "Natasha" (then a noble girl by the name Melite), while the storm-god coveted the earth-shaking creature (and ultimately lost him to other sea god), the ghostly rival came after the girl in Hades itself to explore an untold source of power - her mind. After the timewave took place and automation hapenned, he replaced memories only to focus on the destruction of Zon, then No-Faia Cyborg's right hand, and was effectively on par with him in battle. His disappearance ocurred after he answered the calls from the past, where "Natasha" was. She was overseen as a secret, special project, to be activated when he was unavailable, for their 'souls' (you can take that abstract concept for memories', of course only if you recognize time as a maze rather than a line only going forward) resonated, a rare link in such automated times. He saw on her a possible way to defeat Lapôlô once and for all, one who like them, was independent of the status quo. They both seemed to have pieces of an once single creation, the Crown of Ammon, the Ram God. But that's another chapter.

    Here, Cyborg Natasha rides an alternate form of her summon, Miredrinn. Miredrinn went from the deadly Minotaur to a distinguishable weapon of destruction, a bio-mechanical version of his own, serving under the TC-Tech faction in events which will take place eight years after the tournament. By the time he'll face Lapolo and will make a sacrifice to stop him. But as time comes and goes, her presence in the championship was unrequested, for she had a role to play elsewhere. That's why a mysterious dealer has made fateful events happen before they were supposed to, passing over events he meant not to happen, such as the foundation of TC Tech. Amnesiac, however with capability to summon the deadly Minotaur, Natasha has given loyalty to who "turned her on" for the first time in this fresh dimension. Serving as a bodyguard for a distinct rich and noble woman, heir to an empire in the midst of modern Japan, she finds her true self after each battle, as so does the Minotaur, who realize the future they've supposedly come from is better not to exist at all. The reasons for their "psychic link" goes all behind that, in a instant past before the Thera eruption...
And, as the competition progresses, she learns about her past, yet she can't abide the memories or bonds she'd have done with the team. When a time to decide if she might continue on the fight or not, both her and Miredrinn realize. All they wanted was peace of mind. It was taken away from them once. Now, used to fight, they must fight for their and others' peace. For she still doesn't realize true peace of mind only comes from oblivion - may a moment she desires it, she craves not for peace - but carnage and destruction - except for her fellows, which she tries to expand by certain rates. As a cyborg, she's safe from the curse of feeding and decaying, thus requiring few repairs instead of eating (despite being able to experience tastes and flavor). She cares for animals such as Miredrinn himself, and wants to win the spirit fight so she can help Animal Sanctuaries, including to those sentient beings which were liberated from the clutches of meat-dairy industry. She means to avoid the union of great evil. Shall it happen, she'll be there - or so she expects - as along the way she may have found her match. A competitor which openly defends peace without doubt in the heart - and find a praxis on a dread which is neither Natash's destructive ways nor oblivion...      

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