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These chaps are church-burners for fun.
People often get quite sensitive about such dusty buildings and relics of what they believe to be their own past etched into stone.
But these founding stakes of the cities, how much are they actually used?
Instead of offering anything, they are blinded to taxes, they fund the morbid priests and their excesses, they are lair to some old people getting over donations and doing what they like with what was given away by "charity", and will only open the gates to the homeless poor when the cold is out there. But that giant ruin on the middle of the cities, too, on all Sundays, are used to hold all the hateful rich preaching for those but not themselves while living, preaching to them only to "after-life", in hopes they heir acquaintance in an extra-worldly citadel.
A money-making machine, one of the primeval ways of cheating people, their senses of faith, hope and aspirations (pretty much as the party affiliations, misused scholarship granted to those who doesn't actually need it, and so on).

So, if you ask the background of the young here, they have pretty much fell on this simple conclusion by a fast analysis of wondering why they were wasting time in this. Of course we can ellaborate on their backgrounds, or even better, the background of their ancestors (hahahaha, and then you think these old churches have anything to do with your people's history - think again), how these skyscrapers of old were built upon the ruins of something else, or were just marks to the landlord to keep others kneel'd to him.
Some even say these are the temple of the conservatists, who take care of other's lives (their jobs, sexuality, clothing, favorite food, where they live, and so on, all that those un-occupied family-caring gentle workers [?]do care about), but the guy on the right at the image himself claims there are things to be kept (so is he a conservative, in a sense?), but it is rather keeping the flames burning forever instead of worshipping the ashes.

So, end of the day, the fires of the Old Gods burn forever, the ashes of the stupid "faith will save thee" (a.k.a. be a careless, your job is done in this world, now-to-the-next, piety and mercy saves all) cheap wannabe philosophy are but shit on the ground, our ancestors are happy, we're happy, everyone's happy and no longer preaching at Sunday morning.
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